Friday, August 12, 2011

media monarchy mixtape011: lawnboy/walkman, vol. 1

media monarchy mixtape011: lawnboy/walkman, vol. 1"i see you lookin' at me sayin' how can he be so skinny and live so phat" on media monarchy's mixtape011: lawnboy/walkman, vol. 1 - featuring some of the greatest hits of my lawn-mowing youth w/ whole chunks of music from school of fish, beastie boys, public enemy, sloan, jellyfish & the charlatans... because it can't be news & politics all the time!


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Loving your and Corbetts work. Discovered The Corbett Report a few months ago and caught you on NWNW before seeking out Media Monarchy. I like the cut of your musical jib, you play some great tracks, some of which I know but I'll always discover someone/thing new, interesting and relevant.

I put this list together to send you about 2 weeks before the UK riots. It consists of UK Hip Hop artists and the content/lyrics now have even greater relevance!

The artist (white+black) and songs listed should convey the feelings/atmosphere/social mood of these areas of UK society as well highlight the issues, experiences and reactions that have ultimately lead the this outburst.

A rapper from Nottingham England - His Nottingham (Midlands) accent really flows well compared to other UK artists. Lyrically deep, and multiple flowing techniques.
Scorzayzee - Great Britain (Live at Maida Vale Studios)
BBC censored version, interesting to compare to the original below

Original "Great Britain" -

Scorzayzee - Invisible (Live at Maida Vale Studios)
He flows like water on this track

Scorzayzee new track "America" follow up to Great Britain

Scorzayzee - Crepps

Scorzayzee - Busy Road

Another deep rapper, focusing on social and political issues. Part of Terra Firma a UK rap collective, well worth a look. Klash has a frustrated and angry but calm/reasoned demure, he seems seriously pissed off about the state of play . He's got got a back catalogue of fantastic tunes but I've tried to include tracks that are 'on topic' so to speak.

Klashnekoff - Raw

Freedom Fighters - (Ram, Kyza, Jehst & Klashnekoff)

At times I think Jehst is more of a poet than a rapper, amazing artist. Laid back mellow style, regularly spitting over cool unorthodox instrumentals. He's just dropped a great new album - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family

Jehst - ENGLAND [Produced By Beat Butcha] **NEVER BEEN MORE RELAVENT!!***

Jehst, Scriblah & Wordsmith - Apocalypse When

Jehst & Task Force feat. Braintax - Cosmic Gypsies

Jehst - 1979

Jehst - City Of Industry

Jehst - Alcoholic Author

Jehst & Nmonic - BODYCLOCK

Commonly referred to as the English Immortal Technique, Lowkey is ultra political, not simply planting seeds or posing questions.

Lowkey - Politics (Remix) (ft. Yungun)

Chester P Vs Dr. Dre - DJ Backroll

Chester P Spoonerised Minds

Chester P - That Shiiit

Task Force - No One Knows

skinnyman fuck the hook


I've concentrated on a specific genre here but another great artist:

Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason
& check - There Is So Much More

Loving the mixtape, nice one.


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