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ghouliani haunted by his dirty past

giuliani poll highs could fall
ghouliani haunted by his dirty pastfrom rawstory: Former New York City Mayor Rudolf Giuliani is leading the Republican pack in some Election '08 polls. But the same polls seem to suggest that Giuliani is starting to lose some of his momentum.

The drop may continue as allegations rise that his longtime associate Bernard Kerik, onetime nominee to head Homeland Security, has ties to organized crime, as Newsweek's Jonathan Alter comments...

NBC's Tim Russert also suspects that people have begun to look deeper into the former mayor's own past. "There are some bumps ahead for all of the candidates, including Rudy Giuliani," Russert says.

One particular issue that Giuliani is trying to clarify is the role of his wife in his campaign and how she might participate in a Giuliani administration. In an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters, Giuliani freely admits that his current wife, Judith, may participate in policy decisions and cabinet meetings "if she wanted to."

9/11 presents challenges for giuliani
from guardian: Rudy Giuliani's White House aspirations are inescapably tied to Sept. 11, 2001 - for better and for worse.

While the former mayor of the nation's largest city was widely lionized for his post-9/11 leadership - "Churchillian" was one adjective, "America's mayor" was Oprah Winfrey's assessment - city firefighters and their families are renewing their attacks on him for his performance before and after the terrorist attack.

"If Rudolph Giuliani was running on anything but 9/11, I would not speak out," said Sally Regenhard, whose firefighter son was among the 343 FDNY members killed in the terrorist attack. "If he ran on cleaning up Times Square, getting rid of squeegee men, lowering crime - that's indisputable."

"But when he runs on 9/11, I want the American people to know he was part of the problem."

media monarchy episode020

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rosie o'donnell 9/11 rant reaches 30 million viewers

rosie o'donnell 9/11 rant reaches 30 million viewersfrom prison planet: Rosie O'Donnell is certainly not backing away from her public stance about 9/11, and this morning on The View went on a 9 minute rant about the many questions surrounding the attack, reaching around 30 million viewers in the process.

This is the largest single exposure 9/11 truth has enjoyed to date and it represents a watershed moment in the quest to bring the truth to the masses.

Click here rosie o'donnell 9/11 rant reaches 30 million viewers for the audio of Rosie's rant.

(UPDATE: here is the video...)

O'Donnell and her co-panelists debate the situation concerning Iran's seizure of the British marines before O'Donnell states, "Historically, have governments ever faked incidents or incited incidents in order to get them into wars?"

The discussion then moves on to the level of trust one can place in the Bush administration before O'Donnell asks, "What do you have to do to get an impeachment in this country?"

The debate moves on to the "propaganda of the war on terror," with O'Donnell stating, "In America we are fed propaganda and if you want to know what's happening in the world go outside of the U.S. media because it's owned by four corporations, one of them is this one (ABC)."

"Go outside of the country to find out what's going on in our own country because it's frightening."

"I think Democracy is threatened in a way it hasn't been in 200 years and if America doesn't stand up we're in big trouble," says O'Donnell.

Neo-Con panelist Elizabeth Hasselbeck tries to make an argument that thinking Iraq was involved in 9/11 was justifiable at the time, before asking O'Donnell if she believed the U.S. government had anything to do with 9/11.

"No, but I do believe it's the first time in history that fire has melted steel - I do believe that it defies physics for the World Trade Center Building 7, which collapsed in on itself, it is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved - World Trade Center 7."

"One and two got hit by planes, 7 miraculously the first time in history, steel was melted by fire - it is physically impossible," states O'Donnell.

"I don't know but to say we don't know and it was imploded in a demolition is beyond ignorant, look at the films get a physics expert here from Yale, from Harvard, pick the school, it defies reason."

In a video blog posted on her website yesterday, O'Donnell promised to feature physics professors on The View to discuss the highly suspicious collapse of the WTC towers.

"The thing about World Trade Center 7 is that it was totally left out of the 9/11 Commission - that's weird," said O'Donnell.

"It's only the third time in history that fire has brought down a steel building, the other two times it happened was on the same day, World Trade Center One and World Trade Center Two - they both crumbled into dust and it was steel - very odd."

"I wanna have some physics professors on the show to explain if that is actually possible, that World Trade Center 7 could have imploded the way it did without being a controlled demolition - and if it was a controlled demolition why didn't they just tell people that in the 9/11 Commission Report?"

Come back soon to watch the video clip from this morning's The View.

outside the box #94

here is the latest episode of "outside the box," hosted by alex ansary.
it was originally broadcast by portland community media on march 22, 2007.

from alex ansary: Alex speaks with Trevor Colman, a former police supervisor in the UK, and the growing power and influence of the European Union. Later, there is a 10 minute clip featuring Alex's latest bullhorning adventure during the recent protest in Portland, Oregon on March 18th, 2007.

house resolution 33: honoring freemasons

H. Res. 33: Recognizing the thousands of Freemasons...from 110th US congress: Recognizing the thousands of Freemasons in every State in the Nation and honoring them for their many contributions to the Nation throughout its history.

Whereas Freemasons, whose long lineage extends back to before the Nation's founding, have set an example of high moral standards and charity for all people;

Whereas the Founding Fathers of this great Nation and signers of the Constitution, most of whom were Freemasons, provided a well-rounded basis for developing themselves and others into valuable citizens of the United States;

Whereas members of the Masonic Fraternity, both individually and as an organization, continue to make invaluable charitable contributions of service to the United States;

Whereas the Masonic Fraternity continues to provide for the charitable relief and education of the citizens of the United States;

Whereas the Masonic Fraternity is deserving of formal recognition of their long history of care-giving for the citizenry and their example of high moral standards; and

Whereas Freemasons have always revered and celebrated St. John's Day, June 24th, as dedicated to their patron saints: Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the House of Representatives recognizes the thousands of Freemasons in every State in the Nation and honors them for their many contributions to the Nation throughout its history.

thanks to 'the secret mysteries of america's beginnings, volume II: riddles in stone'

bill maher discusses bush's 9/11 non-reaction

from blacklisted news/prison planet: Bill Maher is asked if there is one question he would put to Bush, what would it be? Maher says he would confront Bush on why he completely failed to immediately react after he was told America was under attack on 9/11.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

'nuclear 9/11' is possible

'nuclear 9/11' is possiblefrom ap: Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson said the United States needs to do more to prevent a "nuclear 9-11," a threat that he argues has been neglected because the Bush administration has been consumed with Iraq.

The New Mexico governor said the United States must lead an effort to secure nuclear materials in Russia and dangerous areas of the world so they can't get into terrorists' hands. "If al-Qaida obtained nuclear weapons, they would not hesitate to use them with the same ruthlessness that allowed them to fly airplanes filled with people into buildings," he said in a speech to the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

"It took a Manhattan project to create the bomb," Richardson said. "We need a new Manhattan project to stop the bomb - a comprehensive program to secure all nuclear weapons and all weapons-usable material, worldwide."

click here for audio file of the event 'nuclear 9/11' is possible

smoke pouring from chicago high-rise

smoke pouring from chicago high-risefrom houston chronicle: Thick smoke poured from the roof of a 45-story office building Wednesday, forcing workers into the downtown streets as firefighters rushed inside. There was no immediate word on injuries.

At least one person taken away in an ambulance, but Kevin Smith of the city's Office of Emergency Management and Communications did not know whether there had been any injuries.

Smith said officials did not order an evacuation.

Rhonda Johnson said she was on the 44th floor when co-workers noticed smoke outside the building. She said she took an elevator to the ground floor, where she saw firefighters.

"We don't know what it is," she said. "There was no noise."

The building is located just west of the Chicago River.

uh oh, i hope it doesn't collapse from fire...

pentagon resumes mandatory anthrax vaccination program

pentagon resumes mandatory anthrax vaccination programfrom raw story: The Pentagon resumed its controversial mandatory anthrax vaccinations program for selected troops last week despite the fact that its own doctors are quietly conducting research into adverse effects of the vaccine, a Raw Story investigation has found.

While the Defense Department maintains that the anthrax vaccine is safe and poses no long-term risks to recipients, a little-known program at Walter Reed – the National Vaccine Healthcare Center – seems to contradict the military’s assertions.

Documents obtained by RAW STORY, including a participant’s agreement, case history and government documents, show that military medical personnel have known since at least 1998 that there are genetic triggers between illnesses and some required immunizations, including the anthrax vaccine. They also reveal the military knew and did not implement routine pre-screening which could help reduce vaccine-related illnesses.

A flyer posted by the Vaccine Healthcare Center shows that Walter Reed is soliciting servicemembers who have suffered as a result of the vaccine. The flyer asserts that “adverse effects may include redness or swelling where the shot was given (larger than the bottom of a soda can) and/or more than 24 hours of headaches, muscle/joint pains, and/or fatigue (tiredness) that interfered with your daily activities.”

Only one visit and only one blood draw is required,” the flyer says. “You will also receive annual e-mail or telephone follow-up surveys for eight years.”

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

judge dismisses lawsuit against rumsfeld

judge dismisses lawsuit against rumsfeldfrom ap/yahoo: Former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld cannot be tried on allegations of torture in overseas military prisons, a federal judge said Tuesday in a case he described as "lamentable."

U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan threw out a lawsuit brought on behalf of nine former prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said Rumsfeld cannot be held personally responsible for actions taken in connection with his government job.

The lawsuit contends the prisoners were beaten, suspended upside down from the ceiling by chains, urinated on, shocked, sexually humiliated, burned, locked inside boxes and subjected to mock executions...

"This is a lamentable case," Hogan began his 58-page opinion Tuesday.

No matter how appealing it might seem to use the courts to correct allegations of severe abuses of power, Hogan wrote, government officials are immune from such lawsuits. Additionally, foreigners held overseas are not normally afforded U.S. constitutional rights.

"Despite the horrifying torture allegations," Hogan said, he could find no case law supporting the lawsuit, which he previously had described as unprecedented.

news on the march

mark cuban exposes o'reilly hypocrisy
mark cuban exposes o'reilly hypocrisyfrom propaganda matrix: Billionaire Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks who is set to finance a cinema release of Loose Change narrated by Charlie Sheen, exposed Bill O'Reilly's rampant hypocrisy concerning his coverage of the 9/11 truth movement on the Fox News host's radio show yesterday. Offering the entire 18 minute segment will probably result in Bill calling on Fox security to pay us a visit so here's a 9 minute clip mark cuban exposes o'reilly hypocrisy instead.

documentary questions response to 9/11
documentary questions response to 9/11from inside bay area: It was impossible to miss the snickering, groans and gasps that filled the room Saturday as an audience of about 60 people reacted angrily to the political documentary "9/11: Press for Truth." ... The film "raises questions that are unanswered. A lot of things that are very strange," one woman said after seeing it... Paul Rea, author of the upcoming book "Still Seeking the Truth About 9/11," fielded questions with a liberal dose of his own perspective... "Things are really bubbling up in a lot of places," Rea said. "They're not going to keep a lid on this."

kucinich vows to look into 'narrow portion' of 9/11
kucinich vows to look into 'narrow portion' of 9/11from sf indymedia: Kucinich said he wants to launch his own miniature investigation into "a narrow portion" of the 9/11 attacks. He was short on details, but did say that the House Government Oversight Domestic Policy Subcommittee, of which he is chairman, will be looking at "a few discrepancies in the public record" that remain unresolved in the official 9/11 commission’s final report, which was issued in July of 2004.

james woods saw trial run for 9/11
'I immediately thought these guys were either terrorists or FBI agents'from daily express: Film star James Woods... has revealed [five years ago] how he turned detective to uncover astonishing evidence on the 9/11 terror attacks for the FBI. He helped to prove that the hijackers staged at least one trial run before the attacks... "I immediately thought these guys were either terrorists or FBI agents."

Monday, March 26, 2007

conspiracy theory or marketing for nine inch nails?

conspiracy theory or marketing for nine inch nails?from mtv: A dystopian civilization in the throes of extinction. A government poisoning its own citizens through the drinking water. Military police raiding private residences. The end of civil liberties. The creation of a Church-State. Mind control.

The contents of some conspiracy theorist's personal manifesto? The plot of a rote first-person shooter? The results of a quick jaunt through Actually, it's all part of the elaborate (and somewhat terrifying) concept behind Nine Inch Nails' upcoming Year Zero album (due April 17), details of which are currently being disseminated through a series of increasingly spooky — and downright odd — Web sites.

Strangely enough, the story actually began on the back of a T-shirt sold on NIN's current European tour. Dates and cities are listed, with certain letters highlighted. When those letters were arranged, they spelled out the phrase "I am trying to believe," which most saw as just another statement of shattered hope from NIN mastermind Trent Reznor ... that was, until one particularly, uh, "enterprising" individual decided to Google the phrase.

What was revealed was a rather unsettling site ( dedicated to information on "Parepin," a drug allegedly added to the water supply by the federal government at some unknown date to protect citizens from bioterror attacks. While all appears to be normal, the author of the site — who is not identified — paints a different picture, referring to Parepin as "bioterrorism" being waged on U.S. citizens without their knowledge, designed to placate them...

And things only grow more confusing — and unnerving — from there. Members on a NIN fan site,, soon began to uncover even more sites, all seemingly unrelated upon first glance. But through careful — and some may say obsessive — examination they all began to tie together, creating a rather Orwellian picture of the United States circa the year 2022. is, on the surface, a site created by "the U.S. Bureau of Morality," featuring a fluttering flag superimposed over a rippling cornfield and emblazoned with the motto "Zero Tolerance. Zero Fear." But if users click and drag their mouse across the image, what is revealed is a black-and-white photo of a bombed-out wasteland. Visitors are then taken to a secret "messageboard" with topics like "End of the World?" and "Cops Murder Muslim Kid." ...

Are we to believe, then, that in the future the government has really been drugging its citizens? Will we engage in a Holy War with Muslim nations? Will secret police groups creep in the shadows at night? We're led to believe that the answer to all of these questions is "Yes."

kissinger's extradition sought over operation condor

kissinger's extradition sought over operation condorfrom afp/raw story: An attorney for a victim of Uruguay's 1973-1985 dictatorship has asked his government to request the extradition of former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger over his alleged role in the notorious Operation Condor.

Condor was a secret plan hatched by South American dictators in the 1970s to eliminate leftist political opponents in the region. Details of the plan have emerged over the past years in documents and court testimony.

The Latin American dictatorships of the time "were mere executors" of a "plan of extermination" hatched in the United States by a group led by Kissinger, said attorney Gustavo Salle, who represents the family of Bernardo Arnone...

A leftist activist, Arnone was arrested in October 1976 and flown to Argentina with a group of political prisoners that vanished and were presumably executed.

Kissinger played a dominant role in US foreign policy between 1969 and 1977, and was a strong supporter of right-wing regimes across Latin America.

The extradition request comes as the topic of rights violations during Uruguay's dictatorship is making headlines again, with Salle citing evidence from declassified US State Department documents.

Witnesses are set to testify in April in a case that began in September against eight retired regime officials over rights violations.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

nypd spied broadly before '04 convention

nypd spied broadly before '04 conventionfrom raw story/ny times: "For at least a year before the 2004 Republican National Convention, teams of undercover New York City police officers traveled to cities across the country, Canada and Europe to conduct covert observations of people who planned to protest at the convention, according to police records and interviews," the New York Times reports in Sunday's edition.

Records show that in hundreds files labeled "NYPD Secret," the NYPD intelligence operations "chronicled the views and plans of people who had no apparent intention of breaking the law."

The files included members church and anti-war groups, environmentalists, and even three New York City elected officials.

In some cases, records of lawful activities were shared with police departments in other states.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

the 9/11 lie is in critical condition

the 9/11 lie is in critical conditionfrom op-ed news: There was a time, not long ago, when daring to question the official account of 9/11 was risky business. One was almost guaranteed to be attacked as a "crazy person" or a "traitor" or a "terrorist sympathizer." Times have changed. At this point, less than 20% of the population believes they were given the full truth regarding 9/11. Logically one might ask: "Why is that?"

It wasn't for lack of trying that the government failed in its propaganda campaign. It wasn't for lack of "helping hands" in the mainstream media. (Though even that support has begun to fall apart.) No, it was one thing and one thing only that caused hundreds of millions of American citizens to openly question the official account of 9/11; the evidence.

In short, the evidence that we have been shamelessly lied to regarding the events of 9/11 is irrefutable. There is an enormous body of circumstantial evidence, there is an enormous body of physical evidence, and there is an enormous body of historical evidence. Perhaps most damning (at this point) is the ongoing cover up itself - the deliberate attempt to obstruct an open discussion of the facts. Evidence of that grows by the hour, but not to worry...

If you want to see how the investigation into the attacks of 9/11 was obstructed at every turn; simply watch 9/11: Press for Truth.

If you want to learn the history of government sponsored "false flag" terrorism, simply watch Terrorstorm.

If you want to see the evidence of controlled demolition (all of which has been completely ignored by the mainstream media and government talking heads) check out September 11 Revisited, or this segment of 9/11 Mysteries, or this segment from Rise of the Police State.

If you want to know what an absolute fraud the "investigation" we finally got was, you can get started with just a handful of issues. Like:

1. One of the most damning pieces of physical evidence regarding the events of 9/11 (the collapse of WTC 7) wasn't even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report. How could any report claiming to provide "the fullest possible account" of the events of 9/11 ignore the unexpected free-fall collapse of a 47 story office tower? Is it because, to this day, nobody can explain how it fell? Is it because it wasn't struck by any planes or burned with any jet fuel (the magic formula that supposedly brought down the twin towers?) Is it because pools of molten metal remained in its basement for weeks and partially evaporated steel beams were found in its wreckage? (It is physically impossible for burning office materials and diesel fuel to liquefy structural steel; let alone evaporate it into a gas.) How did "The Commission" deal with these smoking gun issues that clearly contradict the official account? Simple; they ignored them.

2. How about those towers? You know, the two 110 story buildings constructed with an outer shell of perimeter columns and an ENORMOUS inner array of core columns that supported the buildings' vertical loads. Of those towers, the commission report claimed "exterior walls bore most of the weight of the building. The interior core of the buildings was a hollow steel shaft." This is an inexcusable inaccuracy that any "investigator" with an Internet connection and 5 minutes can easily prove wrong. And it should be noted; any claim or "theory" of how the towers collapsed based on this erroneous "hollow shaft" model is fatally flawed. Who in their right mind can take an "official report" like this seriously? If they got something this simple wrong, what else did they miss?

3. Lets not forget "The Commission" said there was "no credible evidence that any person in the United States gave the hijackers substantial financial assistance. Similarly, we have seen no evidence that any foreign government-or foreign government official-supplied any funding." Hmm, interesting. How about the Pakistani ISI chief who wired $100,000 to the alleged "lead hijacker" Mohamed Atta? Indian intelligence has verified this. And there has been no evidence to refute it. Is that worth looking into? And how about Sibel Edmonds? Why was she ignored and then gagged under the veil of "National Security." Better yet, how about we just have her testify in open hearings about "money trails" and where they lead to in our government ?
And if all this isn't enough, maybe the few remaining skeptics would like to hear from some Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials who question the validity of the 9/11 Commission Report. No problem. Start here.

So it's true. Times have changed and the people (for good reason) no longer believe the lies they've been fed about 9/11. We've woken up to the level of corruption in our government and the official lie (by all practical means of determination) is in critical condition and not expected to recover.

This can only mean one thing. An Independent investigation into the attacks of 9/11 WILL BE conducted. And this time, it isn't going to be handful of citizens asking questions and demanding answers; it's going to be 80% of the country. And this time, you won't so easily ignore and whitewash the sensitive issues, because an educated citizenry is not so easily fooled. And this time, those who have stonewalled, lied, manipulated, covered up and acted in a criminally negligent manner will be held accountable for their actions.
To those in power who've forgotten the reality of their position in government, YOU SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Once again, you're on notice to stop ignoring our demands for a new investigation. This issue isn't going to go away, and your refusal to address it will cost you dearly.

And to those of you with something to hide; perhaps now would be a good time to "lawyer up" and "cut a deal." The game is over.

officers blamed for tillman case errors

'You know, this war is so fucking illegal.' - Pat Tillman

from ap/yahoo: Nine officers, including up to four generals, should be held accountable for missteps in the aftermath of the friendly fire death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman in Afghanistan, a Pentagon investigation will recommend...

Dozens of soldiers — those immediately around Tillman at the scene of the shooting, his immediate superiors and high-ranking officers at a command post nearby — knew within minutes or hours that his death was fratricide.

Even so, the Army persisted in telling Tillman's family he was killed in a conventional ambush, including at his nationally televised memorial service 11 days later. It was five weeks before his family was told the truth, a delay the Army has blamed on procedural mistakes...

According to the officials, the report will not make charges or suggest punishments, but it will recommend the Army look at holding the nine officers accountable.

One defense official said it appears the inspector general will not conclude there was an orchestrated cover-up in the investigation...

The other report is by the Army Criminal Investigation Command, which will focus on whether a crime, such as negligent homicide, was committed when Tillman's own men shot him. One defense official said it appears the investigation did not find any criminal intent in the shooting.

officers blamed for tillman case errorsTillman's case drew worldwide attention in part because he had turned down a multimillion-dollar contract to play defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals in order to join the Army Rangers after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks...

To date, the Army has punished seven people for the Tillman killing, but no one was court-martialed. Four soldiers received relatively minor punishments under military law, ranging from written reprimands to expulsion from the Rangers. One had his pay reduced and was effectively forced out of the Army.

The Army, which requested the inspector general review last year, said in a statement released Friday that it "plans to take appropriate actions after receiving the inspector general's report."

The officials declined to name any of the officers the report will implicate. The commander of Tillman's 75th Ranger Regiment was Col. James C. Nixon. Last year he was named director of operations at the Center for Special Operations at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla.

Nixon knew within about two days that Tillman's death was fratricide, another officer involved in the investigations told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Previous investigations of the case have focused on the facts of the incident and sought to answer questions of whether it was a fratricide.

The report's findings were first reported on Friday by CBS News...

related: after pat's birthday
(a scathing & powerful letter written by pat's brother, kevin)

9/11 remains possibly used on roads

9/11 remains possibly used on roadsfrom reuters/yahoo: Debris that may have contained bits of bone from victims of the World Trade Center attacks was used to fill potholes and pave city roads, according to court papers filed on Friday.

The charge was made in an affidavit filed in Manhattan federal court in an ongoing case filed in 2005 by family members of those killed in the attacks against the city. They say the city did not do enough to search for remains, denying victims a proper burial.

Eric Beck, a construction worker employed at the Fresh Kills landfill in the borough of Staten Island, where the rubble was taken after the Twin Towers fell, said in his affidavit that the process of sifting through the debris was rushed.

Beck said he saw sanitation workers removing small pieces of debris containing possible bone fragments and loading them "onto tractors, and using it to pave roads and fill in potholes, dips and ruts."

Kimberly Miu, a spokeswoman for the city's legal office, declined to comment on the latest filing, saying it would be inappropriate to talk about a pending motion.

The WTC Families for Proper Burial, the group that filed the suit, has also battled the city over how to honor the 2,749 people who died in the attacks on the Twin Towers.

Some relatives of victims have opposed any effort to rebuild on Ground Zero, calling it sacred ground and saying it would disrespect those who perished there.

Construction of the planned memorial and skyscraper has repeatedly been delayed, in part due to concerns expressed by victims' families.

The remains of about 40 percent of the victims were never recovered, and hundreds of bone fragments have been discovered in and around Ground Zero in the last six months, the lawsuit says.

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media monarchy episode019

listen to portland radio authorityhere is the latest podcast from
media monarchy...
episode019 - march 23, 2007 download episode019

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british forces held by iran

british forces held by iranfrom sky news: The Government is demanding the "immediate and safe return" of 15 British sailors and Marines seized at gunpoint by Iranian forces.

They were taking part in a routine operation boarding merchant ships in Iraqi territorial waters when they were taken captive by Iranian naval vessels.

The sailors and Marines had completed a successful inspection of one ship, reportedly a dhow, when the group and their two boats were surrounded.

They were then escorted by Iranian vessels into its territorial waters.

The men, from the Type 22 frigate HMS Cornwall, were seized in the Shatt Al Arab waterway.

The Royal Navy insists they were operating in Iraqi waters and not Iranian territory.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


now with today being march 22, or 3/22, let's take a look at the number 322 and it's relation to the order of skull & bones...

from alexandra robbins: The number 322 has also been a particular favorite of conspiracy-minded hunters for evidence of Skull and Bones's global connections. It was the combination to Averell Harriman's briefcase when he carried classified dispatches between London and Moscow during World War II. Anthony C. Sutton claims that 322 doubles as a reminder of the society's mother organization in Germany; the American group, founded in 1832, is the second chapter -- thus 32-2.

fleshing out skull & bonesfrom fleshing out skull & bones: This chronicle of espionage, drug smuggling, and elitism in Yale University's Skull & Bones society offers rare glimpses into this secret world with previously unpublished documents, photographs, and articles that delve into issues such as racism, financial ties to the Nazi party, and illegal corporate dealings.

gonzales: 'focused on protecting our kids'

'protecting our kids'? ... that's what mark foley said

gonzales: 'focused on protecting our kids'from thinkprogress: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced this morning: “I’m not going to resign. I’m going to stay focused on protecting our kids.” Speaking before a Project Safe Childhood event, Gonzales told reporters he plans “to go up to the Congress and provide further clarification” about the U.S. Attorney purge, and claimed that his department has been “tremendous in the area of public corruption.”

Gonzales’ declaration that he intends to stay “focused on protecting our kids” comes as he launches a cross-country PR tour to save his job:
“CBS News has learned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will take to the road to fight for his job, spending the next week traveling the country to see as many US Attorneys as he can. One source says he’ll apologize not for firing eight of their colleagues but for the way he handled it. [Gonzales] will start his mea culpa tour tomorrow in St. Louis.” [CBS Evening News, 3/21/07]

“A day after Bush gave his attorney general a vote of confidence, Gonzales appeared to be launching a campaign to save his job by repairing relations with prosecutors in the field and reaching out to political supporters. His office released a dozen testimonials from Latinos and law enforcement groups, with many saying that Gonzales, the first Latino attorney general, was being unfairly held accountable for the fiasco.” [LA Times, 3/22/07]

“Embattled Attorney General met this afternoon with several Republican Senators, including Orrin Hatch, Jon Kyl, John Cornyn and Jeff Sessions, GOP sources said. The lunch meeting held at the Department of Justice, sources said, was initiated by Gonzales. A source familiar with the meeting says it was an attempt by Gonzales to reach out to Republicans who have been decidedly unhappy with how he has handled the US Attorney mess.” [ABC, 3/21/07]

explosion rattles UN chief's iraq news conference

explosion rattles UN chief's iraq news conferencefrom raw story: A mortar blast rocked Baghdad's fortified Green Zone on Thursday as Ban Ki-moon held a news conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, causing the UN chief to flinch.

After a brief pause, both men continued to take questions at an event marking Ban's first visit to the Iraqi capital.

An Iraqi security official said the explosion had been caused by a mortar shell fired into the area. There were no initial reports of casualties.

The loud blast sent a column of smoke and dust into the sky near the northern edge of the Green Zone, opposite the Jumhuriyah Bridge in downtown Baghdad in a heavily policed area surrounded by government offices.

Immediately before the explosion, Ban told reporters: "I'm confident that we'll be able to see, in the near future, a more prosperous and secure... and a healthier future of the Iraqi people and government."

click here for the associated press video

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springtime for hitler

in honor of this first day of spring, let's take a moment to remember the classic tale of schemers who create a designed-to-fail production in order to defraud their investors...

ron paul would 'reinstate the constitution'

ron paul would 'reinstate the constitution'from raw story: Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), a 2008 presidential hopeful, has a "dream."

The longshot contender, who ran for president in 1988 under the Libertarian Party banner and has vocally protested the war in Iraq, believes that a Paul presidency would "reinstate the Constitution and restore the Republic."

"The competition isn't all that great to claim that title here in Washington," Paul said on Fox News Channel regarding his claim to be "the leading advocate for freedom in Washington today." ...

"I wanna be President because I have this dream, I'd like to reinstate the Constitution and restore the Republic," said Paul. "And I think the Republican party and all of Washington have lost their way."

Hemmer asked Paul why "sub" or "minor" candidates bothered running if they don't have a chance to win and have problems getting their message out, partially due to their problems at attracting wider media coverage.

"Well, there's something different today," Paul said, "and that's the Internet."

Paul said the Internet was where he was doing "quite well," although he believes that it's not fair that smaller candidates don't get the major network coverage that they're "entitled" to.

"You hear only one message," Paul complained, "and the message seems to be the same whether it's Republican or Democrat."

Hemmer sympathized with Paul's difficulties in receiving media exposure, and then ended the segment, which ran for less than three minutes in total.

click here for the video interview

watergate plotter may have a last tale

watergate plotter may have a last talefrom la times: Howard St. John Hunt remembers the night of the Watergate break-in as a bonding experience with his father.

A sweating and disheveled E. Howard Hunt roused his 19-year-old son from a dead sleep to help him wipe fingerprints from the burglars' radios and pack the surveillance equipment into a suitcase. Then, father and son raced to a remote Maryland bridge, where they heaved the evidence into the Potomac River just before dawn on June 17, 1972.

"From that point on I felt relevant in his life, that I was the one he could count on," said Howard St. John Hunt, now 52, who is called St. John.

It also was a turning point for St. John's brother and two sisters. They learned that their father wasn't just a Washington advertising executive and former diplomat. He was an ex-CIA agent and veteran of the ill-fated Cuban Bay of Pigs operation who worked for the Nixon White House as part of a secret team of "plumbers" that fixed information leaks.

The unmasking of Hunt, who was convicted in 1973, sent his family into a tailspin: His first wife, Dorothy, was killed in a plane crash in 1972 while carrying $10,000 in hush money from the White House to the burglars' families; son David was sent to live with his militant Cuban godfather in Miami; St. John later became a drug addict and daughters Kevan and Lisa became estranged from their father.

But before his death at age 88 in January, E. Howard Hunt had reconciled with his children and left the sons one last tantalizing story, they say. The story, which he planned to detail in a memoir and could be worth big money — was that rogue CIA agents plotted to kill President Kennedy in 1963, and that they approached Hunt to join the plot but he declined.

Unfortunately, when the old spy's memoir appeared this month, there was something missing...

outside the box #92 & 93

here are the latest episodes of "outside the box," hosted by alex ansary.
they were originally broadcast by portland community media on march 8 & 15, 2007.

from outside the box #93: Alex speaks with Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project to discuss his scientific ideas about restructuring the way we live and our society.


from outside the box #92: Alex speaks with 3 members of about their 4,000 mile walk across the United States.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

pelosi's capitulation

pelosi's capitulationfrom antiwar: If George W. Bush launches a preemptive war on Iran, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bear full moral responsibility for that war.

For it was Pelosi who quietly agreed to strip out of the $100 billion funding bill for Iraq a provision that would have required President Bush to seek congressional approval before launching any new war on Iran.

Pelosi's capitulation came in the Appropriations Committee.

What went down, and why?

"Conservative Democrats as well as lawmakers concerned about the possible impact on Israel had argued for the change in strategy," wrote The Associated Press' David Espo and Matthew Lee...

"The speaker has erred dangerously and dramatically," writes Nichols. Her "disastrous misstep could haunt her and the Congress for years to come."

Nichols does not exaggerate.

If Bush now launches war on Iran, he can credibly say Congress and the Democrats gave him a green light. For Pelosi, by removing a provision saying Bush does not have the authority, de facto concedes he does have the authority.

Bush and Cheney need now not worry about Congress.

They have been flashed the go sign for war on Iran.

Monday, March 19, 2007

news on the march

on war's anniversary, bush hosts jock-o-rama
on war's anniversary, bush hosts jock-o-ramafrom san jose mercury news: In a chilly South Lawn ceremony, Bush lauded the University of Florida's football team on Monday for its 2006 championship season... "Like you might remember, all the pre-game polls said you couldn't win... So much for polls."

'iraq withdrawal may spark 9/11 repeat'
'iraq withdrawal may spark 9/11 repeat'from telegraph: President George W Bush used the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war yesterday to warn that US withdrawal would unleash a "contagion of violence" that could spark a repeat of the September 11 attacks.

Although he conceded that there would be "bad days ahead", he insisted that there had been "good progress" in Iraq and there were "hopeful signs" that the influx of 30,000 additional troops would stabilise Baghdad.

scientist accuses white house of 'nazi' tactics
from raw story/la times: Facing questions about his outspoken views on global warming, a government scientist today told the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee that the "Bush administration's information policies smacked of Nazi Germany," reports the LA Times...

nyc mayor kills 'sensitive' 9/11 probe
nyc mayor kills 'sensitive' 9/11 probefrom new york post: Mayor Bloomberg killed a study on the city's response to the 9/11 attacks after his lawyers said they did not want a report that cited any missteps or dealt with "environmental" or "respirator issues," says a former city official... "The Bloomberg administration acted to sweep any potential problems under the rug" ...

rosie o'donnell joins 9/11 conspiracy crowd
rosie o'donnell joins 9/11 conspiracy crowdfrom national ledger: Depending on one's point of view, Rosie O'Donnell is either a silly comedian... or a shrill pundit... But now it appears her toes are no longer just on the edge of the ledge of reason. Now O'Donnell has plunged into the dark world of 9/11 conspiracy theories and is set to blame the US Government for the attacks that took place on September 11.

kristof: US should stop biting tongue on israel
kristof: US should stop biting tongue on israelfrom raw story/new york times: Whether they have "learned to muzzle themselves" or they "just don't get it," US politicians should stop biting their tongues when it comes to Israel, New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof argues...

"Democrats are railing at just about everything President Bush does, with one prominent exception: Bush's crushing embrace of Israel," Kristof writes.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

the ringworm children

the ringworm childrenfrom google video/barry chamish: In 1951, the director general of the Israeli Health Ministry, Dr. Chaim Sheba flew to America and returned with 7 x-ray machines, supplied to him by the American army.

They were to be used in a mass atomic experiment with an entire generation of Sephardi youths to be used as guinea pigs. Every Sephardi child was to be given 35,000 times the maximum dose of x-rays through his head. For doing so, the American government paid the Israeli government 300 million Israeli liras a year. The entire Health budget was 60 million liras. The money paid by the Americans is equivalent to billions of dollars today.

To fool the parents of the victims, the children were taken away on "school trips" and their parents were later told the x-rays were a treatment for the scourge of scalpal ringworm. 6,000 of the children died shortly after their doses were given, while many of the rest developed cancers that killed them over time and are still killing them now. While living, the victims suffered from disorders such as epilepsy, amnesia, Alzheimer's disease, chronic headaches and psychosis.

what is aipac?

from google video/wikipedia: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a special interest group that lobbies the United States Government in favor of maintaining a close US-Israel relationship. Describing itself as "America's Pro-Israel Lobby," it is a mass-membership organization including both Jews and non-Jews. AIPAC was formed during the Eisenhower administration, and since then has helped secure American aid and support to Israel.

portland peace march attracts more than 10,000

portland peace march attracts more than 10,000from oregonian: The crowd at today's anti-war demonstration easily numbered in the thousands.

Organizers said there might have been as many as 15,000 people who participated in the march. Police did not give an estimate.

Two informal head counts by The Oregonian as protestors passed Southwest Broadway and Madison Street put the number between 10,000 and 13,000.

The march was mostly peaceful. But Portland police say they arrested three people during a confrontation with what they are calling "a small fringe group" after this afternoon's anti-war demonstration in downtown Portland. A police spokeswoman said they used pepper spray to help control the group, which she said was trying to block traffic near Southwest Park and Morrison.

Other sporadic protests and skirmishes persisted after the march in different parts of the city.

the oregonian has a surprising amount of photos & videos from the days events located here...

fbi file links rfk to monroe's death

fbi file links rfk to monroe's deathfrom sydney morning herald: For four decades there have been rumours that Marilyn Monroe's death was not a simple suicide. Now a Los Angeles-based Australian writer and director, Philippe Mora, has uncovered an FBI document that throws up a chilling new scenario.

Bobby Kennedy's affair with the screen idol Marilyn Monroe has been documented, but a secret FBI file suggests the late US attorney-general was aware of - and perhaps even a participant in - a plan "to induce" her suicide.

The detailed three-page report implicates the Hollywood actor Peter Lawford, Monroe's psychiatrist, staff and her publicist in the plot.

The allegations suggest the 36-year-old actress, who had a history of staging attention-seeking suicide attempts, was deliberately given the means to fake another suicide on August 4, 1962. But this time, it is suggested, she was allowed to die as she sought help.
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