Wednesday, June 09, 2010

6/9 newspurge: for what it's worth

9/11 updates:
world trade center i-beam unveiled at bagram*
world trade center i-beam unveiled at bagrammosque plan near 9/11 site is 'indecent,' says ex-muslim*
seismic signals reveal explosives were used at the wtc on 9/11*
video: crosstalk on 9/11 - whodunit?*
airline sorry for osama boarding pass*
british airways under fire for fake bin laden boarding pass*
debkafile reports osama hiding in iran*
dr bowman talks '9/11 truth to power'*
new ground zero deal gives plaintiffs $712.5m*
queen elizardbeast to visit ground zero next month*

the prepper movement:
growing network preparing for world's end

the prepper movement: growing network preparing for world's endgeithner rushes to sabotage german derivatives ban; schäuble preps new moves against speculators*
wall street operative geithner rebuffed in berlin on mission to make world safe for derivatives*
US stocks, oil, euro tumble; dow ends worst may since 1940*
US economic collapse top 20 countdown*
europe’s coming summer of discontent*
warning signs of full spectrum collapse are everywhere*
iran to dump 45b euros for gold bullion & dollars*
homeless & panhandlers referred to as 'scum of the earth', hearing told*
US mint out of not only silver but gold american eagles as well*
national debt tops $13t for first time*
goldman sachs subpoenaed by financial crisis panel for withholding key info*
'f— my victims. I carried them for 20 years': new york magazine profiles bernie madoff's life inside*
US will be like greece in '7 to 10 Years,' say congressmen, experts*
rep for foreign bankers physically restrains reporter from questioning treasury official*
chairman of goldman sachs intl was - until last year - also chairman of bp*
barbra streisand: corporations won't self-regulate*
soros says ‘we have just entered act 2' of crisis*
fraction of those in need file for bankruptcy because they can't afford it*

secretive bilderberg brings decision-makers to spain*
fmr nato sec-gen admits bilderberg sets global policy*
bilderberg wants US disarmed & dependent on government*
the truth behind the bilderberg group*
US extradition demand leads to more than 70 dead in jamaica*
video: sinking of the cheonan: a classic false flag operation?*
s korean military holds anti-terror drill for g20 summit*
sub attack was near US-s korea drill*
chinese hiding three million babies a year*
israel asks US for more precision bombs*
media thought police crucify helen thomas*
fans offer support to white house reporter fired over 'offensive' comments*
helen thomas: no apologies necessary*

denver airport's latest sculpture: god of the dead*
26ft-tall anubis statue installed at denver international airport*
tories ready to reopen dr david kelly suicide inquiry*
first convictions in 1984 bhopal gas leak disaster*

thom yorke: music industry on verge of collapse*
gary coleman, child star of tv's 'diff'rent strokes,' dies at 42*
dennis hopper, creator of hit 'easy rider,' dies at 74*
most americans can't name a single supreme court justice*
'rise of the new right' msnbc doc cites alex jones, rand paul as 'extremists'*
video: outside the box reviews lady gaga's bad romance*

date set for teen's trial in william bennett murder*
twilight language: bird killings*
man kills three judges, commits suicide in china court*
porn actor sought in samurai sword murder rampage*
stephen hill, porn actor wanted for sword slaying, dies after jumping off cliff, say cops*
attacks on national forest & park staff hit all-time high*
nude west virginia woman thrown off balcony in myrtle beach; teen arrested*
joran van der sloot got $25,000 from fbi before trip to peru, says private investigator*
foxconn confirms another employee death*
video: foxconn deaths highlight china suicide rates*

barack obama's day off*
barack obama's day offobama becomes the first US president to hold press conference without any american flags present*
left-wing icon daniel ellsberg: 'obama deceives the public'*
'army of temp workers' bused to grand isle for obama appearance leave soon afterward*
bill clinton has evolved into obama's mr. fix it*
paul mccartney: lay off 'great guy' obama*
sir paul & sir barry*
obama: no political cojones in dealing with bp & israel*
obama not above political manipulation after all*
fight ahead for obama's intelligence chief choice*
with friends like us: how the obama administration helped topple the japanese prime minister*
aclu chief 'disgusted' with obama*
al & tipper gore, married 40 years, to separate*
senate candidate says white house discussed 3 jobs as bribe not to run*
pelosi shouted down at progressive conference*
rahm emanuel's rent-free dc apartment was owned by bp adviser*
jim greer, ex-florida gop chairman, indicted on charges of grand theft, money laundering*
did the bush admin experiment on detainees?*

oregon oddities:
true past of oregon man emerging from federal probe*
oregon olcc id theft suspect actually a bulgarian immigrant*
evergreen air and a secret chemtrail facility*

afghan war now longest in US history*
kucinich: 'we may be funding our own killers in afghanistan'*
US accounts for 44% of world's military spending*
US 'secret war' expands globally as special operations forces take larger role*
military expands intelligence role*
un report accuses US of using cia as pseudo-military*
obama secretly deploys US special forces to 75 countries across world*
al-qaeda #3 yazid reported killed by US drone*
US kills al-qaeda's number 3 for umpteenth time*
shot by sniper in iraq, billed for $3k by military in US*
iran haze contains depleted uranium*
blackwater looking for new owner*
military unable to keep tabs on pill-popping troops, senate says*
taliban reportedly adding hiv-infected needles to explosive devices*

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