Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/11 newspurge: that's where you're wrong

9/11 updates:
an explosive new charge:
fmr terror czar clarke accuses tenet, cia officials of cover-up*

white house terror chief alleges cia 9/11 malfeasance, cover up in new interview*
analysing the cia response to richard clarke's allegations: who knew what when?*
post-traumatic stress disorder from 9/11 still haunts*
quran-burning pastor terry jones to rally in nyc on 9/11*
new york beefs up security ahead of 9/11 anniversary*
from jfk to 9/11, conspiracy theories thrive*
associated press releases style guide for 9/11 & timeline of events*
explosive evidence: 1500 architects & engineers for*
kathryn bigelow 'bin laden' film getting dc scrutiny*
obama blasted over hollywood's bin laden film*
video: obama giving sensitive info to 'osama' filmmakers*

japan government prepares plan to flee tokyo: "creating a back-up capital city in case of major natural disaster"*
japan government prepares plan to flee tokyocity resorts to secret dumping to deal with piles of radioactive dirt*
'mr. cesium' gag tv show suspended*
okc rain at 1.62 microsieverts per hour - 'dangerous radiation background'*
federal security concerns since 9/11 have turned US nuclear power plants into armed fortresses*
mysterious orange goo washes up on alaska shore*
doctors find uterus in indian man*

drugwar updates:
study: americans' use of antidepressants on the rise*

pharma saves money by testing new products on poor foreigners*
pharma now pushing for 20 new vaccines in next decade*
was cia behind 'operation fast & furious'?*
cia, US military operating inside mexico's “drug war”*
mexican military helicopter lands in laredo by mistake*
agents accused of making suspects eat pot*

jackie fingers lbj & tx tycoons in jfk assassination*

louisana's tunica tribe revives its lost language*
ted bundy dna added to database, perhaps to solve cold cases*

video: "number one problem in hollywood was, is and always will be paedophilia," alleges former child star corey feldman*

'number one problem in hollywood was, is and always will be paedophilia,' alleges former child star corey feldman12 classic movie moments made possible by abuse & murder*
infographic: the abridged history of movie things 'rising'*
consumers now spending more renting movies than buying them*
is netflix hiding weakness?*
lucille ball would be 100yrs-old*
big boi 'arrested for drug possession' leaving cruise ship in miami*
gavin degraw hospitalized after mob attack in nyc*
update: rapper 'the game' could face charges tied to flash mob*
warrant frontman's body found in los angeles comfort inn*
video: warrant singer jani lane (born john kennedy oswald) dead at 47*

obamessiah updates:
establishment shills jay-z, tom hanks party for obama's 50th*
the icebergs cometh: retaking the USA titanic before the 2012 elections*
rick perry is the neocon warmonger choice for president*
obama to begin vacation next week*

oregon oddities:
underwater volcano has erupted off oregon coast*

underwater volcano has erupted off oregon coastafter a night of tension, confusion & a toxic cloud,
precision castparts in oregon says it will make changes to prevent a repeat
umatilla set to destroy overfilled mustard agent containers*
did deer poop kill one and sicken 15 with e. coli o157:h7 in oregon strawberries?*
mark hatfield, 89, dies; lion of oregon politics*
portland cop tasered disabled man on trimet*
'the gun': i turn my 9mm over to the multnomah cnty sheriff's office*
db cooper mystery deepens after dna test*
portugal. the man loses gear in chicago heist post-palooza*
john gourley talks about what band lost in theft*
video: ‪at portland bars, pinball reigns supreme‬‏*

police state updates:
navy seals involved in military drills over boston;
possible use of holographic technology?

video: mexican military helicopters flying over laredo, tx*
new security cameras to keep eye on san fran buses*
obama readies citizen spies for action?*
new 'less-lethal' weapons spread to police*
video: scores of police brutality cases prompt federal investigations*
collecting dna from arrestees is unconstitutional, california court says*
immigration officials to continue fingerprint sharing program*
tsa managers at los angeles airport get sensitivity training after transgender complaint*
airline pilots allowed to dodge security screening*
corporate media hints at military plans to take on US during domestic civil unrest*
5 reasons why US riots will be the worst in the world*
dispute over judges words in sentencing - 3yrs, or 2?*

west virginia worry:
'get our act together':
manchin begins statewide 'rebuild america' tour

manchin wanted on super-committee; not establishment enough?*
fracking contamination report kept hidden for 24yrs*
trooper's driving in construction zone leads to lawsuit*
US olympian mike barrett dies; won gold medal at '68 games*
cnn special to feature blair mountain*
video: the new battle for blair mountain*

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