Wednesday, March 31, 2010

legalizing marijuana: the golden state's pot of gold?

ahead of state-wide vote in november,
marijuana legalization battle heats up in california

legalizing marijuana: the golden state's pot of gold?from news junkie post: This week, a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana possession by adults qualified for the California ballot. The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 is coming up for a vote.

While all the standard, well-worn pot jokes and cliches were quickly pressed into service, it’s becoming obvious that unlike failed legalization initiatives in the past (of which California has had at least two), the debate will this time center around money.

California has once again become the focal point of a long-running battle over liberalizing the pot laws. Observers predict plenty of money will be spent, by both sides, in an attempt to either launch or squash what many see as an inevitable national trend.

The cultural and financial landscape has changed a lot since legalization was last on the California ballot in 1996, especially since medical marijuana passed that same year and helped to reshape popular perceptions of the herb’s usefulness.

The that pace of change was given new impetus by the Obama Administration’s announcement last yearfederal drug agents are being instructed to lay off pot patients and providers in states where medical marijuana is legal...

The initiative [336kb PDF] would legalize possession, sharing and transport of up to an ounce of pot for personal use by adults 21 and older. Marijuana could be privately grown in spaces of up to 25 square feet. Marijuana use would still be banned in public places and in the presence of minors.

Local governments, but not the state, could impose marijuana taxes to raise revenues. Cities and counties could authorize cultivation, transportation and sale of pot, and in a controversial provision, could also locally ban marijuana.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

erykah badu gets naked & hits raw nerve at jfk killing scene

erykah badu gets naked & hits raw nerve at jfk killing scenefrom afp: Iconoclastic R&B singer Erykah Badu has struck a raw nerve in the United States, not just for stripping off in her new video but for being completely comfortable in her own skin precisely where John F. Kennedy was slain.

In her new video "Window Seat," filmed in Dallas, which lasts a longer-than-average five minutes and 35 seconds, Badu -- once known for her towering turbans -- progressively loses her clothes, keeps walking in black lingerie and then peacefully strips.

Badu, who was born in Dallas, in February 1971, just released a new CD "New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh."

Some of her fans were surprised at the public undress but she sent a message on microblog site Twitter saying "the people caught in the shot were trying hard to ignore me. LOL cept one guy grabbing clothes... it was the peeps off camera yelling."

Once appalled onlooker told her "THIS IS A PUBLIC PLACE : YOU OUGHTA BE ASHAMED : PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON : DAMN GIRL! etc," Badu added on the site, saying she has always shared her own vulnerable, naked truth.

A Dallas Morning News report cited police as saying Badu could face a charge for indecent exposure.

judge invalidates human gene patent

genetic shock: 'dna unpatentable' says ny district court
judge invalidates human gene patentfrom nytimes: A federal judge on Monday struck down patents on two genes linked to breast and ovarian cancer. The decision, if upheld, could throw into doubt the patents covering thousands of human genes and reshape the law of intellectual property.

United States District Court Judge Robert W. Sweet issued the 152-page decision [881kb PDF], which invalidated seven patents related to the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, whose mutations have been associated with cancer.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Public Patent Foundation at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York joined with individual patients and medical organizations to challenge the patents last May: they argued that genes, products of nature, fall outside of the realm of things that can be patented. The patents, they argued, stifle research and innovation and limit testing options.

Myriad Genetics, the company that holds the patents with the University of Utah Research Foundation, asked the court to dismiss the case, claiming that the work of isolating the DNA from the body transforms it and makes it patentable. Such patents, it said, have been granted for decades; the Supreme Court upheld patents on living organisms in 1980. In fact, many in the patent field had predicted the courts would throw out the suit.

Judge Sweet, however, ruled that the patents were “improperly granted” because they involved a “law of nature.” He said that many critics of gene patents considered the idea that isolating a gene made it patentable “a ‘lawyer’s trick’ that circumvents the prohibition on the direct patenting of the DNA in our bodies but which, in practice, reaches the same result.”

The case could have far-reaching implications. About 20 percent of human genes have been patented, and multibillion-dollar industries have been built atop the intellectual property rights that the patents grant.

related update: gene patents may not survive breast cancer test ruling & judge strikes fear into biotech industry with nullification of patents on human genes brca1

Monday, March 29, 2010

all public safety & police radios down in district of criminals

all public safety & police radios down in district of criminalsfrom myfoxdc: D.C. Police sources tell FOX 5 that radio communications are down citywide in the District, and police officers on the street have no way to receive or respond to calls via radio.

Sources tell FOX 5 that communication went down sometime around 7:15 p.m. on Monday night. That source also told FOX 5's Will Thomas that officers in the field have no way to respond to calls from dispatch via radio.

Some officers were returning to headquarters, and some were being asked to communicate by cell phone while the outage is investigated and repaired. The D.C. Office of Unified Communication is working on the issue, but there's no word what caused it...

A police union spokesperson told FOX 5 this may not be the first time the radio system has gone down in the last month.

moscow metro blasts: another fsb inside job?

russia's black widow suicide bombers make a return
moscow metro blasts: another fsb inside job?from paul joseph watson: Two separate bomb blasts that ripped apart trains on the Moscow Metro system, killing at least 34 people during morning rush-hour, have been blamed on female suicide bombers, but previous instances of terrorism in Russia were proven to be the work of the FSB security service itself.

The first explosion took place on a train after it had stopped in the Lubyanka station in central Moscow, close to the headquarters of Russia’s FSB security service, a spokeswoman for the Russian emergencies ministry told AFP.”

The first blast at the Lubyanka metro station killed 22 people and wounded 12. The second at Park Kulturi station left 12 dead and 7 wounded,” reported AFP.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

ground zero: american apoplexy

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ground zero: american apoplexyfrom clyde lewis: There is a very critical problem facing America. There is a large wound on our mass consciousness and everyone wants to blame someone for their pain. Arguments between the right and left have polarized the entire country from healing this wound. What the wounded fail to realize is that in their panic, as the feel the hemorrhaging from their souls, just who is responsible for pouring salt in the wound.

The blame game runs the gambit, from the Jews to the terrorists, from the gays to the immigrants and from the blacks to the staunch conservative to the politically correct white liberal. Everyone is screaming and wanting their victimhood acknowledged. They project their fears and their spiritual debt on everything and look to politics to father them into safety and to deliver them to some promised land.

When Republicans were in power, the uneducated masses took delight and cheered on all kinds of unconstitutional legislation and executive abuses signed into law by George W. bush. Now the democrats are happy with the extended policies of the Bush Administration under the direction of Barack Obama. The Democrats have acclimated to the fascist policies of Bush under the direction of Obama and now Conservatives are blaming Obama for the injustices that the previous administration implemented.

decider-in-chief bypasses congress, then visits his afghanisurge

obama bypasses senate process, filling 15 posts
obama bypasses senate process, filling 15 postsfrom nytimes: President Obama, making a muscular show of his executive authority just one day after Congress left for spring recess, said Saturday that he would bypass the Senate and install 15 appointees, including a union lawyer whose nomination to the National Labor Relations Board was blocked last month with the help of two Democrats.

Coming on the heels of Mr. Obama’s big victory on health care legislation, Saturday’s move suggests a newly emboldened president who is unafraid to provoke a confrontation with the minority party.

Just two days ago, all 41 Senate Republicans sent Mr. Obama a letter urging him not to appoint the union lawyer, Craig Becker, during the recess. Mr. Obama’s action, in defiance of the Republicans, was hailed by union leaders, but it also seemed certain to intensify the partisan rancor that has enveloped Washington.

The United States Senate has the responsibility to approve or disprove of my nominees,” Mr. Obama said in a statement. “But if, in the interest of scoring political points, Republicans in the Senate refuse to exercise that responsibility, I must act in the interest of the American people and exercise my authority to fill these positions on an interim basis.”

It was the first time the president has used his constitutional authority to fill vacant federal positions by making recess appointments, thus avoiding the requirement for the advice and consent of the Senate. Mr. Obama, who currently has 217 nominees pending and 77 awaiting action on the Senate floor, said Republicans had given him little choice.

obama rallies troops in afghanistan

reichland security & feds raid 'militias' in multiple states

reichland security & feds raid militias' in multiple statesfrom infowars: On Saturday night [mar27] the FBI and Homeland Security conducted what was described as a “major” operation against the Michigan militia. As of Sunday morning, the operation was not reported by national media, although it was covered by local media in Michigan.

The FBI was conducting raids Saturday night at multiple locations in southeast Michigan,” WXYZ News in Detroit reported last night. “Action News has learned Homeland Security and the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force is also involved in a major operation.”

It appears raids are being conducted in Hammond, Indiana, and Sandusky, Ohio, as well. “Hammond police assisted with an FBI raid Saturday evening in the Indiana city, but federal officials would not release any details,Chicago Breaking News Center reported.

corbett report: episode123 - meet smedley butler

corbett report: episode123 - meet smedley butlerfrom corbett report: He was a tenacious soldier, the most decorated officer in the history of the U.S. marine corps ... and he detested war. Find out about the tyrannical government moves and secretive fascist plots that turned this famous general into a campaigner against war on this week's edition of The Corbett Report.

download episode123 [54.3mb mp3]

sunday update:
pentagon vs wikileaks, gata vs cftc, police vs everyone

Saturday, March 27, 2010

world mourns as communist darkness falls upon america

world mourns as communist darkness falls upon americafrom before it's news: In what is being described as one of the most astounding power grabs in modern history by newspaper headlines around the World, President Obama has succeeded in his audacious plan to remake America into a full fledged godless communist empire barely one year into his term with the enactment into law by the US Congress of his mammoth health care plan innocuously named H.R. 3200-Americas Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 and described by one Kremlin legal expert as having nothing at all to do with health, but everything to do with control.”

To fully grasp the full and grim implications of Obama’s power grab over the American people with his Nationalization of the United States entire health care industry and student loan programme accomplished with the passing of this new law, it must be remembered that since taking office on January 20, 2009 he has also taken over their automobile,  mortgage, and banking industries too with the Internet said being next “in his sights”.

Friday, March 26, 2010

media monarchy episode163

media monarchy episode163"the trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body is that it's so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind" on episode163 of media monarchy w/ incendiary situations, greenwash & regulations - social protests, polls & a national id - health$care's landmark legislation, existential threats & the defcon from cyber/space\war + tolerant music from manic street preachers and so much more...

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new world next week - mar25

US info ops, hooray for france, pervy guards

new world next week - mar25Welcome back to the New World Next Week - the weekly 10min series that pulls back the curtain to show you the story behind the stories in the corporate-controlled media - brought to you by James Corbett of Corbett Report & James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy. On this week's episode:
Story#1: US Takes Down 'Honey Pot' Site Used to Plan Attacks on Americans in Iraq
Flashback: Racist Provocateur Radio Host Worked for FBI

Story#2: France Ditches Carbon Tax as Protests Mount
Flashback: Climategate Emails Expose Climate Control Schemes

Story#3: Airport Security Guard Ogled Woman Colleague in Body Scanner
Flashback: Body Scanners Can Store & Send Images
Media Monarchy & Corbett Report are accepting $10 donations for the new DVD-ROM from Divergent Films & '20/20 Hindsight: Censorship on the Frontline'. Your donation gets you this new whistleblower documentary with numerous extras + you support the alternative media that brings you news the corporate-controlled media doesn't. Stay informed by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report here & Media Monarchy here. Thank You.

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police state updates: if you tolerate this your children will be next

US forest service admits putting cctv on public lands*
US forest service admits putting cctv on public landsyoo says war could be used to strike 'suspected enemies' with drones inside US*
drones may be sent soon to help with border security, napolitano says*
napolitano & mexican counterparts sign arrangements to bolster bilateral border & aviation security*
defense says ny synagogue-bomb plot was feds' idea*
synagogue bomb plot directed by federal provocateur*
video: police state 4 - the rise of fema*
elderly nyc pair familiar with 'police! open up!'*
census bureau was deeply involved in internment of japanese americans*
'urban terrorism': booby traps, threats put police on alert*
160 'community support officers' charged with crimes in uk*
idaho leads state revolt against naked body scanners*
airport device follows fliers' phones*
militarized cops swarm college in california shooter drill*
video: 'civilian' captures military training for wmd in US*
obama's nominee to oversee security at US airports favors israeli model*
nyc reaches $33m strip search settlement*
colorado 'cop program' has cab drivers helping local police*
video: cops in nj town given keys to homes*
dc metro to 'stage' more terrorism drills -
following predicted pentagon shooter bedell drills
truth has fallen & has taken liberty with it -
paul craig roberts signs off

trucks burned in possible threat to cali police*
dementia patients to be tracked by gps satellite device*
terrorists could use explosives in breast implants to crash planes*
more propaganda on breast implant bombs*
teacher 'shot dead' in school science stunt*
US taxpayers funding mexican military & incursions*
review all anti-terrorism laws, say mp's*

'zionism is stupid' & other incendiary situations

israeli professor proclaims 'zionism is stupid'
israeli professor proclaims 'zionism is stupid'from richard grove: During a recent interview, wherein Professor Shlomo Sand was being interviewed by a colleague of mine; I found myself witnessing a rare opportunity to take an apparent contradiction in history. As a result, herein I offer the data which helps to dissolve the illusions which are the root cause of these contradictions, thereby offering a unifying solution to the apparent schism...

Jan Irvin: "Is Judaism a Race or a Religion, and what do you say to those that claim that it is a Race?"

Prof. Shlomo Sand: "They are stupid, exactly like the anti-Semitics, I think the Zionists that thought in the past that Jewishness is a race, pure or not pure, are stupid - exactly like the anti-Semitics that thought that the Jewish are a Race. All my book is a kind of declaration, that Jewishness cannot be a Race, the origins of most of the Jews is not from Palestine… and most of the Jewish came from conversion."

Note that a few weeks prior to all of this, Irvin published this iconoclastic conversation, with a Rabbi who had presented Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with an award for his goodwill and outstanding relationship with Orthodox Jews living in Iran: “Against Zionism- An Interview with Rabbi Yisrel Dovid Weiss”; therein demonstrating Ahmadinejad to be anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic.

netanyahu, in dc, remains defiant on settlements issue*
uk to expel israeli diplomat over uk passport abuse*
israeli mp likens british to 'dogs' for israeli expulsion*
'most moral army in the world' strikes again:
idf 'used child to check for booby-traps'
despite 'row,' US seals military deal with israel*
'pirate' dies as ship's guards repel attack off somalia*
private army sets sights on iceland*
saudis arrest 50 militants planning attacks*
cia involvement in mumbai's false flag terrorism*

3/25 newspurge: greenwash, guidestones & oregon oddities

green consumers smugness leads to lying & cheating*
green consumers smugness leads to lying & cheatinguk officials chop down 6,000 trees to stop sex in woods*
chief climategate investigator failed to declare eco directorship*
fda asks why gsk vaccine has a pig virus called 'porcine circovirus 1'*
rotarix rotavirus vaccine contaminated, officials say*
pesticides being engineered to attack specific species of insects*
minor earthquake hits new york*
3 earthquakes recorded in central oklahoma*
6.0-magnitude quake rocks manila*
update: heavy earthquake hits the philippines*
feds recall more than 1m baby slings*
injection could cure phobias*
longstanding island dispute solved after disappearing into sea*
what in the world are they spraying?*
bees in more trouble than ever after bad winter*

california may vote on legalizing marijuana*
update: initiative to legalize marijuana qualifies for nov ballot*

9/11 updates: threats, crash, catch & release

dead osama says americans will die if ksm is executed*
pentagon front intelcenter release another dubious osama tape*
dead osama says americans will die if ksm is executedsecret coded indicator in 9/11 hijackers' passports: 'holy capital'?*
7:30am: gate agent asks if atta's luggage has been loaded onto flight 11*
sibel edmonds: official docs confirm major criminal investigations of turkish operatives in chicago*
judge: release 'former' high value detainee*
judge rejects 9/11 1st responders settlement as too small*
400 medical professionals added to*
more on warning to 9/11 commission not 'cross the line'*
video: norad confirmed flight 93 crashed near camp cavid*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wall street despised in poll showing most want real regulation

wall street despised in poll showing most want real regulationfrom bloomberg: Americans are leery about creating a new federal agency to make consumer-protection rules for mortgages and credit cards and would prefer to enhance the existing powers of banking regulators. Most people interviewed in the Bloomberg National Poll say they don’t like Wall Street, banks or insurance companies and favor letting the government punish bankers who helped cause the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Almost seven out of 10 people surveyed support using current bank regulators for consumer protection, backing positions held by the financial industry and Republicans over President Barack Obama’s proposal to establish an independent agency. The poll’s findings come as the White House and congressional Democrats pivot to focus more election-year attention on an unpopular political target - banks and Wall Street - following this week’s victory on health-care legislation.

people trust banksters less than random people on the street*
regulators shut 7 banks in alabama, georgia, minnesota, ohio & utah; 37 in 2010*
tax-refund law could benefit jpmorgan*
the end of saturday mail draws closer*
72% of dems, 84% of reps and 80% of indies
think economy could collapse (as if it hasn't already)

madoff geeks charged for writing book-cooking code*
appeals court orders fed to release bank bailout records*
explain why you sold uk's gold, gordon brown told*
video: paul schools geithner on austrian economics*

airport security guard ogled woman colleague in body scanner

airport security guard ogled woman colleague in body scannerfrom the sun: A Heathrow security man was quizzed by police after ogling a girl colleague "naked" in a new anti-terror body scanner. Jo Margetson, 29, reported John Laker, 25, after he took her picture with the X-ray gadget and made a lewd comment. The pervy guard leered and told her: "I love those gigantic tits." She had entered the X-ray machine by mistake - and was horrified when Laker pressed a button to take a revealing photo.

Laker, who faces the sack, was the first airport worker to be caught abusing the controversial new devices. They were brought in by the Government after the Christmas Day underpants bomber tried to blow up a flight to Detroit. They produce full-body "nude" images of passengers to locate hidden weapons or explosives. This includes clear outlines of genitalia. Opponents of the scanners, including anti-paedophile groups, have furiously condemned their use. After Laker sneaked a look at her body and made the remark, horrified Jo told her bosses and police at the West London airport.

flashback: body scanners can store & send images

france ditches carbon tax as social protests mount

france ditches carbon tax as social protests mountfrom telegraph: President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday scrapped the country's proposed carbon tax and reshuffled his cabinet in populist tilt after suffering a crushing electoral defeat over the weekend, when his Gaulliste UMP party lost every region other than in its bastion of Alsace and the Indian Ocean island of Reunion.

The vote saw a resurrection of both the Socialist Party and the far-Right National Front, showing how the delayed effects of rising unemployment can change the political landscape long after recession has passed. The jobless rate has risen to 10.1pc, up from 8.7pc a year ago. A quarter of those aged under 25 are out of work.

The government said its energy tax was being postponed indefinitely in order not to "damage the competitiveness of French companies", fearing that it would be too risky for France to go it alone without the rest of the EU. Brussels has announced plans for an EU-wide tax, but the initiative already looks doomed.

Chantal Jouanno, the environment secretary, said she was "devastated that eco-scepticism had prevailed". France's leading green groups wrote a joint letter to Mr Sarkozy saying they were "scandalised" by his decision, accusing him of tearing up a pledge to put climate change at the centre of his presidency.

lawmakers eyeing national biometric id card

flashback: using immigration to push biometric id card
lawmakers eyeing national biometric id cardfrom threat level: Lawmakers are proposing a national identification card — what they’re calling “high-tech, fraud-proof Social Security cards” — that would be required for all employees in the United States.

The proposal by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-New York) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) comes as the states are grappling to produce another national identification card at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security. Virtually none of the states are in compliance with this Real ID program — adopted in 2005 — requiring state motor vehicle bureaus to obtain and internally scan and store personal information like Social Security cards and birth certificates for a national database.

Now comes a bid for a second card.

Homeland Security officials pointed to the Sept. 11 hijackers’ ability to get driver’s licenses in Virginia using false information as justification for the proposed $24 billion Real ID program. Schumer and Graham point to illegal immigration as cause for their plan.

We would require all U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who want jobs to obtain a high-tech, fraud-proof Social Security card. Each card’s unique biometric identifier would be stored only on the card; no government database would house everyone’s information,” they said. “The cards would not contain any private information, medical information or tracking devices. The card would be a high-tech version of the Social Security card that citizens already have.”

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

landmark legislation: both parties collude to bring US health scare

amid the hype, all i have to add is that if they wanted us to get health care, they could deliver it with the same shock & awe quickness that they deliver death & destruction around the world - at a fraction of the cost! - just like bill hick said... so here's one health scare to get you going & then related/updates after the video:

16,500 more irs agents needed to enforce obamacare
16,500 more irs agents needed to enforce obamacarefrom washington examiner: New tax mandates and penalties included in Obamacare will cause the greatest expansion of the Internal Revenue Service since World War II, according to a release from Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas:

"A new analysis by the Joint Economic Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee minority staff estimates up to 16,500 new IRS personnel will be needed to collect, examine and audit new tax information mandated on families and small businesses in the ‘reconciliation’ bill being taken up by the U.S. House of Representatives this weekend ... Scores of new federal mandates and fifteen different tax increases totaling $400 billion are imposed under the Democratic House bill. In addition to more complicated tax returns, families and small businesses will be forced to reveal further tax information to the IRS, provide proof of ‘government approved’ health care and submit detailed sales information to comply with new excise taxes."

Americans for Tax Reform has a good breakdown of the bill by the numbers. Isn't it reassuring that at a time of recession, government will do what's necessary to ensure its growth?

video: ron paul says irs thugs to enforce obamacare

Monday, March 22, 2010

william bennett update: some still not charged in 2009 murders

flashbacks: the death of william bennett, part1: cia, contract killers, kosovo & questions, updates on murder of william bennett, part2, part3: arresting developments & part4: ashes to ashes

william bennett update: some still not charged in 2009 murdersfrom myfoxdc: It was a vicious crime, a couple attacked and beaten in Northern Virginia, one year ago Monday [mar22]. The husband, a former green beret, died. A year later, the suspects in the crime have yet to go on trial and two haven't even been charged. William and Cynthia Bennett had gone out for their morning jog in their Lansdowne neighborhood. They were at Riverside Parkway near Rocky Creek Drive when they were attacked. Back at the one time crime scene today, a makeshift memorial is fading, except for a bouquet of fresh flowers. It's a fresh reminder one year later of the brutal attack that killed William Bennett and nearly killed his wife. At the time, Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney James Plowman said, "This was a particularly violent case. I've never seen anything like this before, and I hope I never do again."

video playlist: murder of william bennett, ex-cia contractor

afghan insurgents obtained US ied-blocking systems

afghan insurgents obtained US ied-blocking systemsfrom allgov: Warlocks, the jamming technology used by the U.S. military to thwart roadside bombs in Afghanistan, fell into the hands of the Taliban more than two years ago, according to an Army intelligence document obtained by WikiLeaks. The equipment may have been subsequently shipped to Iran where researchers tried to figure out how Warlocks works by using reverse engineering.

Warlocks is designed to scramble signals such as those sent from cell phones to detonate improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which have been a leading cause of death and injuries for American soldiers.

It is unknown whether the capture of the anti-IED system resulted in the Taliban overcoming the jamming technology. Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists, said it’s possible the Army developed a new system to replace the Warlocks that may have been compromised. “Nothing ever stands still. The Army is always upgrading, creating newer measures to deal with new threats,” Aftergood told NextGov.

warwhores updates:
1000s rally to pull troops from 2 war zones*
US may try sheehan for anti-war campaign*
under panetta, a more aggressive cia*
uk inquiry into iraq war turns toward bush, officials*
uk govt ran intel unit outside of military command structure*
US investigators winding down inquiry of destroyed cia tapes*
US military contractors move into africa*
video: gates announces changes to "don't ask, don’t tell"*
soldiers taking psychiatric drugs for stress*
state dept to hire contractor to babysit misbehaving contractors in afghanistan*
john pilger: have a nice world war, folks*

Sunday, March 21, 2010

ground zero: the black sun prophecy

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ground zero: the black sun prophecyfrom clyde lewis: Recently Louis Farrakhan, leader of the nation of Islam delivered a speech that sounded like it was from a Hollywood blockbuster film about aliens and the end of the world. The speech included references to a mother ship or space plane about a half a mile long carrying 1500 smaller flying machines coming to earth. He also stated that in a vision Elijah Mohammed saw that in the future the arrival of the UFO would take place upon the discovery of a second star or companion to our sun. He mentions a blue star or darker star appearing next to a red fiery star. The ships are to gather near the sun and there will be stars falling from the heavens. It was all a part of some apocalyptic sermon that included the intervention of aliens and the idea of a second star or sun in the sky like the ending of the film “2010: The year we make contact.”

Around January 18th, 2010, NASA STEREO monitors were beginning to register what appeared to be large planet sized UFO’s around the sun. Giant, UFOs have appeared before around the Sun and have been monitored and recorded by NASA’s Stereo spacecraft. The present “giant solar UFO wave” which commenced on January 18, 2010 is the most recent of a reoccurring phenomenon. Later in the month of February came the solar filament at the southern hemisphere of the sun that snapped, sending to earth a large coronal mass ejection that was not reported in the mainstream.

corbett report: episode122 - hello, iceland

corbett report: episode122 - hello, icelandfrom corbett report: Devastated by a banking collapse that has brought this once great nation to its economic knees, the people of Iceland are not giving up without a fight. Now they are gearing up to give the banksters and the globalists a taste of their own medicine with the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative. Get informed and get involved this week with The Corbett Report as we outline the efforts to make this small North Atlantic island a beacon of hope for freedom of expression the world over.

download episode122 [49.5mb mp3]

sunday update:
fbi terrorists, 9/11 updates, bad week to be a bankster

Saturday, March 20, 2010

media monarchy mixtape002: spring equinox

mixtape002: download/subscribe\archive

media monarchy mixtape002: spring equinox"there's a new moon over my shoulder" on media monarchy's mixtape002: spring equinox ... unlike our first epic mixtape - this one's a cool, quick hour of twangy, bangy altpop & more. from 1945 to 2010 and back again, we've got avett brothers & watson twins, zombies & breeders, spring-heeled jim's & loretta lynn ... all mixed for your pleasure on this first day of spring, cause it can't be news & politics all the time ...

Friday, March 19, 2010

media monarchy episode162

media monarchy episode162"we annihilated the world before your very ears" on episode162 of media monarchy where they fight the net w/ fake news & real threats - repo memes, hacked cars, virtual flags & cyberpocalypse - panic, blunders & the 9/11 line - broken glass, ominous signs - corporate coffee, lehman & geithner - police state updates, census & complaints + plastic music from gorillaz & tom paxton and tons more...

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media monarchy episode161b

episode161b: download/subscribe\archive

media monarchy episode161b"they'll make a memory machine" for the b-side of episode161 from media monarchy w/ alt media by corbett report, ground zero & collateral news + pitchforks, responsible corporations & mystery substances on food world order, memorial music from dismemberment plan & the replacements and much more...

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

new world next week - mar18

fake russians, geithner knew & virtual flags

new world next week - mar18Welcome to the New World Next Week - a weekly 10min series that gives you the story behind the stories in the controlled media - brought to you by James Corbett of Corbett Report & James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy. This week:
Story#1: Fake Report of Russian Tanks Sparks Panic in Country of Georgia
Flashback: 70th Anniversary of 'War of the Worlds' Psyop; Sequel Soon?
Flashback: Project Bluebeam: TV Fakery, Holographic Projections & Audio Spotlights

Story#2: Lehman Collapse: What Did Geithner Know & When Did He Know It? Profile: Timothy Geithner
Flashback: 'Project Constellation'

Story#3: Black-Cyber-Operations on the Rise
Meet US Cybercom: Why the US is Fielding a Cyber Army
'Virtual Flag Terrorism' is Next Threat
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