Thursday, June 17, 2010

6/17 newspurge: all the old boys said

9/11 updates:
sec: govt destroyed documents regarding pre-9/11 put options*
sec: govt destroyed documents regarding pre-9/11 put optionsflashback: sec finds no sign 9/11 conspirators bet on attacks*
did 9/11 provide cover for massive securities fraud by the fed?*
video: cameron says wtc 'blown up'*
increasing threats to the 9/11 truth movement*
US man hunting bin laden held in pakistan*
gary brooks faulkner, osama-hunter, only the latest terror-fightin' wannabe*
video: brother says hunter had 'good chance' of getting osama*

colorado pot advocates plan legalization push for 2012*
colorado pot advocates plan legalization push for 2012john stossel: time to stop fighting the drug war*

fed dodges bullet as house drops audit idea*
new claims for jobless benefits rise sharply*
european debt crisis: moody's cuts greece government ratings to junk*
bp's biggest shareholder is jpmorgan*
israel's leader capital markets ceo commits suicide*
antidepressant use rises in uk as recession feeds wave of worry*
video: 'power of the purse: volume 1' documentary from*

kyrgyzstan declares state of emergency*
around 300,000 people displaced inside kyrgyzstan*
video: kyrgyzstan carnage - 700 feared dead as looting, riots surge*
north korea denies sinking south ship in letter to un*
italian flotilla journalist's credit card used after idf confiscated it*
poles arrest alleged mossad agent in dubai killing*
unesco gives award named for one of world's worst dictators*
bilderberg: sinister with a smile*
bilderberg 2010: what we have learned*

movie-futures plan is approved*
movie-futures plan is approvedunlike other studios, paramount will allow redbox to rent its dvd's the day they're released*
the world cup as maximum weapon of social control*
66% of voters are angry at the media*

amy bishop, former professor/inventor, charged in brother's death 24 years ago*
video: accused alabama college shooter charged in '86 death*
flashback: homegrown errorism, the amy bishop story & more*
body in ottawa river likely scientist's: friend*
video: inmate set to die by firing squad asks high court to stay execution*
update: utah firing squad executes convicted killer*
4 found dead at massachusettes home in 'horrific' scene*
twilight language: real killer clowns*
video: heads on a plane! from little rock to fort worth*
william bennett updates: 2 indicted in fatal loudoun attack*

language guru says obama speech too 'professorial' for you*
arizona anti-obama billboard pops up: 'who will pay the piper?'obama to push nightmare carbon tax in oval office speech*
'national prevention, health promotion & public health council':
obama issues executive order mandating 'lifestyle behavior modification'*
worse on whistleblowers: obama admin hardens stance against leaks to press*
nsa insider: 'the place is almost completely corrupted'*
arizona anti-obama billboard pops up: 'who will pay the piper?'*
video: 'systemic' failures in south carolina voting systems*

oregon oddities:
more false id's: fmr koin-tv news director jeff alan brent reaches plea deal, faces prison time*
dive teams involved in search for missing oregon boy*

petraeus faints during grilling over US in afghanistan*
petraeus faints during grilling over US in afghanistanmcchrystal faces massive failure in afghanistan in next few months*
211 bodies misplaced & misidentified at arlington cemetery*
kitty cams, briefcase drones at special ops conference*
video: 80 dolphins work classified missions for US navy*

wv worry:
video: kitten born with 2 faces in wv*

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