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media monarchy episode134

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too hot, this town is too hot, now they're calling for their guns on episode134 from media monarchy w/ william fox of ghost troop on national level exercise '09 & vibrant response: military terror drills in effect - fires, informants, fema's relocation plans, provocateurs, preparedness, political suicide, strange change & the yes men + newspurge updates on 9/11, swine flu, cyber/space, police state, smoldering oldies from the specials & ann miller and tons more...


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

interview w/ william fox on nle '09 & vibrant response

interview w/ william fox on nle '09 & vibrant responsewith everything we're looking at: pandemics, mass vaccinations, economic collapse, cyberwars, birthers & the threat of homegrown errorism - the amount of massive military drills currently running are made all the more disturbing. for this special interview episode from media monarchy, we talk to former marine corp major william b fox from ghost troop about these current military exercises: national level exercise '09 & vibrant response. in this wide-ranging 90min interview, we use the terror drills as a backdrop for the bigger picture: the US has been hijacked by foreign interests & globalist elites who are pulling the rug out from under US. put simply, a drill is a practice run and the private military & shadow govt are practicing to take over our cities. only by spreading this information can we hope to determine our own destiny on a grassroots level.

update: thanks to neverknwo/no link news for the videos

7/30 newspurge: 9/11, biowars, cyber/space, drugwar & econocrash

9/11 updates:
families, 1st responders & survivors take nyc to court over petition*
nyc can takes nyc to court over petition*
video: distinguished canadians calling for a new 9/11 investigation*
international calls for a 9/11 investigation*
gop disses 9/11 responders*
9/11 commission leaders urge more action on security issues*
mullen says osama still in pakistan*
video: cheney wanted show of force on 9/11 anniversary*

biowars/swine flu:
exeter city uk plans to use catacombs for swine flu victims*
exeter city uk plans to use catacombs for swine flu victimscashing in on the pandemic*
martial law & the militarization of public health:
the worldwide h1n1 flu vaccination program

swine flu could kill hundreds of thousands in US if vaccine fails, cdc says*
video: david icke says 'don't take the swine flu vaccine'*

100s volunteer for st louis university's swine flu vaccine study*
rfk jr. on vaccinations: deadly immunity*
video: adrian gibbs on bloomberg may13*
oklahoma kids to get shot at swine flu vaccine*
flu pandemic: mass graves & martial law*
elderly should be low priority for antivirals says scientist*
flu shots on tap for health care workers*
bbc may broadcast educational programmes if swine flu shuts schools*
biowarfare research: lifting the lid on america's '28 days later'*
startling new evidence that the 'swine flu' pandemic is man made*
government swine flu advisor on vaccine maker payroll*
military planning for possible h1n1 outbreak*
military to work with fema during swine flu pandemic*
military to deploy on US soil to 'assist' with pandemic outbreak*
swine flu shot may rely on emergency use of additives*
university of alabama implements mandatory vaccination program*
interview with epidemiologist tom jefferson:
'a whole industry is waiting for a pandemic'

washington post confirms swine flu vaccine will contain mercury*
video: corporate media gets you ready for your forced experimental vaccination*

got cyber skills? uncle skam wants you*
disney takes web surfers to the lab to see which ads workmischief in cyberspace*
private cybersecurity commission to continue*
US govt lacks tech talent for cyber defense: study*
cyber czar jobs remain open*
obama would endanger privacy with nsa cyber security plan*
disney takes web surfers to the lab to see which ads work*
leaked phonecall: ceo of eestor 'recruited' by cia/darpa/lockmart to make 'chip that went into deep space'*
obama administration going soft on cybersecurity*
data detailing nyse network exposed on unsecured server*
air force on the hunt for 'subversive' behavior online*
scientists worry machines may outsmart man*
iphone jailbreaking could crash cellphone towers, apple claims*
cyber czar finalists, appointment coming*
report: 1st lady safehouse route, govt mafia trial info & more leaked on p2p networks*
details on presidential motorcades, safe house for 1st family, leak via p2p*
vulnerabilities allow attacker to impersonate any web site*
US falling behind on catching up with cyber security*
military may ban twitter, facebook as security 'headaches'*
saic awarded dept of homeland security natl communications system contract*
committee approves bill to strip some requirements from real id*

obama’s drug czar: marijuana 'has no medical benefit'*
is big pharma trying to take all the fun out of pot?*
tune in, turn on & cheer up: swiss psychiatrist fights fear with lsd*
florida's hydroponic pot: house-grown & super-potent*

in a shift, fed puts bernanke in public spotlight*
in a shift, fed puts bernanke in public spotlightbernanke stutters, stammers & shakes his way through questions on 'audit the fed' bill*
even bernanke admits this could be worse than the great depression*
rasmussen poll: 75% favor auditing the fed*
uk economic collapse rivals great depression*
even the wall street journal says 'break up the fed'*
federal reserve is 'a ponzi scheme, an inside job'*
US senator slams washington post defense of fed secrecy*
ron paul drums up congressional support to audit the fed*
real unemployment rate hits a 68yr high*
96% of credit derivative risk held by 5 banks*
banks still not lending*
the stealth of starbucks*
police: woman ran strip club in basement*
9 places to party like it's 1929*
subpoenas issued to goldman sachs, jpmorgan, US senator says*

7/30 newspurge: enviro, geo, history, memes, mayhem & police state

global warming is the new religion of 1st world urban elites*
india widens climate rift with west*
should we geoengineer the climate?*
former belgian mayor crusades against chemtrails*
video: history channel doc validates chemtrails & weatherwars*

iran wows to hit israel's atomic sites if attacked*
ehud barak warns iran of possible israeli strike on nuclear facilities*
video: israel indicates a military strike on iran is possible*

oliver stone: jfk & the unspeakable*
russian navy declassifies cold war close encounters*
govt not even trying to prove ivins guilty for anthrax murders*
fresno-area lawyer not shy about taking on the cia*
the 1st cia assassination: cbs reporter george polk*
illuminati 'vampires', but who's the real sucker?*
can you help support a new 5-part video series on the jfk assassination?*
the corporate roots of auschwitz*
family security matters praises nazi spy reinhard gehlen*
apollo 11 anniversary: "there could have been no man on the moon, russian or american, without nazi know-how"*
how stanley kubrick faked the apollo moon landings: or how i learned to stop worrying & love the lies*
vietnam vets again press veterans admin on agent orange*

matchbox & the 'young warriors': a creepy ad campaign*
matchbox & the 'young warriors': a creepy ad campaignaphrodite jones's "michael jackson conspiracy" is a whitewash*
will john travolta renounce scientology?*
dan rather slams the corporate media*

8 killed when van driving wrong way sets off 3-car crash in ny*
iranian plane crashes on runway, 17 dead*
texas mother says devil made her stab & decapitate her baby*
faa probes pilot who strayed into jfk path*
cia code expert found dead on palm springs trail*

police state int'l:
report: bush mulled sending troops into buffalo*
dhs coordinates nle to prevent terrorist attacks with federal, state, local tribal, private sector & international partners*
cuba, US hold joint army drills*
north carolina terrorist ring broken up, seven arrested*
nyc to have cctv in subway by the end of the year*
obama stimulus buys $8m in airport spy cameras*
uk's national id card unveiled*
uk snitches get £500 to spy on neighbours*
US military spy was in wash. antiwar groups, ran their email list*
video: pentagon caught subverting protest group*
video: napolitano reports to cfr on stasi snoop network*

microwave weapon will rain pain from the sky*
pentagon pain ray’s new target: killer geese*
casualties of war, part1: the hell of war comes home*
cia's phoenix program flies again:
rand says bring back afghan assassinations

'by his own rules: ambitions, successes & ultimate failures of donald rumsfeld ' by bradley graham*
US command considering private security on afghan front lines*
US military to stop releasing militant death tolls in afghanistan*
the washington post's aversion to the word 'torture'*
US military to set up in colombia*

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

racist provocateur & radio host, hal turner, worked for the fbi

as the stakes get higher, we must expose that much of this 'homegrown errorism' that's being hyped is fed by the feds. classic cointelpro, something the 'left' only fights against when their puppet isn't in power...
racist provocateur & radio host, hal turner, worked for the fbifrom kurt nimmo: In a lame attempt to save his hide and stay out of prison for allegedly threatening to kill federal judges, the racist talk show host Hal Turner has admitted in court that he is an FBI informant, the Chicago Breaking News Center reports today.

Alex Jones and others have argued for some time that the white supremacist from North Bergen, New Jersey, is an FBI informant.

Assistant U.S. Atty. William Hogan tried to dismiss Turner’s admission. “Hogan said Turner may have had some contact with the FBI as an informant but that it was quite some time ago,” reports Jeff Coen. Recent evidence, however, reveals that Turner has continued his relationship with the feds.

Documentation emerged in 2008 exposing Turner as an FBI operative. “Hal Turner, rising in fame as the most blatant hate talk radio host, self-proclaimed neo-nazi, antisemite, racist who hinted at the need to eradicate Jews — turns out to have been fronting a typical FBI COINTELPRO sting operation,” writes Richard Evans. Hackers managed to gain access to his forum server and revealed correspondence with an FBI agent who was apparently Turner’s handler.

As documented by Brian Glick and others, under COINTELPRO, the FBI subsidized, armed, directed and protected the Klu Klux Klan and other racist groups, including the “Secret Army Organization” of California.

The FBI is notorious for unleashing informants and provocateurs. In 2008, it was discovered that informants working for the FBI were at the center of a supposed terror plot aimed at the Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey. One of the of the informants received nearly $240,000 in taxpayer money for his role in the operation.

In 2007, the FBI was caught manipulating seven impoverished residents of Liberty City, Florida, attempting to get them to blow up the Sears tower in Chicago. As it turns out, the supposed terror plot and the principal source of resources for the group came in the form of an FBI informant posing as an “Al Qaeda representative.” The two informants — Abbas al-Saidi and Elie Assad — earned over $130,000 for their services to the FBI.

Earlier this year, the FBI lured a gang of pathetic would-be terrorists in New York with “piles of cash and gifts and even bags of weed,” according to the New York Post. The men were later charged with plotting to blow up synagogues and military jets.

Other incidents of FBI agents provocateurs attempting to get people to engage in violent and illegal acts are legendary. The McDavid case, for instance, received attention in 2006. “In January 2006, Eric McDavid, Lauren Weiner, and Zachary Jenson were arrested in California and charged with knowingly conspiring to use fire or explosives to damage property,” writes Jennifer Van Bergen for Raw Story. It was later revealed that a paid FBI confidential informant named “Anna” had not only infiltrated peace and justice rallies and anarchist meetings, but had acted as a provocateur in the McDavid case. “McDavid’s attorney, Mark Reichel, states that Anna was always pushing McDavid to do something criminal, taught the three how to make the bombs, supervised their activities, and repeatedly threatened to leave them if they didn’t start doing ’something,’” Van Bergen writes.

Considering this blatant history of FBI provocation, it is entirely possible that Hal Turner was encouraged by the agency to issue threats against federal judges. Turner was arrested on June 3, 2009, for issuing threats against two politicians in Connecticut and a state ethics official. He was re-arrested on June 24 and charged with issuing threats against judges of the United States Court of Appeals in Chicago.

flashbacks: internet radio host hal turner faces connecticut charges & fbi operative hal turner arrested

It is no mistake the federal authorities arrested Turner at approximately the same time the Department of Homeland Security was coming under fire for its now infamous “rightwing extremism” report that specifically warns about violence on the part of white supremacists who are conveniently connected by the government to returning veterans, defenders of the Second Amendment, pro-life activists, and patriot groups.

It is common knowledge the FBI collaborated with Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center in a joint effort to create violent white supremacist groups where none existed before. A declassified FBI memo reveals that the SPLC had informants at Elohim City on the eve of the Oklahoma City bombing. “If I told you what we were doing there, I would have to kill you,” Dees said during a press conference.

Hal Turner, by his own courtroom admission, is a classic government patsy burned by the people he attempted to collaborate with. He will likely have a lot of time to think about the stupidity of his actions in federal prison.

flashback: neo-nazi rally was organized by fbi informant

new jersey political consultant facing bribe charge is found dead

flashback: top nj god/govt leaders arrested in black market scandal
new jersey political consultant facing bribe charge is found deadfrom nytimes: A veteran New Jersey political consultant who was among dozens arrested in a huge corruption sweep last week was found dead in his Jersey City apartment on Tuesday, the same day that one of three mayors charged in the case resigned. The circumstances surrounding the death of the consultant, Jack M. Shaw, aresuspicious,” said Edward J. DeFazio, the Hudson County prosecutor. He said it did not appear to be a homicide. “It could be natural, it could be accidental, it could be suicide,” he said, refusing to elaborate. An autopsy is set for Wednesday. His death, reported by a companion to the authorities at 5:17 p.m., came hours after Dennis Elwell, the mayor of Secaucus, stepped down, becoming the first elected official to quit after being charged in the sprawling political corruption case.

related: kidney brokers flourish when compensation is illegal
from wsj: Even by New Jersey standards, Thursday’s roundup of three mayors, five rabbis and 36 others on charges of money laundering and public corruption was big. But what put this FBI dragnet head and shoulders above the rest are the charges of trafficking in human body parts. According to a federal criminal complaint filed in district court in New Jersey, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn conspired to broker the sale of a human kidney for a transplant. The cost was $160,000 to the recipient of the transplant, of which the donor got $10,000. According to the complaint, Mr. Rosenbaum said he had brokered such sales many times over the past 10 years. “That it could happen in this country is so shocking,” said Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of the Red Cross. No, it isn’t. When I needed a kidney several years ago and had no donor in sight, I would have considered doing business with someone like Mr. Rosenbaum. The current law — the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 — gave me little choice. I would be a felon if I compensated a donor who was willing to spare me years of life-draining dialysis and premature death.

(note: the author of the preceding article is dr sally satel, a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute & the editor of “when altruism isn’t enough: the case for compensating kidney donors”. satel got a kidney from a friend in '06.)

on the heels of nle '09, 'vibrant response' to train troops jul31-aug14

flashback: 'vibrant response': US nuke scenario & northcom
on the heels of nle '09, 'vibrant response' to train troops jul31-aug14from army news service: Consequence-management response forces, or CCMRF, are staging a training exercise beginning July 31 to prepare for potential domestic disasters capable of injuring or killing several thousand civilians.

The "Vibrant Response" exercise will be conducted by the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High-Yield Explosive, or CBRNE Joint Response Force, through Aug. 14.

"It's going to be extremely complex and require a tremendous amount of coordination with other agencies and locals at various levels," said Maj. Gen. John Basilica, commander of Operational Command Post 1, U.S. Army North. "It is all designed to test and challenge the headquarters and command in control elements to make sure they can work together to respond quickly, because speed is the most important piece of this."

The service members will be given a situation in which they will be testing communication capabilities and reactions. Participants will be role-playing as certain pubic figures, like mayor and governor, in one scenario.

CBRNE is made of three divisions, 9.1, 10.1 and 10.2; 10.1 and 10.2 are being trained to be combat-ready by Oct. 1. Basilica heads up the 10.2 task force, which consists of reserve-component units.

The exercise will involve about 400 to 500 people at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. The two divisions will each train one week, in succession with one another. Each CCMRF unit contains three task forces - medical, operations and aviation, in addition to smaller elements with specific technical expertise. The Operation Task Force 2/18 MEB from South Carolina, Medical Task Force 3/30 MEB from Illinois, and Aviation Task Force 11 from Kentucky will all participate in the exercise.

"We don't get that many opportunities to provide these specific headquarters together and train in a command-post type exercise," Basilica said.

The CBRNE was transferred to U.S. Northern Command's Joint Task Force Civil Support in October 2002. JTF-CS provides support from active, Guard and Reserve members, and civilians, who are all commanded by a National Guard general officer.

CBRNE is designed to work with federal agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Center for Disease Control, to aid, restore and prevent casualties in instances of major disaster.

The CCRMF is only used after all local, state and federal resources have been exhausted, Basilica and Collins said.

"We hope to God that there are no terrorist attacks or no major industrial accident in the U.S. where the city, state or federal government might ask for additional capabilities. We hope that does not happen, but if it does, I think it's a great story for the nation that you have these multiple CCMRF forces that would be trained and ready to step in and assist the states if they ask for extra help," Collins said.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

obamessiah & the apostles of war: strange change & nope hope

apologies, but we have to deal w/ some soap opera issues ... these topics are important & worth discussing, but not nearly as important as why goldman, gates, monsanto & the council on foreign relations seem to be running this fake change ... more on those later

obama rushes to quell racial uproar he helped fire
from ap: President Barack Obama concedes his words — that a white police officer "acted stupidly" when he arrested a black university scholar in his own home — were ill-chosen. But, while he invited both men to visit him at the White House, Obama stopped short of publicly apologizing for his remark. The president personally telephoned the two men, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge, Mass., police Sgt. James Crowley, in an effort to end the rancorous back-and-forth over what had transpired and what Obama had said about it. Trying to lighten the situation, he even commiserated with Crowley about reporters on his lawn.

video: police release 911 call leading to gates arrest

now, as i've repeatedly mentioned on the show: the birther meme is akin to paying attention to the building collapses on 9/11 - it's the spectacle that draws attention, but it's not the key to unlock what goes on behind our latest puppet. if only 9/11 questions got this much attention...

obama press sec exasperated over 'birther' issue
from infowars: The New York Times claims the Obama birth certificate issue is “a rumor that has been widely discredited,” and yet the state of Hawaii, where Obama was allegedly born, refuses to release the primary birth certificate document, instead offering this image, declared to be a Photoshop fake.

It is an obvious fake for the following reasons: 1) the document does not have a raised, embossed seal 2) it is not signed (take a look at your birth certificate and see if it has the signature of a physician or hospital officials) 3) there are no creases from folding in the scanned version above 4) the certificate number is redacted 5) the document claims to be a “certification of birth,” not a “certificate of birth,” and 6) the date supposedly bleeding through the back of the document says 2007, not 2008, when it was allegedly released.

The Annenberg Political Factsheet claims to have examined the original document and says it is legitimate (see Born in the U.S.A., The truth about Obama’s birth certificate). “Recently FactCheck representatives got a chance to spend some time with the birth certificate, and we can attest to the fact that it is real and three-dimensional and resides at the Obama headquarters in Chicago. We can assure readers that the certificate does bear a raised seal, and that it’s stamped on the back by Hawaii state registrar Alvin T. Onaka.”

Annenberg is a less than credible source considering Obama was chairman of the Annenberg Challenge in Chicago. One of his cohorts in that position was none other than the terrorist Bill Ayers.

Instead of releasing the original document, the Obama administration trots out White House press secretary Robert Gibbs to make sarcastic comments about those crazy birthers. Gibbs’ comments reveal the Obama administration and his supporters are sincerely worried about the issue.

updates: video: colbert interviews birther lawyer orly taitz & rep louie gohmert quietly signs onto birther bill (or: left-wing website with direct ties to white house smears infowars, again

video: matthews says truthers & birthers are insane

also, we need to remember that this was started by a left-dem from pennsylvania named phil berg. so, just as the phony right said 9/11 questions came from the fringe left; the phony left now says that obama questions come from the extreme right: either way, the false left/right paradigm wins again...

obama admin begins opposition to states claiming sovereignty & gun rights

video: obama's new war
from brasschecktv: Why it is possible for part-time researchers to scoop the New York Times over and over again? Because the Times is not a news source. It's a disinformation bureau and they have other things in their minds. Their current project: Erasing public memory of the fact that the US trained and armed the Taliban, the same people who are slaughtering our troops in Afghanistan right now.

video: obama's soylent green health care

updates from jul30:
obama faces carter/clinton parallels*
california man found guilty of making threats against obama*
widespread domestic surveillance continues under obama*
hillary moved to halt disclosure of cia torture evidence, court told*
holt calls for next church committee on cia*
officers run background check on obama; placed on leave*

power shifts in plan for capital calamity:
obama's continuity of the shadow government

power shifts in plan for capital calamity: obama's continuity of the shadow governmentfrom nytimes: A shift in authority has given military officials at the White House a bigger operational role in creating a backup government if the nation’s capital were “decapitated” by a terrorist attack or other calamity, according to current and former officials involved in the decision.

The move, which was made in the closing weeks of the administration of President George W. Bush, came after months of heated internal debate about the balance of power and the role of the military in a time of crisis, participants said. Officials said the Obama administration had left the plan essentially intact.

Under the revamped structure, the White House Military Office, which reports to the office of the White House chief of staff, has assumed a more central role in setting up a temporary “shadow government” in a crisis.

And the office, a 2,300-person outfit best known for flying Air Force One, has taken on added responsibilities as the lead agent in shepherding government leaders to a secure site at Mount Weather in rural Virginia, keeping classified lists of successors and maintaining computer systems, among other operational duties. Many of these types of tasks were previously handled by civilians at other agencies, led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Monday, July 27, 2009

massive US terror simulation involving foreign agencies begins today

nle '09: fema, foreign troops & private military contractors unite
massive US terror simulation involving foreign agencies begins todayfrom steve watson: A huge simulation coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has begun today with no mainstream media coverage at all. The security exercise known as National Level Exercise 09 (NLE 09) will last for five days and will involve foreign security officials working in conjunction with the US military, as well as Federal, State, Local Tribal and Private Sector representatives...

In our previous story on NLE 09, we noted that this exercise is a continuation of previous simulations under FEMA and the DHS that have involved the rounding-up and internment of American citizens labeled as “suspected terrorists”. Under REX 84 and other operations, FEMA, in association with 34 other federal civil departments and agencies, has consistently trained to detain large numbers of Americans. We also noted that several recently leaked Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and local law enforcement documents have stated that the focus of security operations should be “rightwing extremists” who support the Second Amendment and states’ rights and oppose abortion and open borders.

nle '09 target analysis: chicago, nyc, houston, portland & dc
from capt eric h may: Dr. James Fetzer joins a group of officers and non-coms from Ghost Troop, the controversial cyber militia dedicated to thwarting 9/11-2B false flag attacks. Together they conduct a powerful analysis of the pending terror drill, NLE 09.

fema/nle '09: military equipment unloaded in north carolina

north carolina terror arrests timed to coincide with nle '09
north carolina terror arrests timed to coincide with nle '09from kurt nimmo: On Monday, the feds swooped down on an alleged terror group plotting murder and mayhem in North Carolina. A federal indictment against the gang claims Raleigh drywall contractor Daniel Patrick Boyd and associates sought to wage “violent jihad” abroad and engaged in “military-style training at home,” according to the Associated Press. Specific details are not provided by the government. It is said Boyd — a poster child for “white al-Qaeda” if there ever was one — trained at a terrorist camp in Afghanistan in the late 1980s and fought against the Soviet occupation of that country. Boyd was associated with Hezb-e-Islami, or Party of Islam...

Another individual named in the indictment is Hysen Sherifi. “In July 2008, Sherifi left for Kosovo to engage in violent jihad, but it’s unclear if he did any actual fighting. He returned to North Carolina in April 2009 to solicit funds and warriors to support the mujahedeen, but again the indictment did not give details,” the AP reports...

In short, Hysen Sherifi and Daniel Patrick Boyd are intelligence operatives or more likely patsies. As Webster Griffin Tarpley has documented, patsies, dupes, useful idiots and fanatics are integral to any false flag terror operation.

The North Carolina arrests are of particular interest now that FEMA is conducting NLE 09. “The NLE 09 scenario will begin in the aftermath of a notional terrorist event outside of the United States, and exercise play will center on preventing subsequent efforts by the terrorists to enter the United States and carry out additional attacks. This scenario enables participating senior officials to focus on issues related to preventing terrorist events domestically and protecting U.S. critical infrastructure,” a FEMA press release explains.

The NLE 09 is considered “an important component of national preparedness, helping to build an integrated federal, state, tribal, local and private sector capability to prevent terrorist attacks, and rapidly and effectively respond to, and recover from, any terrorist attack or major disaster that occurs.”

The feds claim they have prevented a terrorist attack in North Carolina. This is a well orchestrated propaganda effort timed to coincide with NLE 09. It is particularly important to note this in the wake of the manufactured deluge of propaganda and federal and state reports portraying “rightwing” domestic terrorists as a threat to the homeland.

A particular egregious instance of this propaganda was released in June when the Washington Times — the cornerstone of Operation Mockingbird — reported counterterrorism officials “authenticated” a video by a supposed al-Qaeda recruiter who claimed he had the ability to smuggle a biological weapon into the United States via tunnels under the Mexico border. In the video, Abdullah al-Nafisi suggested that al-Qaeda might want to collaborate with “members of native U.S. white supremacist militias who hate the federal government.”

It is no mistake Daniel Patrick Boyd is white.

update: wife of terrorism suspect says fbi tricked her
wife of terrorism suspect says fbi tricked herfrom cnn: A woman whose husband and two sons are accused of plotting violent jihad overseas said federal authorities tricked her into leaving her home so they could search it. Sabrina Boyd said Tuesday that the FBI sent a person the family knew to her door to say that her husband and three sons had been in a serious car accident. Her husband, Daniel Boyd, and two of the couple's sons are charged with supporting terrorism and conspiracy to commit murder abroad. The FBI declined to comment on the woman's allegation. A person wearing a shirt that appeared to be covered in blood told her that an 18-wheeler truck had sideswiped her husband and three sons, Sabrina Boyd said. The person, whom she did not identify, told her "it was grave and they were bleeding, and I needed to be rushed immediately to Duke Hospital," she said. In 2007, Boyd's 16-year-old son, Luqman, was killed in a car crash. "I had already been through this two years prior," she said. She said authorities took her, her daughter and pregnant daughter-in-law to the hospital, where she learned that her husband and sons had not been in a car accident and were not injured. "When we got to the hospital, they brought us around back, separated us, handcuffed us, including my eight-month pregnant daughter[-in-law], and were very rude and then told us, 'They're not dying; they're detained. And you better cooperate with us.'" She added, "They used the death of my son to trick me into getting out of my own house so they could just serve a warrant with nobody there."

updates for jul30:
obama participates in terror preparedness test*
idf vets train US jews to protect their communities*
bomb on majorca kills 2 police officers*
car bomb in northern spain heavily damages police barracks*
mock drill: security men thwart 26/11 replay*
miami beach stages mock terror attack drill*
'war on terror' reaches US citizens*
illinois army natl guard puts military war machines on the streets*
chemical fire prompts evacuation in bryan, texas at eldorado chemical plant*
texas town of 72,000 evacuated due to chemical fire*
but then: fire basically out, evacuations scaled back*

fema report on palmer,tx 'population removal' section missing
from ellis county observer: The Federal Emergency Management Agency's reports of how to mitigate potential civil uprisings and disasters have sections dealing with the mass relocation and confinement of citizen populations: except in Palmer, a city 20 miles south of Dallas. The City of Palmer and the Palmer Police Dept., according to a former reporter for conservative weekly The Ellis County Press who requested the FEMA documents for three months, have the federal plans but the section instituting population relocations came up missing. "I have already talked to [Palmer PD Chief Mike Zaidle] about FEMA in Palmer the section of the emergency management plan regarding moving people into camps is totally gone from the 3 inch binder," said Brandy Owen, the former reporter who penned a series of articles on the Trans Texas Corridor last year. "There is a chapter or [section in] it but the section is gone from the plan.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

ceo barry diller says free internet content is a myth

ceo barry diller says free internet content is a mythfrom bloomberg: Barry Diller, chairman and chief executive officer of IAC/InterActiveCorp, said Web users will have to pay for what they watch and use, joining the refrain of media moguls who say an era of free Internet content is ending. The media and technology executive, whose company runs the search engine and the dating service, said it’s “mythology” to view the Internet as a system of free communications. “It is not free, and is not going to be,” Diller said today at the Fortune Brainstorm conference in Pasadena, California. In addition to IAC, he is chairman of Expedia Inc., the online travel service, and Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. Diller, 67, joined a group of media chiefs, from Liberty Media Corp.’s John Malone to Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger, who are challenging the accepted model that consumers pay for Internet access and then content is free. Diller predicted there will be three revenue streams: advertising, subscriptions and transactions. Disney, the world’s biggest media company, is developing a subscription-based product for the Internet, Iger said on July 22 at the conference. The Burbank, California-based company has opportunities to increase sales from the Web, Iger said. Online advertising can be improved, and marketers can target consumers by tracking their activities and interests. Subscription products are particularly promising to the company.

flashback: internet 'absolutely' will be 'paid system' within 5yrs

Saturday, July 25, 2009

'the yes men' make corporations say 'oh no!'

from ap: Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum, aka 'The Yes Men,' play pranks on big business to highlight the human toll of unchecked capitalism. A film about their recent stunts debuts Monday on HBO.
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