Friday, December 11, 2009

from climategate to carbonhagen: massive newspurge

climategate: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation*
climategate: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generationthe day global warming stood still*
obama, maurice strong, al gore key players cashing in on chicago climate exchange*
climate change scientists threw away temperature data on warming*
bombshell un documents outline plan to use climategate crooks in 'end run' around national sovereignty*
dictatorial un crushes media freedom before copenhagen*
penn state will investigate 'climategate'*
climate researchers' stunning lack of integrity*
crichton warned of global warming's dangerous parallels to eugenics*
earth could plunge into sudden ice age*
olbermann claims fox news made up climategate story*
rep issa: obama's refusal to investigate 'climategate' emails is 'unconscionable'*
from climategate to carbonhagen*

it's over, al gore*
it's over, al gorecopenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes & caviar wedges*
eyes of the world on copenhagen as climate summit opens*
corporate mockingbird media speaks with one-world voice on climate control*
video: overview of alternative copenhagen conferences*
the hypocritical road to copenhagen*
denmark does not include shipping industry when calculating annual carbon footprint*
the copenhagen cult, green religion & money grabs*
climate talk collapse better for planet: nasa's hansen*
globalist hypocrites arrive in carbonhagen for summit*
video: lord monckton on copenhagen & the fabricated climate scare*

big oil also behind copenhagen climate scam*
big oil also behind copenhagen climate scamcopenhagen opens with propaganda film of future children facing apocalypse*
woman who invented credit default swaps is a key architect of carbon derivatives at center of cap & trade*
video: hookers descend on copenhagen*
cap & trade is a goldman sachs & enron scam*
enviroment/eugenics quotes*
the left fell into the climate morass*
copenhagen con men launch global carbon tax heist*
independent journalists denied access to copenhagen climate talks*
video: global warming, environmentalism, genocide & eugenics*
video: climate atheists say cop15 is political church, not scientific*
video: gore says climategate emails 'taken out of context'*
copenhagen climate summit in disarray after 'danish text' leak*
video: lord monckton at alternative copenhagen conference*
rohrabacher: 'this is about global government... we must fight the globalist clique!'*
video: fred singer at alternative copenhagen conference*
gore’s current tv website blocks 'climategate' searches*
saudi arabia calls for independent investigation into climategate*
cop15: a neo-colonial climate regime revealed*
3rd world under attack from genocidal climate change policy*
uk group proposes carbon offset scheme to stop poor from breeding*
not hottest, not heating*
danish unofficial draft version of unccc treaty leaks, g77 reacts sharply*
organized crime in charge of eu carbon trade, europol says*
video: carbon eugenics*
100s demanding globalist agenda arrested at copenhagen*
un security stops journalist's questions about climategate*
monckton: obama will defy congress by signing executive order on copenhagen*
copenhagen could 'destroy millions of american jobs'*
the fiction of climate science*
climate colonialism: soros wants poorer nations to take on green debt*
copenhagen climate change summit in deadlock over rival texts*

let's end on a fitting note w/ scott walker's copenhagen

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