Monday, December 28, 2009

change: more christmas-time terror & suspicious characters

northwest bomb plot 'oddities'*
wealthy, quiet, unassuming: the christmas day bomb suspect*
flight 253 passenger: sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect umar farouk abdul mutallab onto plane without passport*
hero tackled alleged northwest plane bomber as flames came from him on flight to detroit*
govt allowed plane bomber to attempt attack*
the lap bomber mystery*
webster tarpley: detroit jet terrorist attack was staged*

can we rescue the republic before the dark politics take over?*
can we rescue the republic before the dark politics take over?the new, terrifying, no-electronics US flight security rules*
christmas terror attempt may open door for military action in US cities*
video: obama discusses air security review*
obama vows to use power to thwart terrorists*
bus passengers could carry electronic tags*
terror & tyranny: the tnt approach for 2010*

incident on another amsterdam-to-detroit flight*
corporate media claims underwear bomber connected to al-qaeda*
leaked: homeland security's post underwear bomb airplane rules*
man videotaped underwear bomber on flight 253*
gibbs: don't disagree with obama on response to underwear bomber*
underwear bomber renews calls for 'naked scanners'*
video: ron paul to ben stein "you're an embarrassment"*

12/31 updates:
obama: US intel had info ahead of airliner attack*
clueless liberals & neocons slug it out over fake al-qaeda*
another false flag terror attack as justification for war & trampling on our freedoms*
ron paul says agenda behind bombing incident is more war, more attacks on liberty*
video: corporate media steps up al-qaeda in yemen propaganda*
100s of al-qaeda militants planning attacks from yemen*
al-qaeda: US plane bomb plot revenge for yemen operations*
western counter-terrorism help 'not enough for yemen'*
national guard deployed for new york airport security*
calls for full-body screening devices grow after terror attempt*
evidence clearly indicates staged attack on detroit flight*
officials admit 2nd man detained as more witnesses emerge*
fbi silent on plane bomber's accomplice*
video: ron paul on yemen, underwear bomber & loss of liberty*
US intel lapses helped abdul mutallab*
chris heges: one day we'll all be terrorists*
many airport security improvements would require more intrusion, oversight*
failed attack on jet renews concerns over lack of tsa chief*
prince of peace prize gears up for flight 253 retaliatory strike*
US plots retaliatory strikes against al-qaida in yemen*
number of full-body scanners at US airports to triple in 2010*
federal court restricts taser use by police*
nypd closes down times square in response to suspicious van*
source: 'false' report led to capitol lockdown*
teddy bear at oregon office prompts bomb scare*

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