Sunday, November 30, 2008

video: doctor builds robot twin to study soul

from raw replay: CNN’s Kyung Lah reported that a Kyoto doctor has created an uncanny robot twin. Hiroshi Ishiguro believes that his robot double can help in the understanding of human presence. Ishiguro is well known for creating life-like androids. This video is from CNN’s American Morning, broadcast Nov. 26, 2008.

mumbai attack updates: false flag, uk intel ops & questions

mumbai attacks look like a western intel operation
mumbai attacks look like a western intel operationfrom lee rogers: The recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai India appear to be the work of a western intelligence agency. Sophisticated terrorist attacks are usually only executed by an institution with a vast amount of resources at their disposal, and not by terrorists living in a cave somewhere. History has shown that high profile terrorist attacks which get top billing in the media are in fact government sponsored. Already, India is blaming Pakistan for the attacks and we’ve also seen an onslaught of propaganda from media outlets attempting to place the blame for this attack on the fictional CIA founded organization Al-Qaeda. There are even eyewitness accounts saying that the attackers did not look like Indians but instead appeared to be western. In fact, some of the attackers have already been identified as British citizens of Pakistan origin. Of course none of that matters, since the media needs to sell the Al-Qaeda myth to the dumbed down masses here in America. Considering that Barack Obama has gone on the record talking about the possibility of using military force in Pakistani territory to go after Al-Qaeda terrorists, it looks as if this event is going to conveniently provide him the excuse to do so when he takes power in a few months. He can say that he is going after Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and the media will sell it as the right thing to do. Let’s face it; the only groups that would gain from the killing and wounding of hundreds of innocent people in India are western governments. It is allowing them to continue to sell the phony terror war to the dumbed down American sheep, it effectively plays off India against Pakistan and it provides the excuse for future U.S. military intervention into Pakistan.

mumbai false flag attack updates

mumbai attacks pave way for obama into pakistan
mumbai attacks pave way for obama into pakistanfrom greg nixon: As soon as you hear the name Al Qaeda, just insert U.S. in its place. Obama/Brzezinski want to make a foray into Pakistan and start a larger war in the East (Russia/China). This apparent false flag attack is to get the ball rolling. I have not had the chance to comb through the drill archives for Mumbai, but recall several exericses in the preceding months. There is almost little point in debunking these scams anymore. Independent researchers quickly exposed 7/7 in London, and 9/11 as false flag is now mainstream, but the perps still roam freely and are openly stealing our money. I am on weekend holiday and don't want this crap in my head. Look for updates on India Monday.

5 US citizens killed in mumbai attacks

mumbai attack: british men 'among the terrorists'
from telegraph: Two British-born Pakistanis were among eight gunmen seized by Indian commandos who stormed buildings to free hostages, Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Mumbai, reportedly said. The Foreign Office earlier said it was investigating reports on NDTV, a local television news channel, that the terrorists - who swarmed luxury hotels and other tourist sites in the city - included "British citizens of Pakistani origin". The development came as Gordon Brown called for international co-ordination to combat terrorism in the wake of the attacks. He said: "We have got to look at how international action against terrorism can be improved." On the claim that Britons could have been among the perpetrators, he said: "I would not want to be drawn into early conclusions about this."

british intel is behind mumbai massacre

mumbai perpetrators showed combat training
from robert baer: Three days after the Mumbai attacks, it is unclear who is behind them. And that in itself tells a story. Terrorism experts have been all over television and the Internet speculating on the identity of the perpetrators, more often than not attempting to divine their identity from the group's tactics. The problem is that terrorists do not follow rule books; they learn and adapt from other groups. The fact that suicide bombers did not blow themselves up in the lobbies of the Oberoi or Taj hotels does not mean they are not from al-Qaeda. (See photos of the chaos in Mumbai) What we should be certain of, though, is that the Mumbai attackers were combat trained.

nypd guards against mumbai-like terror attacks

india to mobilize in aftermath of mumbai attacks
from danger room: The commando-style terror attacks that killed around 200 people in Mumbai, India, last week have been compared to the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. eight years ago. "It's war," The Times of India proclaimed in an editorial.

update: more mumbai updates: foreknowledge, hoax call & double cover

2,700 year-old marijuana found in chinese tomb

stash seems intended for buried shaman to use in the afterlife
2,700 year-old marijuana found in chinese tombfrom toronto star: Researchers say they have located the world's oldest stash of marijuana, in a tomb in a remote part of China.

The cache of cannabis is about 2,700 years old and was clearly "cultivated for psychoactive purposes," rather than as fibre for clothing or as food, says a research paper in the Journal of Experimental Botany.

The 789 grams of dried cannabis was buried alongside a light-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian man, likely a shaman of the Gushi culture, near Turpan in northwestern China.

The extremely dry conditions and alkaline soil acted as preservatives, allowing a team of scientists to carefully analyze the stash, which still looked green though it had lost its distinctive odour.

"To our knowledge, these investigations provide the oldest documentation of cannabis as a pharmacologically active agent," says the newly published paper, whose lead author was American neurologist Dr. Ethan B. Russo.

Remnants of cannabis have been found in ancient Egypt and other sites, and the substance has been referred to by authors such as the Greek historian Herodotus. But the tomb stash is the oldest so far that could be thoroughly tested for its properties.

swiss stub out cannabis decriminalisation bid
from afp: Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a proposal to decriminalise cannabis by a clear majority in a nationwide referendum, Swiss news agency ATS reported. Switzerland is the heaviest user of cannabis in Europe according to a recent study but the proposal to decriminalise the drug failed to win popular support in the majority of cantons, ATS said.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

econocrash: civil war, unrest, collapse & bankruptcies

civil war usa '09
civil war usa '09from russia today: Russia Today interviews Igor Panarin, a professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign affairs ministry, who believes the economic crisis in the US has confirmed his long-held belief that the country is heading for extinction in its present form.

financial disaster will lead to civil disorder in 2009 or 2010, says secret citibank memo
from natural news: An internal memo from a top Citibank analyst reveals what the banks really think about the global financial situation, and the outlook is grim. "The world is not going back to normal after the magnitude of what they have done. When the dust settles this will either work, and the money they have pushed into the system will feed through into an inflation shock," wrote Tom Fitzpatrick, Citibank's chief technical strategist. He goes on to explain that the massive money creation efforts by the Federal Reserve and other central banks will end with one of two things: A resurgence of inflation, or a fall into "depression, civil disorder and possibly wars." Either outcome, he says, will cause the price of gold to skyrocket. Gold will push to well over $2,000 per ounce, he explains. The timing on all this? Sometime in either 2009 or 2010, said the analyst.

US collapse updates from daily dose of terror: russian analyst predicts decline & breakup of US, citigroup collapses! banking shutdown possible & financial meltdown: you ain't seen nothing yet

georgia's i-85 carpool lanes converted to toll roads
georgia's i-85 carpool lanes converted to toll roadsfrom gwinnett daily post: Interstate 85's carpool lanes will be converted to toll lanes, as U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters on Tuesday announced a $110 million grant to get Gwinnett's traffic moving. While the toll pricing has not been determined, rates would change based on congestion on the interstate, and cars with three or more people in them would still be free. "America's cities are struggling under the weight of higher population and greater demand on their roads and transit systems," Peters said. "Only by taking aggressive, forward-thinking approaches like Atlanta has done can urban areas hope to remain competitive in the century ahead."

US rescues citi with $20b capital & guarantees
from guardian: The U.S. government has bailed out Citigroup Inc, agreeing to shoulder most of the potential losses on $306 billion of high risk assets and inject $20 billion of new capital, in its biggest rescue of a bank yet.
Citigroup's rescue marks the latest government effort to contain a widening financial meltdown that has caused the disappearance or bankruptcies of companies including Bear Stearns Cos, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc and Washington Mutual Inc.

US bankrupt updates from daily dose of terror: fed pledges top $7.4t to ease frozen credit, fed & treasury offer half our gdp to wall st & financial newsletter predicts US to default on national debt

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media monarchy episode101

listen live to the revere radio network

art imitates life imitates politics in this 101st episode of media monarchy on a black friday filled w/ massive attacks, protesters clash, zombie stampedes & food shortages + worldwide surveillance, threats & strategies, brothels, banksters & the 'end the fed' rallies, music by guns n' roses & pulp and tons more...


listen live to the portland radio authoritymedia monarchy is originally broadcast on the portland radio authority every friday at 10am pacific/1pm eastern and can also be heard on the revere radio network every sunday at 4pm pacific/7pm eastern...

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black friday/buy nothing day: zombie stampede & guns tax-free

predicting today's zombie uprising,
another cutting piece from the onion:
wal-mart's prices undercut by wal-mart dumpster

2 deaths result from wal-mart stampede
2 deaths result from wal-mart stampedefrom nydailynews: A worker died after being trampled and a woman miscarried when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island Wal-Mart Friday morning, witnesses said. The unidentified worker, employed as an overnight stock clerk, tried to hold back the unruly crowds just after the Valley Stream store opened at 5 a.m. Witnesses said the surging throngs of shoppers knocked the man down. He fell and was stepped on. As he gasped for air, shoppers ran over and around him. “He was bum-rushed by 200 people,” said Jimmy Overby, 43, a co-worker. “They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too… I literally had to fight people off my back.”

guns go tax-free for south carolina shoppers on black friday
guns go tax-free for south carolina shoppers on black fridayfrom ap: TVs and laptops won't be the only hot items in South Carolina this Black Friday. The state is offering an unusual perk to shoppers: no sales tax on handguns, rifles and shotguns. The so-called "Second Amendment Weekend" is thanks to a little-debated amendment legislators tacked on this summer to a tax break for energy-efficient appliances. While the energy-efficiency measure doesn't go into effect until next year, on Friday and Saturday gun buyers won't have to pay state and local sales taxes that can total 8 percent. Taxes still apply to ammunition and accessories. "We are a gun-owning-tradition state, a hunting-tradition state," said Republican state Rep. Mike Pitts, a retired police officer who introduced the proposal and has promoted other pro-gun legislation. "Quite often people will buy their pop or grandpop a shotgun or rifle to hunt with for Christmas," he said in an interview by cell phone while out hunting.

2 killed in US toy store shooting
from dpa: Two people were shot to death Friday in a southern California Toys R Us after an argument between rival shoppers escalated into a shooting, police said. The incident occurred in the city of Palm Desert, some 200 kilometres southeast of California, on so-called Black Friday, the day the US retail industry kicks off its biggest shopping period before Christmas with huge discounts and bargains. Initial reports were that two women were fighting and swearing and that gunfire erupted when two employees tried to break up the fight. Witnesses told the Los Angeles Times that both women involved were accompanied by men, one of whom drew a gun and shot in the air before shooting the other man in the back.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

media monarchy episode100b

media monarchy episode100bepisode100b is an exclusive homemade thanksgiving offering from media monarchy w/ massive obamessiah updates, northrop/fema & 'angel thunder' terror drills, fatwas, false flags & plunge protection, cheney, gonzales, zinn & nist, pirates & gay anarchists, the g20 globalists & the 45th anniversary of jfk's assassination, music by eef barzelay and tons more...



the 'chinese democracy' meme

another fascinating intersection of art imitating life imitating politics... with an incongruous title like 'clockwork orange,' where the 2 words don't seem to fit together, the 'chinese democracy' meme begs the question: who's trying to force what on whom? even thought the record is warmed-over industro-rock way past its prime, it plants the seed of predictive programming: we're not spreading democracy, we're all being imposed upon with the chinese model of a new financial world order.

guns n' roses' new album is up against a chinese wall
guns n' roses' new album is up against a chinese wallfrom wsj: The heavy metal band Guns N' Roses is roiling China's music scene. But sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll aren't the issue. The trouble is the name of the group's latest album: "Chinese Democracy." It has taken 17 years for the band to produce a new studio record. Now, even before it goes on sale Sunday, in a release heralded by its producers as a "historic moment in rock ' n' roll," the disc is getting the thumbs down from Chinese authorities. It's also causing anxiety among GN'R's legion of loyal fans here, who aren't sure they like what lead singer W. Axl Rose is trying to say about their country. China's government-owned music-importing monopoly has signaled that local record distributors shouldn't bother ordering the GN'R production. Anything with "democracy" in the name is "not going to work," said an official at the China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corp., part of the Ministry of Culture.

from the australian: A newspaper published by China's ruling Communist Party has blasted the latest Guns N' Roses album as an attack on the nation. China's internet censors appeared to be trying to block fans from accessing websites related to the album, which is titled Chinese Democracy. Delayed since recording began in 1994, Chinese Democracy was released in the US on Sunday. It is unlikely to be sold legally in China, where censors maintain tight control over films, music and publications. In an article published on Monday headlined "American band releases album venomously attacking China", the Global Times said Chinese internet users had described the album as part of a plot by some in the West to "grasp and control the world using democracy as a pawn". The Guns N' Roses record "turns its spearpoint on China", the article said.

chuck klosterman reviews 'chinese democracy'*
dr pepper to make good on 'chinese democracy' stunt*
guns n' roses' 'chinese democracy' released after 15 years*
guns n' roses' achieve chinese democracy, at last*

police state international: false flags & the strategy of tension

german intel agents caught staging false flag terror
german intel agents caught staging false flag terrorfrom paul joseph watons: German intelligence agents have been caught staging a false flag terror attack against an EU building in Kosovo, apparently in an attempt to create a pretext for EU police to be deployed in Kosovo after government leaders rejected the UN-mandated proposal. “Germany declined to comment on on Saturday on reports that three Germans arrested on suspicion of throwing explosives at an EU office in Kosovo were intelligence officers,” reports Reuters. “The explosive charge was thrown on Nov. 14 at the International Civilian Office (ICO), the office of EU Special Representative Pieter Feith, who oversees Kosovo’s governance.” A police source in Kosovo told Reuters: “They are members of the BND”, but gave no further details. German news outlet Der Spiegel named the men as BND intelligence officers. Most reports claimed that the officers had thrown dynamite at the building, while others reported that a bomb was placed near the building.

daily dose of terror: dod pandemic sim, jfcom & drill watch + world depression/ US colllapse, india/china exercises + chilton expects new 'attacks', microsoft to aid war on terror

cleveland installs downtown surveillance cameras
from wkyc: The city is installing 13 new surveillance cameras downtown to send a safety message. Four of the cameras are operating now and nine more will be working by next weekend in time for the city's annual holiday display on Public Square. The city will monitor and control the cameras and record images around the clock. Public Safety Director Martin Flask says the cameras are mounted on poles and have blue strobe lights attached to them so people can see them and feel safe. The wireless system operating the cameras will store images for a month.

license-plate scanning catching crooks & raising privacy worries
license-plate scanning catching crooks & raising privacy worriesfrom arizona republic: Officer David Callister parks his patrol car under a shady interstate overpass, angling his cameras to target a flurry of passing traffic. Then he waits. Infrared units mounted to the front of Callister's vehicle scan the license plates of a Casa Grande firefighter, an Ohio State football fan and everyone else who drives past as he hunts for stolen vehicles. Every plate is photographed, time-stamped, labeled on a GPS map and automatically logged into an Arizona Department of Public Safety database. An electronic voice alerts Callister to stolen vehicles within seconds after they pass, giving him the ability to make quick arrests.

US rolls out 'vicinity rfid' to check id's in moving vehicles
from the register: RFID technology that allows the remote identification of travellers in moving vehicles is being rolled out at US land border crossings this month. Crossing points with Canada at Blaine, and with Mexico at Nogales, came online last week, with Buffalo, Detroit and San Ysidro to follow, and a total of 39 planned. The system uses the US PASSport (People, Access Security Service) card, which is intended to operate within the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) for US citizens entering the US via land and sea ports. Using "Vicinity RFID" it can read the cards from a healthy skimming distance of 20-30 feet, but according to the Department of Homeland Security this isn't a problem. The RFID chip on the card doesn't contain any personal information, only a unique identification number, and skimmers wouldn't have access to the data the number matches up with.

uk social services 'set up cctv camera in couple's bedroom'
from telegraph: Council staff are said to have spied on the young parents at night as part of a plan to see if they were fit to look after their baby, who was sleeping in another room. The mother and father were forced to cite the Human Rights Act, which protects the right to a private life, before the social services team backed down and agreed to switch off the surveillance camera while they were in bed together. The case is highlighted in a new dossier of human rights abuses carried out against vulnerable and elderly adults in nursing homes and hospitals across Britain. It comes just days after the Government admitted town halls have gone too far in using anti-terror laws to snoop on members of the public.

cynthia mckinney prevented from leaving US
from paul joseph watson: Former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has been prevented from leaving the country after she planned to give a speech in Damascus Syria at a Conference being held to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “Today, November 23rd, I was slated to give remarks in Damascus, Syria at a Conference being held to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, sadly, the 60th year that the Palestinian people have been denied their Right of Return enshrined in that Universal Declaration. But a funny thing happened to me while at the Atlanta airport on my way to the Conference: I was not allowed to exit the country,” writes McKinney.

military examines role in domestic defense
from ap: Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday ordered his top department leaders to conduct a broad review to determine whether the military, National Guard and Reserve can adequately deal with domestic disasters and whether they have the training and equipment to defend the homeland. The 41-page memo signaled an acknowledgment that the military must better recognize the critical role of the National Guard and Reserves in homeland defense, but stopped short of requiring many specific policy changes. His memo comes in the wake of a stinging 400-page independent commission report that concluded the military isn't ready for a catastrophic attack on the country, and that National Guard forces don't have the equipment or training they need for the job.

US army to equip national guard unit with future combat system aerial robots
from usarmy: The Army's commitment to equipping its total force with Future Combat System (FCS) capabilities continues as the first Army National Guard unit - the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the Pennsylvania National Guard begins training next month with the FCS-developed gasoline-powered Micro Air Vehicle (gMAV) prior to the unit's deployment to Iraq in January.

US govt taps facebook, google & mtv to 'fight terrorism'
from afp: The US State Department announced plans on Monday to promote online youth groups as a new and powerful way to fight crime, political oppression and terrorism. Drawing inspiration from a movement against FARC rebels in Colombia, the State Department is joining forces with Facebook, Google, MTV, Howcast and others in New York City next week to get the "ball rolling." It said 17 groups from South Africa, Britain and the Middle East which have an online presence like the "Million Voices Against the FARC" will attend a conference at Columbia University Law School from December 3-5.

robot may be more 'humane' soldier
from iht: In the heat of battle, their minds clouded by fear, anger or vengefulness, even the best-trained soldiers can act in ways that violate the Geneva Conventions or battlefield rules of engagement. Now some researchers suggest that robots could do better. "My research hypothesis is that intelligent robots can behave more ethically in the battlefield than humans currently can," said Ronald Arkin, a computer scientist at Georgia Tech, who is designing software for battlefield robots under contract with the U.S. Army. "That's the case I make."

super soldiers & beyond
super soldiers & beyondfrom discover magazine: The military’s most farseeing agency, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, required the services of Eleventh Hour’s Jacob Hood in last night’s episode to figure who violently killed some test-chimps and a veterinarian in the agency’s super soldier program. It seems a mad scientist had found some way to increase the size of a human amygdala, which led the soldier to have extreme, and unthinking, fight-or-flight reactions. Whenever someone approached this super soldier in a threatening way, he reacted with extreme prejudice. Naturally, the mad scientist wasn’t supposed to be testing on people, which is why by the end of the show he was off to prison. But DARPA is pretty serious about improving the, ahem, human component of soldiering. After decades of focusing on machines (like unmanned flying drones, GPS, and Internet), DARPA decided toward the end of the 1990s to focus on improving the actual biology of the soldiers. Contrary to the show, the goal is not extremely obedient killers. The modern military is focused on small teams functioning independently, far from base and reinforcements of any kind. To succeed in this kind of environment, they want to actually increase the ability of soldiers to think creatively, to stay awake longer, and to be physically active longer without becoming tired.

bush admin: dismiss rfid 'mark of the beast' lawsuit*
real estate seminar: become a new world order agent *
fox news’ ailes: ‘I defend the US, israel & the constitution.’*
italian police officers convicted of violence at 2001 g8 genoa summit*
security focused on protesters more than terror*
kbr's convenient contract*
foia docs show feds can lojack mobiles without telco help*
dhs & doj giving more info to local officers*
antiwar vets deploy 4,171 toy soldiers at gas station*
worried about your job, become a war profiteer!*
'doomsday budget' plans for cuts to nyc subway service*
autopsy says man tased by deputies died naturally*
head of interpol mexico arrested for drug ties*
paulson was behind bailout martial law threat*
tough training brings tears to agent's eyes*
experimental shoe-print database sees the soles of criminals*

ground zero lounge: bloating in the dead pool

ground zero lounge: bloating in the dead poolfrom clyde lewis: It didn’t take long for Barack Obama to rattle the bones of an old ghost. Taken right from the script came the announcement that he will hunt down Osama bin Laden. But Osama bin Laden is dead. Clyde Lewis expresses his displeasure in hearing Barack Obama say that he is fighting a phantom menace. This is not Change.

stream/download (part1 & part2)

Recorded every Monday evening in front of a live audience at Dante's Inferno in Portland Oregon, the Ground Zero Lounge features Clyde Lewis in this audience participation discussion of current events as they relate to the paranormal.

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coordinated carnage in mumbai; 145 dead

coordinated carnage in mumbaifrom danger room: Something horrible is happening in Mumbai. 80 people are dead and 250 injured in a coordinated series of attacks on luxury hotels, train stations, and tourist attractions in India's financial capital. At least seven sites were struck, the Times of India reports. And the death toll could easily climb much higher. 60 lifeless bodies and over 200 injured people were brought to a single hospital, according to DNA Mumbai.

"A little-known group, the Deccan Mujahideen, has claimed responsibility," the AP reports. The strikes "come after a series of blasts attributed to Islamist terrorists over the summer and autumn in other cities around India," the Wall Street Journal notes.

Terrorists "armed with AK-47 rifles and grenades" stormed the "passenger hall" of Mumbai's Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus (CST) train station. They "and opened fire and threw grenades," according to Mumbai General Railway Police Commissioner A. K. Sharma. 30 people were injured.

"Firing was also reported at Cama Hospital in south Mumbai, police said, adding that a blast was reported in a taxi under a flyover in suburban Vile Parle," the paper says. "Three persons were killed in a bomb explosion in a taxi on Mazegaon dockyard road and an equal number were gunned down at [the] Taj Hotel."

"Bellboys could be seen rushing the injured out on luggage trolleys," according to DNA Mumbai. The victims "included three senior police officers, including the head of [the state's] anti-terror squad," the Wall Street Journal reports.

More bloodshed could come from the Taj attack. The gun-toting terrorists who hit the landmark hotel also took 15 people, half of them foreigners, hostage on the roof of the luxury Taj Hotel, an escaped hostage tells the Times of India. The attackers, men in their early 20's, honed in on "anyone with British or American passports," an eyewitness said.

Survivors of the attack on the Oberoi hotel told a similar story. A British restaurant-goer tells Sky News television that "the attackers were singling out Britons and Americans."

update1: mumbai attacks to be blamed on pakistan?
mumbai attacks to be blamed on pakistan?from paul joseph watson: Coordinated attacks across Mumbai, India’s financial capital, which have killed up to a hundred people and injured hundreds more, are likely to be blamed on a terrorist organization linked to the Pakistani ISI, providing further justification for controversial U.S. bombings inside Pakistani territory and heightened rhetoric against Pakistan on behalf of President elect Barack Obama...

Journalist Stephen Schwartz notes that several terrorist and criminal groups are “backed by senior officers in the Pakistani army, the country’s ISI intelligence establishment and other armed bodies of the state.” Author Daniel Byman states, “Pakistan is probably today’s most active sponsor of terrorism.”

Indeed,Indian police claimed that the Pakistani ISI directed the July 2006 train bombing in Mumbai which killed 186 people, which was blamed on the Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba, an organization based in Pakistan. Look for the same organization or an affiliated group to be blamed for today’s attacks.

As Bloomberg reports today, “The government has previously blamed terrorist attacks on organizations linked to foreign powers, without offering evidence or making arrests. Local media often blame the attacks on groups backed by Pakistan or Bangladesh, without identifying the security officials who provided the information.”

With shrill corporate media outfits begging for a scapegoat to be used as war on terror propaganda, it won’t be long before an Al-Qaeda-Pakistan link is claimed. Indeed, early reports already state that the attacks are "thought to be linked to Al-Qaeda," offering no evidence and in spite of the fact that an unknown group, Deccan Mujahideen, has clamed responsibility for the massacre. The Deccan Plateau is a large plateau in India, suggesting this is where the terrorist group was based.

update2: experts doubt al-qaeda link in mumbai attacks
from iht: Global terrorism experts said Thursday they had never heard of the group. And based on its tactics, they said, it was probably not a cell or group linked to Al Qaeda. "It's even unclear whether it's a real group or not," said Bruce Hoffman, a professor at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and the author of the book "Inside Terrorism." "It could be a cover name for another group, or a name adopted just for this particular incident." Christine Fair, senior political scientist and a South Asia expert at the RAND Corporation, was careful to say that the identity of the terrorists could not yet be known. But she insisted the style of the attacks and the targets in Mumbai suggested that the militants were likely to be Indian Muslims - and not linked to Al Qaeda or the violent South Asian terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba. "There's absolutely nothing Al Qaeda-like about it," she said of the attack. "Did you see any suicide bombers? And there are no fingerprints of Lashkar. They don't do hostage taking, and they don't do grenades." Hoffman agreed that the assault was "not exactly Al Qaeda's modus operandi, which is suicide attacks."

update3: attacks blamed on al-qaeda as pretext for response
mumbai attacks blamed on al-qaeda as pretext for US military responsefrom paul joseph watson: The majority of the corporate media has gleefully seized upon the terror attacks in Mumbai to claim that they are the work of “Al-Qaeda,” despite clear and contradictory evidence suggesting otherwise, as a pretext to increase bombing campaigns in Pakistan and beef support for the ailing war on terror in Afghanistan. The swiftness with which the media blamed “Al-Qaeda” was staggering, especially considering the fact that the attacks had not even concluded before the boogeyman was whipped out of the closet once more to act as a poster child for the war on terror and allow the TV networks to show lots of blood, panic and authority figures pointing guns at people. The only claim of responsibility for the attacks came from the “Deccan Mujahideen,” the Deccan Plateau being an area in southern India, but the press, usually breathless to take the first obscure claim of culpability and set it in stone, are now belittling this explanation as a likely hoax in an attempt to pin the blame on the all-mighty mythical Al-Qaeda. “Earlier eyewitness reports from the hotels suggested the attackers were singling out British and American passport holders,” reports the BBC. “If the reports are true, our security correspondent Frank Gardner says it implies an Islamist motive - attacks inspired or co-ordinated by al-Qaeda.” Really? Perhaps the BBC’s “security correspondent” should be worried about his job security, because the facts directly contradict previous alleged “Al-Qaeda” attacks. Since when do Al-Qaeda take hostages? Since when do they hang around to be caught? Since when do Al-Qaeda use grenades rather than bombs or suicide bombs? And if the attacks were targeted against British and American citizens then tell me why, out of at least 101 killed, was there only one British victim?

father & daughter from virginia among the 145 people killed in mumbai
media forced to backtrack on al-qaeda link to mumbai attacks

update: mumbai attack updates: false flag, uk intel ops & questions

'plausible but unsubstantiated' threataganda against nyc subway

from ap: Federal authorities are warning law enforcement personnel of a possible terror plot against the New York City subway and train systems during the holiday season, and police are beefing up security in preparation.

An internal memo obtained by The Associated Press says the FBI has received a "plausible but unsubstantiated" report that al-Qaida terrorists in late September may have discussed attacking the subway system.

A person briefed on the matter, speaking to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the intelligence-gathering work, said the threat may also be directed at the passenger rail lines running through New York, such as Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road, which are particularly busy with Thanksgiving holiday travelers.

A U.S. counterterror official, also speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to do so publicly, said senior government officials have been briefed because the FBI very recently received credible information about possible attacks over the holiday season, and authorities are particularly concerned about this long holiday weekend.

update: dc criminals distract w/ a-ciada scam while looting treasury
from daily dose of terror: *The first sentence says it all, the world's economic fears pushed aside - The Criminals in DC want to distract the masses while they steal their money. It's like being mugged on the subway by a team of professional thieves who get your attention while one of the gang gets your wallet. Does ANYONE believe in the terror scam anymore? We need to arrest the US Government now more than ever.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'nuke hunters' go undercover in large crowds

from raw replay: CBS News’s correspondent Bob Orr takes an inside look at a top secret team, sponsored by the U.S. government, which set out to block nuclear threats against the U.S. This video is from CBS’s Evening News, broadcast Nov. 24, 2008.

a near-riot & parliament besieged: iceland boiling mad at credit crunch

a near-riot & parliament besieged: iceland boiling mad at credit crunchfrom scotsman: Thousands of Icelanders have demonstrated in Reykjavik to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Geir Haarde and Central Bank governor David Oddsson, for failing to stop the country's financial meltdown.

It was the latest in a series of protests in the capital since October's banking collapse crippled the island's economy. At least five people were injured and Hordur Torfason, a well-known singer in Iceland and the main organiser of the protests, said the protests would continue until the government stepped down.

As crowds gathered in the drizzle before the Althing, the Icelandic parliament, on Saturday, Mr Torfason said: "They don't have our trust and they are no longer legitimate."

The value of the Icelandic krona has been cut in half since January...

Iceland was the first country to ask the IMF for help as the turmoil in the credit markets in October hit home.

The UK government used anti-terrorism legislation to freeze money deposited by UK savers in Icelandic banks in order to ensure that their money was protected.

update: icelanders attack police station as bankster plan unfolds
from kurt nimmo: In October, the CBC reported on the “exceedingly polite protest” in Iceland as the bankers looted the country. A placard at a demo outside of Iceland’s parliament in Reykjavik stated: “Stay calm while we rob you.” CBC asked: “How long will these people stay polite about their losses?

40,000 swarm farm to gather free food

and the panic grows, this time in platteville, colorado...
40,000 swarm farm to gather free foodfrom washington post: A farm couple got a huge surprise when they opened their fields to anyone who wanted to pick up free vegetables left over after the harvest - 40,000 people showed up. Joe and Chris Miller's fields were picked so clean Saturday that a second day of gleaning - the ancient practice of picking up leftover food in farm fields - was canceled Sunday. "'Overwhelmed' is putting it mildly," Chris Miller said. "People obviously need food." She said she expected 5,000 to 10,000 people to show up Saturday to collect free potatoes, carrots and leeks. Instead, an estimated 11,000 vehicles snaked around cornfields and backed up more than two miles. About 30 acres of the 600-acre farm 37 miles north of Denver became a parking lot. Miller said they opened the farm to the free public harvest after hearing reports of food being stolen from churches. It was meant as a thank-you for customers.

update: hard times & long lines for southern californians
hard times & long lines for southern californiansfrom latimes: Some sought a cart of groceries the week before Thanksgiving, others sought a way to keep from losing their homes in the new year. By the thousands, a diverse group of Southern Californians converged on two events Saturday aimed at helping families in hard economic times. The problems, and the aid offered, were vastly different. But both reflected the worries and needs of many. In Montebello, nearly 5,000 turned out for a food giveaway, a number that stunned organizers who had tried to keep it a low-key event, targeting publicity to several churches and schools...

In Van Nuys, about 2,000 homeowners attended a workshop promoted as Home Preservation Day. But this was not about how to lay tile or install plumbing. A bank had mailed notices to homeowners in trouble with their mortgages, and Saturday offered them a chance to rework the terms of their loans. Bankers had hoped 100 would turn out, and planned for 200. Loan counselors had time to meet with a fraction of homeowners and some were turned away.

americans’ food stamp use nears all-time high
from washington post: Fueled by rising unemployment and food prices, the number of Americans on food stamps is poised to exceed 30 million for the first time this month, surpassing the historic high set in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. The figures will put the spotlight on hunger when Congress begins deliberations on a new economic stimulus package, said legislators and anti-hunger advocates, predicting that any stimulus bill will include a boost in food stamp benefits. Advocates are also optimistic that President-elect Barack Obama, who made campaign promises to end childhood hunger and whose mother once briefly received food stamps, will make the issue a priority next year. “We soon will have the most food stamps recipients in the history of our country,” said Jim Weill, president of the Food Research and Action Center, a D.C.-based anti-hunger policy organization. “If the economic forecasts come true, we’re likely to see the most hunger that we’ve seen since the 1981 recession and maybe since the 1960s, when these programs were established.”

experts warn of food shortages
from george washington: The headline of an article on Bloomberg warns "Food Prices Will Rise, Causing Export Bans, Riots". Leading economist Nouriel Roubini warns of possible food riots. The Financial Times points out that farmers rely on credit, and credit is drying up. One of the top experts on derivatives, economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb, warns that supermarkets may not be able to borrow against their inventory, and will thus be forced to shut down. I hope they're wrong. But when experts like Roubini and Taleb warn of a potential problem, I have to listen.

Monday, November 24, 2008

brothels see job applications surge in bad economy

from raw replay: ABC’s Neil Karlinsky reports that as the economy sours, Nevada brothels are seeing a surge in job applications. ABC News has more details here. This video is from ABC’s Nightline, broadcast Nov. 21, 2008.

new video of 'third plane' over nyc on 9/11

from penttbom: A new video of the “3rd plane” which was mysteriously seen lingering over NYC before and after the crash of Flight 175 into the south tower on 9/11.

Here is an article about this plane (if the same plane). This plane has a dark tail fin similar to the plane seen in this video - which was recorded before the impact of Flight 175. So if it’s the same plane, then it was lingering in the airspace for at least 5 minutes. Also, here is Journal of 9/11 Studies’ follow-up article to their above linked article - which cautions against drawing conclusions based upon limited viewing perspectives.

flashback: mystery 9/11 aircraft was military 'doomsday plane'

Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 strange deaths + 1 should've been

teens streams suicide live on web
teens streams suicide live on webfrom threat level: A 19-year-old Florida teen's suicide broadcast Wednesday on was a result of an overdose of opiates and benzodiazepine, the Broward County Medical Examiner & Trauma Services Division said Friday. The Pembroke Pines teen was pronounced dead about 6 p.m. on Wednesday, coroner spokeswoman Sherri Baker said in a telephone interview. She said benzodiazepine is used for depression and insomnia. About 185 people were viewing the feed on the San Francisco-based live-streaming service. The teen had announced his pending suicide on a chat forum, which linked to the broadcast. He left an online suicide note. Viewers were seen egging him on. The chat's moderator called the authorities, Baker said, and police broke into the residence. CEO Michael Seibel said in an e-mail: "We regret that this has occurred and respect the privacy of the broadcaster and his family during this time. We have policies in place to discourage the distribution of distressing content, and our community monitors the site accordingly. This content was flagged by our community, reviewed, and removed according to our terms of service."

argentine man kills himself on tv
argentine man kills himself on tvfrom bbc: A former police chief in Argentina, wanted for alleged crimes against human rights, has shot himself dead in front of television cameras. Mario Ferreyra was giving an interview on top of a water tank at his home in the northern province of Tucuman. Police were coming to arrest him when he killed himself. Mr Ferreyra was wearing his customary black shirt and cowboy hat and told the interviewer that he was innocent and had not committed any crimes. He then told his wife, Maria, that he would love her forever, pulled a pistol from his boot and shot himself behind the ear.

guard fatally shoots man with swords at scientology building
guard fatally shoots man armed with swords at scientology buildingfrom wikinews: An unidentified man, carrying two swords, has been shot and killed outside the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, California. The incident occurred around noon on Sunday. According to reports, a security guard working at the building shot and killed the man after he allegedly approached the officer with swords in both hands. He arrived to the Church in a red convertible and approached the guard in the center's parking lot. After the guard told the man to leave, he began to run at the guard with the sword. At least three guards are reported to have been present at the time of the shooting, but it is not known how many fired shots. April Harding, a Los Angeles police spokesman, said that the guard "felt threatened" and fired the gun at the man. The man was taken to a local hospital, where he died of his injuries. Police are investigating the incident, and have closed off the building. Harding says the guard has been detained while authorities investigate the incident. Harding believes the shooting was done in self defense.

update: man shot by scientology guard was from oregon
from ap: An Oregon man who was fatally shot as he wielded a pair of samurai swords and attempted to attack guests at a landmark Scientology building was a former follower of the religion who had made at least a dozen previous threats against the church, a Scientology official said Monday. Mario Majorski, 48, of Florence, Ore. was shot once by a security guard as he tried to use the swords to attack guests Sunday at the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, police said.

mukasey collapses, unfortunately regains consciousness
from m&c: Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed while delivering a speech to the Federalist Society in Washington, reports CNN. Mr. Mukasey collapsed Thursday night while giving a speech to the Federalist Society in Washington, according to three senior administration officials. The details about Mukasey's condition are not known as of yet. Mukasey is a former federal prosecutor from New York City who succeeded former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. CNN said Mukasey, 67, was rushed to George Washington University Medical Center in Washington.
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