Sunday, June 26, 2011

peace revolution: episode034 - how the world really works

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peace revolution: episode034 - how the world really worksEpisode034 notes/references\links

1. Donation link for “A Day with John Taylor Gatto” interview project
     a. Link to the event and information on Tragedy and Hope dot com
2. Invitation to the Tragedy and Hope online community
3. Peace Revolution primary (2009-2011)
4. Peace Revolution backup (2006-2011)
5. Tragedy and Hope dot com (all of our media, free to the public)
6. “A Peaceful Solution” by Willie Nelson w/thanks to the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute
7. (It uses Google’s search algorithm, but doesn’t collect your private info and search history)
     a. StartPage search engine Firefox add-on
8. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Lizst
9. How the world really works (Jordan Maxwell)
10. Moments of Clarity by Lee Camp
     b. “That’s the real history of America?” by Lee Camp on YouTube (intro to episode)
     c. “Evil people have plans” by Lee Camp on YouTube (closing of episode)
11. Definition of Anarchy (absence of government)
12. Definition of Autonomy (absence of others controlling your mind)
13. Definition of Amptssprache
14. Amptssprache Fallacy: the belief that someone else can be responsible for your actions, or that your actions are exempted from the natural law of cause and effect.
15. Definition of Meme (a mind virus, which you have to outlearn, as you cannot delete it)
16. Larken Rose /
17. Gnostic Media /
     a. Gnostic Media interview with Larkin Rose (complete)
18. Free Your Mind Conference /
     a. Larken Rose @ the FYMConference on YouTube
19. Stanford Prison Experiment
     a. Indoctrination
     b. Operant Conditioning
     c. Operant Conditioning Chamber
20. Prussian Education System
21. Natural Law: to treat yourself and others with honesty

Peace Revolution partner podcasts:
Corbett Report dot com
Media Monarchy dot com
Gnostic Media Podcast
School Sucks Project Podcast
Meria dot net

Other productions of ours:
Sky TV Channel Listings for Hijacking Humanity by Paul Verge (2006)
Top Documentary Films dot com: Hijacking Humanity by Paul Verge (2006)
Top Documentary Films dot com: Exposing the Noble Lie (2010)
Top Documentary Films dot com: The Pharmacratic Inquisition by Jan Irvin (2007)

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