Monday, November 09, 2009

cnbc: a new global currency & a new world order

the dollar will be 'utterly destroyed'
from blacklisted news: The dollar will "utterly get destroyed" and become "virtually worthless", said Damon Vickers, chief investment officer of Nine Points Capital Partners. Due to the huge wage disparities between the United States and emerging markets like China, Vickers said that may resolve itself in some type of a global currency crisis.

"If the global currency crisis unfolds, then inevitably you get an alignment of a global world government. A new global currency and a new world order, so we may be moving towards that," he said.

11/10 updates:
soros calls for world currency & 'new world architecture'*
video: US govt will be totally bankrupt in a year & a half*
true US unemployment rate stands at 17.5%*
i'm doing "god's work": meet mr goldman sachs*
4 banks fail: georgia, michigan, minnesota & missouri*
gold rises as dollar hovers near 15-month lows*
report: 237 millionaires in congress*
don't blame capitalism for wall street's corruption & lawlessness*
video: ron paul says health care bill could kill the dollar*

adobe lays off 680, one in 10 workers*

11/12 updates:
profits up at wal-mart & kohl's*
barrick confirms that we have peak gold*
gold won’t drop below $1k/oz again*
fake gold bars filled with tungsten put into ft knox?*

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Rev. Reggie Jackson said...

Yes we are headed to a new world economic order new currency. And then they will change it to the Mark of the Beast Chip that is spoken of in Revelation 13th and 14th chapters. And then they will enslave mankind with this Chip because it will turn its host into their brainless zombie slaves. But God says in chapter 14:9 of Revelation's that if you take the Mark of the Beast Chip; that you will be tormented forever and ever before Him and His Holy Angels! And those of us who won't take that Chip will be martyred. But don't worry! God will pour out His mighty plagues upon the whole world who rejected Him and chose lucifer and his antichrist beast kingdom instead. And then they will be judged and thrown into the great lake of fire and brimstone with their father lucifer. While we that serve Jesus will live like kings and queens on the renovated Earth and in the glories of heaven!!!

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