Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/31 newspurge: out like a lion

top scientists share their future predictions*
top scientists share their future predictionsmailman to deliver aid if anthrax attacks*
green police: is your neighbor wasting energy?
there's an app for that

comics help cdc pitch vaccines to kids*
world health org chief not vaccinated against swine flu*

tidal wave of retirees could break the bank*
al gore's website covers un's world currency coins*
video: gop & lobbyist attempt to hijack tea party movement*
are poorest states also most religious?*
how goldman made 10s of billions from econocrash in 4 easy steps*

video: was the afghan bomb attack on the cia an inside job?*
iran nuke document was forged - just like iraqi 'yellow cake' document*
top norwegian diplomat admits attending bilderberg group*
video: 'superpower' documentary*

james cameron: marxism for thee, but not for me*
an 'avatar' awakening*

obamessiah updates:
now, michelle obama is sliding in the polls, too*
obama ends bush secrecy policy, launches 'declassification center'*
video: 'fraud' trailer*

arab dictatorships take 4 of top 5 spots in purchase of US weapons & services*
are america's mercenary armies really drug cartels?*
danger room's top 10 stories from a world gone nuts*
judge drops charges against blackwater guards accused of massacre*

new world next week - dec31

It's the end of the decade, but unfortunately, that won't put a stop to the propaganda being spread by the powers-that-be & their corporate media cronies. For this episode of The New World Next Week, James Corbett of & James Evan Pilato of uncover the latest moves toward a cashless society, the Obama/Interpol Executive Order & the 24/7 hype of al-CIA-da terror.
Story#1: National Irish Moves to Cashless Banking
Video: Cashless Society with Implanted Microchip by 2017

Story#2: Obama Gives Diplomatic Immunity to Interpol by Executive Order 12425
Obama grants Interpol immunity as foreign 'assets' assigned to US homeland

Story#3: Govt Allowed Plane Bomber to Attempt Attack
Change: More Christmas-time Terror & Suspicious Characters
James Evan Pilato returns to the airwaves on New Year's Day with the long-awaited 151st episode of - but in the meantime, don't miss the end-of-a-decade mixtape featuring some of the best music from the last 10yrs ... For more articles, videos, podcasts & open-source intelligence, please visit The Corbett Report ... And, of course, the information war will continue into the new decade as we ask for your continued support of the New World Next Week.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

national irish moves to cashless banking

national irish moves to cashless bankingfrom irish times: It might sound like a contradiction in terms, but for the first time one of the main Irish consumer banks is moving to cashless banking in all its branches. National Irish Bank has written to thousands of its customers this month informing them of a “new style of banking” in which branches will not handle over-the-counter cash transactions. The letter says branches will no longer handle cash withdrawals and lodgements, night safe lodgements and foreign currency cash. Branches will continue to lodge cheques, drafts and postal orders and issue drafts. Customers are advised to obtain cash from “ATMs nationwide” or to seek “cash-back” on their debit cards... The Irish Banking Federation said it was not aware of any other main banks introducing cashless banking at this stage, though a spokesman added that “they would all love to”.

Monday, December 28, 2009

change: more christmas-time terror & suspicious characters

northwest bomb plot 'oddities'*
wealthy, quiet, unassuming: the christmas day bomb suspect*
flight 253 passenger: sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect umar farouk abdul mutallab onto plane without passport*
hero tackled alleged northwest plane bomber as flames came from him on flight to detroit*
govt allowed plane bomber to attempt attack*
the lap bomber mystery*
webster tarpley: detroit jet terrorist attack was staged*

can we rescue the republic before the dark politics take over?*
can we rescue the republic before the dark politics take over?the new, terrifying, no-electronics US flight security rules*
christmas terror attempt may open door for military action in US cities*
video: obama discusses air security review*
obama vows to use power to thwart terrorists*
bus passengers could carry electronic tags*
terror & tyranny: the tnt approach for 2010*

incident on another amsterdam-to-detroit flight*
corporate media claims underwear bomber connected to al-qaeda*
leaked: homeland security's post underwear bomb airplane rules*
man videotaped underwear bomber on flight 253*
gibbs: don't disagree with obama on response to underwear bomber*
underwear bomber renews calls for 'naked scanners'*
video: ron paul to ben stein "you're an embarrassment"*

12/31 updates:
obama: US intel had info ahead of airliner attack*
clueless liberals & neocons slug it out over fake al-qaeda*
another false flag terror attack as justification for war & trampling on our freedoms*
ron paul says agenda behind bombing incident is more war, more attacks on liberty*
video: corporate media steps up al-qaeda in yemen propaganda*
100s of al-qaeda militants planning attacks from yemen*
al-qaeda: US plane bomb plot revenge for yemen operations*
western counter-terrorism help 'not enough for yemen'*
national guard deployed for new york airport security*
calls for full-body screening devices grow after terror attempt*
evidence clearly indicates staged attack on detroit flight*
officials admit 2nd man detained as more witnesses emerge*
fbi silent on plane bomber's accomplice*
video: ron paul on yemen, underwear bomber & loss of liberty*
US intel lapses helped abdul mutallab*
chris heges: one day we'll all be terrorists*
many airport security improvements would require more intrusion, oversight*
failed attack on jet renews concerns over lack of tsa chief*
prince of peace prize gears up for flight 253 retaliatory strike*
US plots retaliatory strikes against al-qaida in yemen*
number of full-body scanners at US airports to triple in 2010*
federal court restricts taser use by police*
nypd closes down times square in response to suspicious van*
source: 'false' report led to capitol lockdown*
teddy bear at oregon office prompts bomb scare*

Sunday, December 27, 2009

econocrash updates: worst. decade. ever.

last decade was the worst ever in the stock market
last decade was the worst ever in the stock marketfrom wsj: The US stock market is wrapping up what is likely to be its worst decade ever. In nearly 200 years of recorded stock-market history, no calendar decade has seen such a dismal performance as the 2000s. Investors would have been better off investing in pretty much anything else, from bonds to gold or even just stuffing money under a mattress. Since the end of 1999, stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange have lost an average of 0.5% a year thanks to the twin bear markets this decade. The period has provided a lesson for ...?

small-business bankruptcies rise 81% in california
from latimes: The Obama administration's new plan to give a boost to small businesses reflects continued trouble in that sector, which is facing new failures even as much of the nation's economy is stabilizing. As credit lines have shrunk and consumers have cut back on spending, thousands of small businesses have closed their doors over the last year. The plight of struggling firms has been aggravated by the reluctance of banks to lend money, said Brian Headd, an economist at the Small Business Administration's office of advocacy. "While bankruptcies are up, overall, small-business closures are up even more," Headd said. California has been particularly hard hit. The latest data show small-business bankruptcies up 81% in the state for the 12 months ended Sept. 30, compared with the previous year. Filings nationwide were up 44%, according to the credit analysis firm Equifax Inc. The actual number of small businesses in trouble is probably higher, experts said, because many owners file for personal bankruptcy rather than seek protection for the business.

video: arrow trucking co. collapses, shuts off fuel cards, leaves truckers stranded around US

Friday, December 25, 2009

media monarchy mixtape001: end of the decade

media monarchy mixtape001: end of the decadeladies & gentlemen, my holiday gift to you is a tour de force 4hr mixtape episode featuring some of my favorite music from the last 10yrs.

starting with the soaring sounds of iceland's sigur rós & ending with the latest bedroom pop from hoboken's yo la tengo, this massive mixtape spans the decade with amazing music from primal scream, radiohead, death cab, fugazi, mercury rev, saul williams, spiritualized, super furry animals & bright eyes - and that's just part1 ... part2 has hot hot heat, cursive, white stripes, arcade fire, kings of leon, lansing-dreiden, nellie mckay, tv on the radio, bloc party, sleater-kinney, girl talk, gorillaz, jenny lewis, neko case, sloan & so much more...

it's the end of the decade and a time for some reflection, so i just wanted to share some of the music that has meant so much to me over these last 10yrs ... i hope you enjoy it & i hope you have a safe holiday. take care!

download part1/part2

media monarchy mixtape001: end of the decade part2

...don't miss part2 of the media monarchy mixtape001: end of the decade featuring some of my favorite music from the last 10yrs...

download mixtape001 part2 [55mb mp3]

12/25 newspurge: it's beginning to look alot like...

9/11 updates:
9/11 families argue in court to remove ashes of loved ones from nyc garbage dump*
fed judge in germany:
numerous 9/11 theories screaming for investigation

terrorists & crooks keep faa pilot's licenses*
specter looks to revive 9/11 suits against saudis*
9/11 hero dies of cancer on christmas day*

russia blames US forces in afghanistan for heroin rise*
video: man dies after swallowing bag of pot and being tasered*

banks with political ties got bailouts, study shows*
banks squeezing money from unemployed*

berlusconi attack underscores a sharply divided italy*
viral video suggests berlusconi attack was faked*
former french president chirac indicted for embezzlement*
mexican navy kills top cartel kingpin in shootout*
why did lockerbie bomber have $2.9m in swiss bank?*
mumbai suspect is US double agent, india claims*
mumbai terror suspect david headley was 'rogue US secret agent'*
cruise missiles strike yemen*
obama approves aid to israel & those other people*
organgate: after lying for decades,
israel admits illegal organ harvesting

israel admits harvesting palestinian organs*

video: marilyn monroe kicks back &
smokes some pot in newly uncovered home movie clip

'sin city' star dies: brittany murphy at 32*
video: nbc removes controversial clip after brittany murphy's death*
moviemaking in america: it's a man's world*
parents in 'balloon boy' hoax get jail time*
the real reason newspapers are losing money, and why bailing out failing newspapers would create moral hazard in the media*
hannity calls ron paul supporters nuts & extremists;
says military complex gives us freedom of speech
movie ratings: smoking marijuana=r; murder=pg-13*
charlie sheen arrested on felony charges in aspen*

man holds 5 hostage in virginia post office*
virginia post office standoff ends peacefully*
fort hood-linked iman killed*
woman in red attacks pope*
US charges nigerian man in case of attempted terrorism*
foiled terrorist bombing in detroit:
an excuse to expand the bogus war of terror

obamessiah updates:
obama gives diplomatic immunity to interpol by executive order*
obama admin has picked the worst possible case for its first torture trial*
video: obama calls wall st ceo's "fat cat bankers"*
how we killed health care & how we can bring it back to life*
video: senate passes historic health care legislation*
lisa pease: can obama face the 'unspeakable'?*
another breach: 'accidental salahis' enjoy white house breakfast*
obama & the new world order*
obama calls local talk show: 'barry from dc'*
bush officials emailed bogus rumor blaming gore for failure to kill osama*
rand paul leading republican candidate in kentucky*
video: 'yes we can' by winston smith*

police state int'l:
change: obama grants interpol immunity as foreign 'assets' assigned to US homeland; another brick in the wall of tyranny*
obama grants interpol immunity as foreign 'assets' assigned to US homelandUS prison population larger than that of 12 states*
cfr president admits wars of agenda to serve ' order'*
un chief: we will impose global governance*
video: colbert says corporations ready to take over patriot act*
intelligence improperly collected on US citizens*
accidents increase at chicago red light cams intersections*
states get more time to comply with real id*
privacy is quickly becoming a thing of the past*
update: texas agrees to destroy controversial infant blood samples*
video: dc cop on desk duty after pulling gun at snowball fight*

contractors outnumber US soldiers in afghanistan*
norad posts rare video of its command center*
US forces had 'boots on the ground' in pakistan*
american sponsorship of global terrorism*
hillary: we'll still be in afghanistan in 50 or 60yrs*
los alamos researchers accidentially demolish building with a cannon*
war costs americans more than all state govts combined*

Sunday, December 20, 2009

obama signs $636.3b defense-spending bill

obama signs $636.3b defense-spending billfrom bloomberg: President Obama signed into law legislation that provides $636.3 billion for the U.S. military in fiscal 2010, including $128.3 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the White House announced today. About $65 billion of the war funding is for operations in Afghanistan. The administration says it will need about $30 billion more to finance the addition of 30,000 more troops there that begins this month. That request is likely to come with the fiscal 2011 budget to be submitted in February. The defense bill was the last of 12 annual spending bills to be sent to the president. It includes a stopgap provision to ensure that unemployment benefits aren't cut off over the holidays.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

econocrash: debt, bank collapses & janitors

US national debt tops debt limit
US national debt tops debt limitfrom cbsnews: The latest calculation of the National Debt as posted by the Treasury Department has - at least numerically - exceeded the statutory Debt Limit approved by Congress last February as part of the Recovery Act stimulus bill. The ceiling was set at $12.104 trillion dollars. The latest posting by Treasury shows the National Debt at nearly $12.135 trillion.

ron paul introduces 'free competition in currency act' &
the growing clout of ron paul - finally*

7 US banks seized, raising year's failure toll to 140
from bloomberg: Seven U.S. banks were seized by regulators, bringing this year’s total of failed lenders to 140 as financial companies are tested by the recession and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. anticipates more shutdowns. Banks with $14.4 billion in total assets were closed yesterday in six U.S. states, the FDIC said in statements on its Web site. The agency is overseeing the dissolution of banks at the fastest pace in 17 years.

time magazine names bernanke 'person of the year'*

uk study: hospital janitors more valuable to society than bankers
from allgov: What a person earns isn’t as important as what they bring to society, according to the New Economics Foundation (NEF). The self-described “think-and-do tank” examined a range of high- and low-paying jobs in British society and concluded that bankers and advertising executives shouldn’t receive the same esteem as janitors or parents. “We found that some of the most highly paid benefit us least, and some of the lowest-paid benefit us most,” wrote the NEF in its report 946kb PDF]. “Although this will not always hold, it does point to a massive flaw in the system and highlights the need for reform.”

irs tells citigroup to keep $38b in tax breaks*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

new world next week - dec17

It's drug money in the brave new world with a cyber/space\war to boot on this episode of The New World Next Week from James Corbett of & James Evan Pilato of There is a lot of evidence that drugs, and more specifically drug money, make the world go 'round - and fresh research helps us further exposes the banksters, gangsters & prescription pushers. Our second segment focuses on the biometric control grid & how all around the world the same agenda is unfolding: the elites have cataloged our genes & set up a database to tell whether you're an Alpha or an Epsilon. Period. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the ghost of a previous puppets' phantom emails may finally see the harsh light of day.
Story#1: DrugWar Updates: Money, Child Care Fronts & More
Drug Money 'Saved Banks from Collapse'
Drug Dealers Use Child Care as Front
Marijuana, Prescription Drug Use Up Among Teens

Story#2: Government Taking Newborn DNA Samples
UK Police Arresting Innocents Just to Grab Genetic Details for Big Brother Database

Story#3: 22 Million Missing Bush White House Emails Found
CREW & Obama Admin Settle Lawsuit Over Missing Emails
The New World Next Week is leaving a lump of coal in your stocking for Christmas, but we'll return for New Year's Eve as we take a few moments to reflect on the massive shift we've all experienced over the last decade. Much has been accomplished, but the information war will continue into 2010 & we ask for your continued support of the New World Next Week. For the latest alternative news & open source intelligence, visit Media Monarchy & Corbett Report.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

drugwar updates: money, child care fronts & more

drug money 'saved banks from collapse'
drug money 'saved banks from collapse'from daily mail: Drugs money saved some banks from collapse at the height of the global crisis the United Nations' drugs and crime chief claimed today. Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, told the Observer that there were signs that some banks were rescued by billions of dollars that 'originated from the drugs trade and other illegal activities.'

Speaking from his office in Vienna, Costa explained that in the second half of 2008, lending was the banking system's main problem. 'The system was basically paralysed because of the unwillingness of banks to lend money to one another,' he told the newspaper. He said he had seen evidence that the proceeds of organised crime were the 'only liquid investment capital' available to some banks on the verge of collapse last year.

Costa said that as a result, a majority of the $352bn (£216bn) of drugs profits was absorbed into the economics system, effectively laundering it. The UNs' drugs and crime chief said that he was first made aware of evidence that illegal money was being absorbed into the financial system around 18 months ago, although he would not name countries or banks that may have received drugs money.

drug dealers use child care as front
drug dealers use child care as frontfrom jsonline: More than a dozen Wisconsin child-care centers that reaped millions of dollars in state subsidies have had close ties to drug-dealing operations, including big-time crime bosses, a Journal Sentinel investigation has found [18.1mb PDF]. The newspaper identified 16 child-care centers with recent connections to drug operations, and the number is likely much higher. Those 16 alone have collected more than $8.5 million in public subsidies since 2006.

Records show many of those centers have been used to stash and transport drugs, launder dirty cash and provide fake employment for criminals - at taxpayers' expense. In an ongoing investigation that has spanned more than a year, the Journal Sentinel has revealed rampant fraud within Wisconsin Shares, the state's $350 million child-care subsidy program. The investigation has spurred sweeping reforms by lawmakers and regulators, led to more than 130 child-care centers losing public funding and resulted in criminal charges against several providers.

marijuana, prescription drug use up among teens
marijuana, prescription drug use up among teensfrom csmonitor: A national study widely considered to be an important indicator of youth drug abuse showed progress with some drugs but widespread problems with marijuana and prescription or over-the-counter drugs. The study, compiled by the University of Michigan for the federal National Institute on Drug Abuse, found that 7 of the 10 drugs most abused by high school seniors are prescription or over-the-counter drugs acquired primarily from teens’ friends or relatives.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

22 million missing bush white house emails found

22 million missing bush white house emails foundfrom allgov: Six years after the problem was first discovered, computer experts have located 22 million emails that became lost during the Bush administration. The discovery followed lawsuits filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and the National Security Archive, which demanded the government locate the emails. The electronic messages won’t be available for years, however, due to the time it takes the National Archives to sort through and process the volume of information.

The Obama administration is continuing to search for additional days of missing emails from the Bush years.

Former Bush White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said the 22 million emails were recovered while Bush was still in office, and refuted conspiracy theories claiming the administration had tried to hide communications from the Valerie Plame scandal.

The National Security Archive is a research institute based at George Washington University, while CREW is a non-profit, non-partisan government watchdog.

Monday, December 14, 2009

nbc continues to highlight dyncorp gen. barry mccaffrey

nbc continues to highlight dyncorp gen. barry mccaffreyfrom allgov: Since NBC doesn’t bother to point out the conflicts of interest held by oft-used military analyst Barry McCaffrey, Huffington Post and others have. McCaffrey has appeared on the network’s cable subsidiary, MSNBC, no less than 10 times in the past month to talk about the importance of staying in Afghanistan and training local security forces.

With each appearance, McCaffrey was identified only as a retired general—and not someone who sits on the board of DynCorp International, a security company currently getting paid by the U.S. government to develop Afghanistan’s police force, build barracks and do the laundry of U.S. troops. According to Forbes, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan account for 53% of DynCorp’s $3.1 billion in annual revenue.

MSNBC also hasn’t bothered to point out his relationship with Army General David Petraeus, the head of U.S. Central Command, for whom McCaffrey recently completed a report about the war. McCaffrey has been seen praising Petraeus on TV, while criticizing President Barack Obama’s proposed troop-withdrawal deadline.

flashbacks: dyncorp/halliburton sex slave scandal won't go away & state dept can’t account for $1b paid to dyncorp

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12/12 newspurge: running out of time on a decade

9/11 updates:
carlyle, kissinger, saic & halliburton: a 9/11 convergence*
where's bin laden? gates says no intel in 'years'*
adviser: obama plans to launch osama hunt anew*
years of deceit: US openly accepts osama long dead*
obama lied: taliban did not refuse to hand over osama*
'conspiracy theory with jesse ventura' delivers 1.6m viewers, tru tv's biggest debut*
ventura's conspiracy theory: 9/11 episode exposes 'found' black boxes*
ventura's show probes 9/11 mysteries*
2 groups of 'hijackers' arrested on 9/13*
flashback: '96 movie features planned suicide attack with commercial jet*
former 9/11 hero convicted for asbestos fraud*
dr david ray griffin: official lies about 9/11 exposed*
related: madrid's 3/11 bombings - was it really an attack by 'islamic terrorists'?*

dhs stages drill testing 'harmless' gas in boston subway*
french army to be used in swine flu vaccine centre*
hhs would become federal giant under senate plan*
dupont sued for covering up 25yrs of polluting ohio river*
bpa found in 90% of newborns*
number of prescriptions written in uk for antidepressants nearly equals entire population*
bhopal: 25 years of poison*
video: fox anchor suggests abortions would help control low-income population*
'eternal sunshine': scientists find way to block fearful memories*
who ‘swine flu pope' under the microscope*
govts turn to cloud seeding to fight drought*
russia reigns over its weather*
elementary school shut by plastics factory pollution seeks damages*
obama to release US strategy for handling biological weapon threats*
sen. landrieu won't say where constitution lets congress force US to buy health insurance*
strong reaction follows editorial calling for global one-child dictatorship*

support for legalizing marijuana gaining ground rapidly*
la mayor, villaraigosa urges limit on medical marijuana dispensaries*
video: mother says pot saved her son's life*
volunteers for drug trials hard to find*
customs finds surprising cargo in chinese shipment*
cia efforts to control world distribution of 'illicit' drugs*

recent world events indicate impending market chaos*
high-stakes duel between paul & bernanke intensifies*
bernanke: reforms could weaken fed*
6 more US banks fail*
give churches a choice: give up tax exempt status or give up lobbying*
irs has filed $79k lien against gov. schwarzenegger, records show*
gm's fritz henderson steps down as ceo*
mark pittman, reporter who foresaw subprime crisis, dies at 52*
food stamp stigma fading fast*
arming goldman with pistols against public: alice schroeder*
940 ex-govt officials now lobby for finance industry*
US already $292b in the red this year*
geithner extends $700b bank-bailout program*
american indian land sold off by irs to pay off taxes*
brussels gives cia the power to search uk bank records*
the economy is wonderful - if you’re the saudi royal family*
'wall st reform & consumer protection act' passes house*
dems plan nearly $2t debt limit hike*

uganda considers death for gay sex in bill before parliament*
railway blast in russia's dagestan: officials*
10 deaths reported as russia express train derails*
suspected nazi camp guard goes on trial in germany*
guinea's president wounded in assassination attempt*
1000s rally against berlusconi in rome*
video: watch the romanian president slap a 10yr-old boy*
president of serbia fined for drinking champagne*
state dept says cuba has detained US citizen*

jfk's doctor, malcolm perry, dies - said shot came from the front*
jfk assassination & false flag attacks: how 'patsies' are framed*
6 top doctors demand inquest into murder of dr. david kelly*
25yrs after chemical disaster anguish lingers in bhopal*

vinyl albums & turntables are gaining sales*
fewer americans going to movies & museums*
cia infilitration of pacifica radio: ian masters & vincent cannistraro*
alex constantine: 'nearly done for a year'*
video: megadeth's dave mustaine talks nwo & endgame*

obama admin workshop on openness closed to the public*
obama using blackwater/xe for assassinations in pakistan*
obama to host first state dinner in huge tent*
flashback: obama says 'bringing troops home is the first thing i will do'*
obama quietly backs patriot act provisions*
obama expects support for afghanisurge*
couple slips though security to crash state dinner*
video: does palin believe jews flocking to israel before rapture?*
obama to travel to copenhagen climate summit*
publicity-hungry socialites reportedly crashed state dinner*
video: secret service investigating state dinner party crashers*
politicians share personality traits with serial killers: study*
log cabin repug floats 'cheney 2012' campaign*
obama book ghostwritten by bill ayers?*
politics or sedition? rush limbaugh calls for military coup*
obama jokes about terminator-style war with robots*
reality tv crew filmed state dinner crashers at the white house*
obama refuses to sign landmine treaty*
ralph nader may run for US senate in connecticut*
obama nation: ‘free thinkers’*
following bush-era argument, obama attorneys push to weaken search protections*
obama: manchurian candidate v2.0*
dems in revolt over obama’s troop surge*
struggles at home leave obama hamstrung at copenhagen*
video: gop lawmaker says obama most threatened president ever*
more openness & transparency:
obama regime prevents millions of pages of military & intel docs from being declassified
white house security under review before state dinner was crashed*
tea party co-founder laments hijacking of movement*
aclu: obama's reversal on patriot act reform 'a major travesty'*
michael moore: 'mr. obama, you do not know war'*
40% of dems say they 'probably won’t vote' next year*
obama establishes new presidential bioethics council, could push cloning*
chelsea clinton to wed goldman bankster next summer*
kucinich: the war is a threat to our national security*
the audacity of ethnic cleansing: obama's plan for afghanistan*
obama, live on jobs*
the shame & folly of obama's escalation of war in afghanistan*
video: alan grayson tells dick cheney to 'stfu!'*
video: toby 'boot in your ass' keith performed at obama 'peace' concert*
corruption behind the 2009 nobel peace prize*
can nobel obama at least stop the torture?*
ron paul: warmonger obama should've returned nobel award*
norwegians rally for ron paul, oppose obama's nobel*
video: taibbi previews new article on obama & the sellout to wall street*
obama's big sellout*
poll: 44%, nearly half of americans want bush back*
court vindicates grayson’s argument: acorn funding ban unconstitutional*

police state int'l:
US govt taking newborn dna samples*
uk police arresting innocents just to grab genetic details for big brother database*
private school students learn about martial law*
looking for reason not to use tasers? here's 400 of them*
another extremist conspiracy theory? the elite's own statements*
some US holiday terror?*
sears tower bomb plot leader narseal batiste jailed*
prison factories: slave labor for the new world order?*
court kills 'round-the-clock' surveillance case*
uk police blow up sports car*
uk jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files*
video: amy goodman felt 'violated' by canadian border officials*
russian interior minister tells citizens to fight back against police brutality*
invasive biometric passports issued*
fbi viewed intel provided by hal turner as 'irreplaceable'*
dhs to miss 2012 deadline to scan containers for radiation*
even guns made of legos can look real*
even pravda sys: wake up, america!*
irs auctions off 7,100 acres of sioux land in south dakota*
22 stories underground: iron mountain's experimental room 48*
brazil police 'kill 11,000 in 6yrs'*
video: eu pres admits one-world govt is here*
rand blueprint for militarized 'stability police force'*
greg everson warns US forces plan direct-action against US citizens*
video: youth corp police cadets exposed in florida*
is obama really preparing for civil war?*
video: cop who tased girlfriend's face might not do time*
prisoner at center of 'kopbusters' campaign may soon be freed*
criminal background checks proposed for uk homeschoolers*

US military suicides reach new high*
prison in illinois likely to house guantanamo detainees*
1 in 3 female soldiers are raped or sexually assaulted by fellow servicemen*
sen levin perpetuates lies about afghanistan invasion*
france, germany refuse to commit more troops for afghanistan*
afghanistan 3.0: like it or not, it’s nation-building*
'shadow pentagon' chief questions new afghan strategy*
uk launches its own shaky ‘surge’ into afghanistan*
how do conspiracy nuts see obama’s plan for afghanistan?*
ron paul: obama preparing for perpetual war*
video: michael moore afghanisurge 'insane'*
video: mccain says karzai may be ‘assassinated' if US withdraws*
US public wants out of afghanistan; nytimes & washpost want in*
US liberals express anger over obama's decision to raise troop levels*
skeptical dems resign themselves to obama war plan*
video: obama afghanistan speech is channelling bush*
the other afghanistan surge: contractors*
clinton, gates say no exit strategy for afghanistan*
clinton, gates: no exit strategy for afghanistan*
af-pak war racket: the obama illusion comes crashing down*
is US prepared to care for more casualties from troop buildup?*
leaving behind in iraq equipment needed in afghanistan*
US air force confirms 'beast of kandahar' drone*
israel edges closer to iran strike *
israel police 'arrest mossad spy on training exercise'*
why US mideast policy is (still) screwed up:
haaretz says US officials face pro-israel background check
chomsky says israel is a 'US military base'*
blackwater's erik prince to step down, reveals cia role*
is erik prince 'graymailing' the US government?*
at least 127 dead in baghdad bombings*
video: US military operating inside pakistan*
yeswecanistan: obama was always going to be a war president*
"america's army" recruitment video game cost taxpayers $33m*
blackwater guards tied to secret cia raids*
obama will not rush afghan troop drawdown*
kbr accused in cancer death of indiana natl guardsman*
double agent gadahn apologizes for al-qaeda murders*
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