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Thursday, October 27, 2011

new world next week - oct27

new world next week: episode089 -
world peace, british heat, god's banksters

new world next week - oct27Welcome back to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report & Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in alternative news & open source intelligence. This week:

Story #1: Studies Show World 'Has Never Been This Peaceful'
Background Video: Panopticon

Story #2: At Least 2,700 a Year Die in Freezing Homes
Background Video: Geo-Engineering and Killing Off the Useless Eaters

Story #3: Vatican Calls for New Global Financial Authority Amid Economic Crisis
Background Video: 'Empire of the City'
Background Video: 'The Vatican, the P2 Masonic Lodge and the Mafia'

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

corbett report: episode177 - it's the sun, stupid

corbett report: episode177 - it's the sun, stupidfrom corbett report: We know that the manmade global warming hoax is a scam, but if it isn’t CO2 driving the climate, what is? This week we talk to Dr. Tim Ball and examine the work of Piers Corbyn as we explore the ways in which the sun effects the climate on earth, and what that means for our future.

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the latest corbett report videos:
sunday update - false flags unraveling
middle east protests & the grand chessboard

the latest corbett report interviews:
#293 – aidan monaghan & #296 – eric shine

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

france ditches carbon tax as social protests mount

france ditches carbon tax as social protests mountfrom telegraph: President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday scrapped the country's proposed carbon tax and reshuffled his cabinet in populist tilt after suffering a crushing electoral defeat over the weekend, when his Gaulliste UMP party lost every region other than in its bastion of Alsace and the Indian Ocean island of Reunion.

The vote saw a resurrection of both the Socialist Party and the far-Right National Front, showing how the delayed effects of rising unemployment can change the political landscape long after recession has passed. The jobless rate has risen to 10.1pc, up from 8.7pc a year ago. A quarter of those aged under 25 are out of work.

The government said its energy tax was being postponed indefinitely in order not to "damage the competitiveness of French companies", fearing that it would be too risky for France to go it alone without the rest of the EU. Brussels has announced plans for an EU-wide tax, but the initiative already looks doomed.

Chantal Jouanno, the environment secretary, said she was "devastated that eco-scepticism had prevailed". France's leading green groups wrote a joint letter to Mr Sarkozy saying they were "scandalised" by his decision, accusing him of tearing up a pledge to put climate change at the centre of his presidency.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

landmark legislation: both parties collude to bring US health scare

amid the hype, all i have to add is that if they wanted us to get health care, they could deliver it with the same shock & awe quickness that they deliver death & destruction around the world - at a fraction of the cost! - just like bill hick said... so here's one health scare to get you going & then related/updates after the video:

16,500 more irs agents needed to enforce obamacare
16,500 more irs agents needed to enforce obamacarefrom washington examiner: New tax mandates and penalties included in Obamacare will cause the greatest expansion of the Internal Revenue Service since World War II, according to a release from Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas:

"A new analysis by the Joint Economic Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee minority staff estimates up to 16,500 new IRS personnel will be needed to collect, examine and audit new tax information mandated on families and small businesses in the ‘reconciliation’ bill being taken up by the U.S. House of Representatives this weekend ... Scores of new federal mandates and fifteen different tax increases totaling $400 billion are imposed under the Democratic House bill. In addition to more complicated tax returns, families and small businesses will be forced to reveal further tax information to the IRS, provide proof of ‘government approved’ health care and submit detailed sales information to comply with new excise taxes."

Americans for Tax Reform has a good breakdown of the bill by the numbers. Isn't it reassuring that at a time of recession, government will do what's necessary to ensure its growth?

video: ron paul says irs thugs to enforce obamacare

Sunday, March 07, 2010

corbett report: episode120 - economics 101

corbett report: episode120 - economics 101from corbett report: The real story of the last 500 years has been the struggle of humanity to wrest itself from the clutches of the bankers who create our money out of thin air, but you won't read that in the history (or economics) textbooks. Find out what else you're missing as we delve into Economics 101 with John Williams, G. Edward Griffin, F. William Engdahl and Catherine Austin Fitts.

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sunday update:
carbon eugenics, whistleblowers muzzled, rip mainstream media

the latest corbett report audio interviews:
#135 - stephen kohn & #136 - marc morano

previous episode: episode119 - lessons in resistance: whistleblowing

Friday, December 11, 2009

from climategate to carbonhagen: massive newspurge

climategate: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation*
climategate: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generationthe day global warming stood still*
obama, maurice strong, al gore key players cashing in on chicago climate exchange*
climate change scientists threw away temperature data on warming*
bombshell un documents outline plan to use climategate crooks in 'end run' around national sovereignty*
dictatorial un crushes media freedom before copenhagen*
penn state will investigate 'climategate'*
climate researchers' stunning lack of integrity*
crichton warned of global warming's dangerous parallels to eugenics*
earth could plunge into sudden ice age*
olbermann claims fox news made up climategate story*
rep issa: obama's refusal to investigate 'climategate' emails is 'unconscionable'*
from climategate to carbonhagen*

it's over, al gore*
it's over, al gorecopenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes & caviar wedges*
eyes of the world on copenhagen as climate summit opens*
corporate mockingbird media speaks with one-world voice on climate control*
video: overview of alternative copenhagen conferences*
the hypocritical road to copenhagen*
denmark does not include shipping industry when calculating annual carbon footprint*
the copenhagen cult, green religion & money grabs*
climate talk collapse better for planet: nasa's hansen*
globalist hypocrites arrive in carbonhagen for summit*
video: lord monckton on copenhagen & the fabricated climate scare*

big oil also behind copenhagen climate scam*
big oil also behind copenhagen climate scamcopenhagen opens with propaganda film of future children facing apocalypse*
woman who invented credit default swaps is a key architect of carbon derivatives at center of cap & trade*
video: hookers descend on copenhagen*
cap & trade is a goldman sachs & enron scam*
enviroment/eugenics quotes*
the left fell into the climate morass*
copenhagen con men launch global carbon tax heist*
independent journalists denied access to copenhagen climate talks*
video: global warming, environmentalism, genocide & eugenics*
video: climate atheists say cop15 is political church, not scientific*
video: gore says climategate emails 'taken out of context'*
copenhagen climate summit in disarray after 'danish text' leak*
video: lord monckton at alternative copenhagen conference*
rohrabacher: 'this is about global government... we must fight the globalist clique!'*
video: fred singer at alternative copenhagen conference*
gore’s current tv website blocks 'climategate' searches*
saudi arabia calls for independent investigation into climategate*
cop15: a neo-colonial climate regime revealed*
3rd world under attack from genocidal climate change policy*
uk group proposes carbon offset scheme to stop poor from breeding*
not hottest, not heating*
danish unofficial draft version of unccc treaty leaks, g77 reacts sharply*
organized crime in charge of eu carbon trade, europol says*
video: carbon eugenics*
100s demanding globalist agenda arrested at copenhagen*
un security stops journalist's questions about climategate*
monckton: obama will defy congress by signing executive order on copenhagen*
copenhagen could 'destroy millions of american jobs'*
the fiction of climate science*
climate colonialism: soros wants poorer nations to take on green debt*
copenhagen climate change summit in deadlock over rival texts*

let's end on a fitting note w/ scott walker's copenhagen

Thursday, December 10, 2009

new world next week - dec10

Well, the weather outside is frightful, but the elites are misdirecting our attention away from real environmental atrocities; and the New World Next Week won't let a bad connection get in the way of bringing you the real news you need to know now. Reporting from his hometown in West Virginia, James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy joins James Corbett of Corbett Report to help shine some sunlight on what's going on while our mis-leaders grandstand in Carbonhagen... Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, indeed:
Story#1: Obama Uses Environmental Protection Agency to Declare Life-Giving CO2 a Toxic Evil Pollutant
Obama's Rule by EPA Decree a Coup Against Congress, Made in UK
UK Group Proposes Using Carbon Offsets to Stop Poor From Breeding

Story#2: Millions in US Drink Dirty Water, Records Show
Flashback: Dirty Water

Story#3: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Calls West Virginia Mountaintop Removal Mining a Crime
Hundreds Converge at WV Department of Environmental Protection
Please help us in continuing to spread the word about the New World Next Week. is still on December hiatus, but you should take this opportunity to subscribe & dig into the archives here. And, as always, visit for the latest reportage from around the world; as well as the brand new site:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

climategate: hacked emails expose climate control schemes

climategate for dummies: a compendium of articles & videos
climategate for dummiesfrom steve & paul joseph watson: On Thursday 19th November 2009 news began to circulate that hacked documents and communications from the University of East Anglia’s Hadley Climate Research Unit (aka CRU) had been published to the internet.

The information revealed how top scientists conspired to falsify data in the face of declining global temperatures in order to prop up the premise that man-made factors are driving climate change.

The documents and emails illustrated how prominent climatologists, affiliated with the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change, embarked on a venomous and coordinated campaign to ostracize climate skeptics and use their influence to keep dissenting reports from appearing in peer-reviewed journals, as well as using cronyism to avoid compliance with Freedom of Information Act requests.

Here follows a compendium of articles and videos on what was quickly dubbed as “ClimateGate”.

wikileaks: climatic research unit emails, data, models, 1996-2009*
download: (61.9mb ZIP)

climategate: final nail in coffin of 'anthropogenic global warming'?*
climategate: final nail in coffin of 'anthropogenic global warming'?hacked emails fuel global warming debate*
climate emails stoke debate*
call for independent inquiry into climategate as global warming fraud implodes*
inhofe to call for hearing into cru/un climate change research*
peer-review system hijacked by warming alarmists*
media miss plot on 'climategate'*
UK hack reveals climate science's ugly side, little more*
climategate exposes the alarmist machine*
climategate: why it matters*
congress may probe leaked global warming emails*
video: hot debate: scientists clash russia today*

bbc climate correspondent sat on cru emails for 5 weeks*
video: ed begley jr goes nuts over climategate*
obama's science czar john holdren involved in 'climategate'*
climategate: 5 aussie mp's resign in disgust over carbon tax*
video: a message to the environmental movement*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

8/13 newspurge: bio/cyber, econo/health & hitler history

biowars/swine flu:
number of people seeking vaccination exemptions rising*
number of people seeking vaccination exemptions risingfox news cites in flu pandemic report*
biological warfare & the national security state: a chronology*
are new vaccines laced with birth-control drugs?*
state asks volunteers to aid flu vaccinations*

chief medical officer reveals swine flu vaccination plans*
natl guard takes over school in swine flu 'vaccine riot' drill*
cdc/h1n1 'community engagement' meetings*
'tamiflu turned my children into hallucinating, sobbing wrecks'*

nasa: US likely won't send man back to moon by 2020*
dhs plans cybersecurity wiki*

mouse builds nest in oregon atm with $20 bills*
americans working much harder – for less pay*
budget may force california state parks to close*
economist marc faber says US will launch more wars to distract from bad economy*
cash 'magically appeared on their electronic benefit cards'*
traders brace for september collapse*
video: court throws out foia lawsuit against federal reserve*

ibm sees big opportunity in water management tech*
ibm sees big opportunity in water management techgdf suez unit gets eu approval to take water firms*
having children brings high carbon impact*

how royal dutch shell saved hitler & the nazi party*
wash state gop county council candidate pled guilty to incest with 9yr-old daughter in 1983*

Saturday, June 27, 2009

another bill congress didn't read: the coming climate tyranny

house passes 1,200-page climate bill congress couldn't read
house passes 1,200-page climate bill  congress couldn't readfrom truthnews: Despite heated objections by some Republicans, the unread 1,200-page Waxman-Markey climate bill was passed 219-212 in the House on Friday. Final roll call votes are listed here. Objecting to the fact that 300 pages were added to the bill at 3 a.m., Minority leader John Boehner attempted a brief filibuster, giving time for colleagues and aides to scan the unread extra passages and present certain excerpts on the floor. Politico blasts his effort, reporting: "That wasn’t good enough for House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), who delayed the roll call vote by reading page-by-page through a 300-page managers’ amendment Democrats added at around 3 a.m. Friday. Boehner seemed to relish the hour-long stunt, picking out the bill’s most obscure language and then pontificating about what it might – or might not – mean."

Shockingly, co-sponsor Henry Waxman objected to Boehner’s reading the bill on the House floor, and tried to prevent it on procedural grounds so that is contents would remain unknown and no one would shift support or delay the bill’s passage. Passing “laws” in secret is not law at all– it is tyranny, and it is shameful:" Waxman also wondered if any 'historical records would be broken' by Boehner reading part of the bill and queried whether the tactic was 'an attempt to try to get some people to leave on a close vote?'" Politico reports that Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) raised questions about whether "there was even a copy of the current version of the bill anywhere in the House chamber."

Remarkably, Ed Markey, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, rose to report that a copy was only available at the speaker’s desk or online, which Politico reports, would require members "to leave the floor to access."

Rep. Michele Bachmann stated plainly that the bill was "a choice between liberty and tyranny," claiming that the bill institute "control over nearly every aspect in the lives of the American people" and advocating the Forbes amendment.

obama says climate bill just the beginning*
3 ways the climate bill will change your life*
boehner calls the climate bill a 'piece of shit'*
bureaucrats will carry out mandatory home inspections under climate bill*

update: banksters love cap-and-trade
banksters love cap-and-tradefrom corbett report: The sweeping new bill which just passed the House last Friday, the Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, is ostensibly about climate change, but it is in fact a bill of staggering economic ramifications that is going to accelerate the takeover of the economy by the well-placed financiers who have already plundered the Treasury and the Fed of $12+ trillion and counting. It was rushed through the House in the tradition of such nightmarish legislation as the Patriot Act and the banker bailout of last October: hundreds of pages were added to it at the last minute and it was humanly impossible for anyone to have read it before they voted on it. This, of course, is exactly what Obama promised his administration would never allow to happen, and for good reason; bills passed in this manner are always the result of fear and panic and inevitably results in legislation that would never be passed upon sober second thought.

corbett report episode092: environmentalism is corporate controlled

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

april is the cruelest month

obamessiah & the apostles of war
obamessiah & the apostles of warobama’s dictator status expands with firing of wagoner*
now, obama 'owns' general motors*
obama’s involvement in chicago climate exchange*
obama intimately tied to carbon trading scam*
did obama just get his 'aug6 pdb'?*
ho-hum, another obama nominee (sebelius) doesn’t pay taxes*
former naval officer files criminal complaint against obama*
video: extras from 'the obama deception'*

police state int'l
police state int'llondon mayor to flood capital with 2012 olympic army of 10k*
northcom responds to north dakota flooding*
army times reports on military deployment in alabama*
flint govt considering abandoning parts of city, cut police & fire*
video: simulated attack at north chicago high school*
nonlethal encounters: army training cadets at paintball course*
military exercises at burlington airport*
police simulate terror attack on pope*
anti-terror drill at atsugi air base calls for team approach
[oswald was stationed there for a time...]
dhs, military police, law enforcement plan checkpoint in tennessee*
more mass graves? houston expands cemetery*
plastic coffin liners being delivered by the truckloads*
audio: vet critic characterizes stories of mass graves as 'rumor-mongering'*
plans for mass graves confirmed: govt surveying cemetery readiness for flu outbreak*
camp arnie: a glimpse of things to come*
luke rudkowski arrested for attempting to question mayor bloomberg*
video: terror recruiting video targeting young minnesota men*
robot killers gaining more autonomy*
surveillance towers planned for detroit & buffalo*
demoncracy now: secret US forces carried out assassinations in a dozen counties*
airport body scanner machine tested at salt lake airport*
police 'fusion' centers criticized for tracking paul, barr, mckinney supporters*
video: beck was wrong - it's not socialism, it's fascism*
home-school refugees: from germany to here*
feds begin post-9/11 airline watchlist takeover*
border security to get $400m upgrade*
is america on the road to fascism?*
video: nypd seeks to expand surveillance cams & license plate readers*

miltech/cyberwarsalex ansary: the emerging sunspot cycle 24 & a weakened magnetic field*
electrical power grid to be blasted by 2012 solar storms*
2012 may bring the 'perfect storm' – solar flares, systems collapse*
usaf: 'bright light' not man-made object*
deep solar minimum*
dod ok's multi-billion secret sats*
conficker war room! your front row seat for cybergeddon*
vowing to prevent 'cyber katrina,' senators propose cyber czar*
cfr on planetary geoengineering:
'add more small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere'
senate legislation would federalize cybersecurity*

origins of jfk’s struggle against the cia*
woman claims she had secret jfk lovechild*
jfk had my love child, claims austrian*
jfk fathered son in wartime fling, claims woman*
i don't want money from the kennedys, says austrian of jfk affair*

geopolitikstaliban chief vows 'amazing' attack on washington 'soon'*
baitullah mehsud's threat is credible, analysts say*
drone attack kills 12 after taliban threatens dc*
obama: yup, we're at war in pakistan*
white house won't rule out troops for pakistan war*
obama to bring more mercenaries to afghanistan - sound familiar?*
US weighs putting 70,000 troops in afghanistan*
ellison: 'i am skeptical of the troop escalation in afghanistan'*
obama & medvedev seek huge nuclear weapons cuts*
'dozens of aircraft' in israel's sudan strike*

gunman kills 8 at care home*
8 dead in north carolina care home shooting*
5 dead in california shooting*
out-of-control truck kills 2*
2 dead in newberg, oregon plane crash*
16 dead after helicopter crash in north sea*
bodies found after north sea helicopter crash*

econocrashis there any gold inside fort knox, the world's most secure vault?*
video: the righteous rage of dennis kucinich*
tax dodgers multiply as underground economy cushions job cuts*
21st century abolitionist project: slavery & taxation*
audio: another piece of drum kit claimed by recession*

wv worry
patriot coal settles lawsuit regarding toxic mine waste*
epa stops mountaintop removal; waterways still not safe?*
reforestation of US mountaintop mine sites gets un endorsement*
residents sue over coal ash dump disguised as golf course*

can 'the simpsons' solve the mideast conflict?*
shuttin' detroit down: protest from the right side of country*

three mile island: exposing the govt's coverup of our most infamous nuclear accident*

Sunday, March 08, 2009

hillary reminds us to 'never waste a good crisis'

hillary reminds us to 'never waste a good crisis'from kurt nimmo: Bilderberg “guest” – as the New York Sun put it — Hillary Clinton has instructed the European Parliament and millions of young Europeans to “never waste a good crisis,” a reference to the banker-engineered economic implosion. Clinton “highlighted the opportunity of rebuilding economies in a greener, less energy intensive model,” reports Reuters. In other words, the elite should take advantage of the situation in order to impose carbon taxes and other schemes on humanity.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

envirohealth: corn syrup, mercury, vaccines & carbon bullprint

study finds high-fructose corn syrup contains mercury
study finds high-fructose corn syrup contains mercuryfrom healthday news: Almost half of tested samples of commercial high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contained mercury, which was also found in nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products where HFCS is the first- or second-highest labeled ingredient, according to two new U.S. studies. HFCS has replaced sugar as the sweetener in many beverages and foods such as breads, cereals, breakfast bars, lunch meats, yogurts, soups and condiments. On average, Americans consume about 12 teaspoons per day of HFCS, but teens and other high consumers can take in 80 percent more HFCS than average. "Mercury is toxic in all its forms. Given how much high-fructose corn syrup is consumed by children, it could be a significant additional source of mercury never before considered. We are calling for immediate changes by industry and the [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] to help stop this avoidable mercury contamination of the food supply," the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy's Dr. David Wallinga, a co-author of both studies, said in a prepared statement. In the first study, published in current issue of Environmental Health, researchers found detectable levels of mercury in nine of 20 samples of commercial HFCS. And in the second study, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), a non-profit watchdog group, found that nearly one in three of 55 brand-name foods contained mercury. The chemical was found most commonly in HFCS-containing dairy products, dressings and condiments.

not so sweet: missing mercury & high fructose corn syrup [448kb PDF]
much high fructose corn syrup contaminated with mercury [156kb PDF]
environmental health article
table a: total mercury detected in 55 brand-name foods and beverages high in hfcs [84kb PDF]
dr wallinga on democracy now

video: mercury found in corn syrup

vaccines & other govt propaganda
from infowars: In the seventh installment of his new audio blog, Alex Jones and his wife Violet discuss various government propaganda, as well as television programs, which advance the idea that those who don’t vaccinate will contaminate the rest of society. Violet discusses an episode of Private Practice which features a scenario where the mother of an autistic child had refused to vaccinate another child out of concern about the link between vaccine & autism. That action is portrayed as a dangerous misjudgment leading to the second child spreading measles– which the doctors see as evidence that the woman’s children should be taken by CPS. Alex also discusses USA Service ads that are promoted by Obama, government propaganda about the supposed dangers of marijuana smokers, the pro-abortion culture, and other issues. Click the player button below to hear the latest installment.

carbon-calculating supercomputer has huge carbon footprint
carbon-calculating supercomputer has huge carbon footprintfrom times online: For the Met Office the forecast is considerable embarrassment. It has spent £33m on a new supercomputer to calculate how climate change will affect Britain – only to find the new machine has a giant carbon footprint of its own. “The new supercomputer, which will become operational later this year, will emit 14,400 tonnes of CO2 a year,” said Dave Britton, the Met Office’s chief press officer. This is equivalent to the CO2 emitted by 2,400 homes – generating an average of six tonnes each a year. The Met Office recently published some of its most drastic predictions for future climate change. It warned: “If no action is taken to curb global warming temperatures are likely to rise by 5.5ºC and could rise as much as 7ºC above pre-industrial levels by 2100. Early and rapid reductions in CO2 emissions are required to avoid significant impacts of climate change.” However, when it came to buying a new supercomputer, the Met Office decided not to heed its own warnings. The ironic problem was that it needed the extra computing power to improve the accuracy of its own climate predictions as well as its short-term weather forecasting. The machine will also improve its ability to predict extreme events such as fierce localised storms, cloudbursts and so on.
fair use notice: this site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. we are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, & social justice issues, etc. we believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US copyright law. In accordance with title 17 usc section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.