Wednesday, April 01, 2009

april is the cruelest month

obamessiah & the apostles of war
obamessiah & the apostles of warobama’s dictator status expands with firing of wagoner*
now, obama 'owns' general motors*
obama’s involvement in chicago climate exchange*
obama intimately tied to carbon trading scam*
did obama just get his 'aug6 pdb'?*
ho-hum, another obama nominee (sebelius) doesn’t pay taxes*
former naval officer files criminal complaint against obama*
video: extras from 'the obama deception'*

police state int'l
police state int'llondon mayor to flood capital with 2012 olympic army of 10k*
northcom responds to north dakota flooding*
army times reports on military deployment in alabama*
flint govt considering abandoning parts of city, cut police & fire*
video: simulated attack at north chicago high school*
nonlethal encounters: army training cadets at paintball course*
military exercises at burlington airport*
police simulate terror attack on pope*
anti-terror drill at atsugi air base calls for team approach
[oswald was stationed there for a time...]
dhs, military police, law enforcement plan checkpoint in tennessee*
more mass graves? houston expands cemetery*
plastic coffin liners being delivered by the truckloads*
audio: vet critic characterizes stories of mass graves as 'rumor-mongering'*
plans for mass graves confirmed: govt surveying cemetery readiness for flu outbreak*
camp arnie: a glimpse of things to come*
luke rudkowski arrested for attempting to question mayor bloomberg*
video: terror recruiting video targeting young minnesota men*
robot killers gaining more autonomy*
surveillance towers planned for detroit & buffalo*
demoncracy now: secret US forces carried out assassinations in a dozen counties*
airport body scanner machine tested at salt lake airport*
police 'fusion' centers criticized for tracking paul, barr, mckinney supporters*
video: beck was wrong - it's not socialism, it's fascism*
home-school refugees: from germany to here*
feds begin post-9/11 airline watchlist takeover*
border security to get $400m upgrade*
is america on the road to fascism?*
video: nypd seeks to expand surveillance cams & license plate readers*

miltech/cyberwarsalex ansary: the emerging sunspot cycle 24 & a weakened magnetic field*
electrical power grid to be blasted by 2012 solar storms*
2012 may bring the 'perfect storm' – solar flares, systems collapse*
usaf: 'bright light' not man-made object*
deep solar minimum*
dod ok's multi-billion secret sats*
conficker war room! your front row seat for cybergeddon*
vowing to prevent 'cyber katrina,' senators propose cyber czar*
cfr on planetary geoengineering:
'add more small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere'
senate legislation would federalize cybersecurity*

origins of jfk’s struggle against the cia*
woman claims she had secret jfk lovechild*
jfk had my love child, claims austrian*
jfk fathered son in wartime fling, claims woman*
i don't want money from the kennedys, says austrian of jfk affair*

geopolitikstaliban chief vows 'amazing' attack on washington 'soon'*
baitullah mehsud's threat is credible, analysts say*
drone attack kills 12 after taliban threatens dc*
obama: yup, we're at war in pakistan*
white house won't rule out troops for pakistan war*
obama to bring more mercenaries to afghanistan - sound familiar?*
US weighs putting 70,000 troops in afghanistan*
ellison: 'i am skeptical of the troop escalation in afghanistan'*
obama & medvedev seek huge nuclear weapons cuts*
'dozens of aircraft' in israel's sudan strike*

gunman kills 8 at care home*
8 dead in north carolina care home shooting*
5 dead in california shooting*
out-of-control truck kills 2*
2 dead in newberg, oregon plane crash*
16 dead after helicopter crash in north sea*
bodies found after north sea helicopter crash*

econocrashis there any gold inside fort knox, the world's most secure vault?*
video: the righteous rage of dennis kucinich*
tax dodgers multiply as underground economy cushions job cuts*
21st century abolitionist project: slavery & taxation*
audio: another piece of drum kit claimed by recession*

wv worry
patriot coal settles lawsuit regarding toxic mine waste*
epa stops mountaintop removal; waterways still not safe?*
reforestation of US mountaintop mine sites gets un endorsement*
residents sue over coal ash dump disguised as golf course*

can 'the simpsons' solve the mideast conflict?*
shuttin' detroit down: protest from the right side of country*

three mile island: exposing the govt's coverup of our most infamous nuclear accident*

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