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ground zero: avatar, the burning of eden

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ground zero: avatar, the burning of edenfrom clyde lewis: I have heard so many interpretations of the film [Avatar]. I have read about the environmental criticisms, the anti military message and the idea of Gaia worship. I have seen comparisons to what we as Americans have done to indigenous tribes and how we invade and eat up resources in order to get oil.

I am sure those interpretations are valid but as I watched it I realized a deeper meaning to the film that once again taps into a meme that we have buried deep in our subconscious.

The film is loaded with symbolism and occult ritual that may have been channeled directly to those who watched it. When thousands of people are exposed to a film like Avatar it is imperative to analyze what message is being sent. I am seeing that the film represents our past as well as our future. It has all of the trappings of occult symbols and names and the scenes of devastation can only be described as biblical and symbolic.

The symbolic nature of the film borders on Luciferian or Illuminating lore that is discussed primarily in secret schools, and in lodges of knowledge. The truth is, the public may not know that they witnessed a retelling of Eden. This time we witness the burning of Eden and the tampering with the tree of life, and the genetic makeup of mankind...

Our future is on course for total destruction and renewal with the answer to survival being our own transference into genetically altered containers that can withstand the harsh environment of the new world.

This is all witnessed by the eye of the great God of chaos. The most interesting thing about this film is the emphasis in both promotion and story line of the film of the Illuminati all-seeing Eye. The all Seeing Eye is seen in all of the promotional posters of the film...

The message of Avatar is very simple. We witnessed an Armageddon in the past and we are awaiting Armageddon in the future. The Antichrist is here in the form of an avatar or shape shifter. His soul is under the control of some force unknown to man. The well of souls at the Dome of the Rock is about to be destroyed and soon we will learn the unobtanium known as the truth is quite obvious.

That truth that will be reveled is that we are an alien culture unto ourselves and that we are Avatars under the control of some power. Whether it be God or devil is anyone’s guess.

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corbett report: episode119 - lessons in resistance: whistleblowing

corbett report: episode119 - lessons in resistance: whistleblowingfrom corbett report: The whistleblowers of 9/11 come from every nook and cranny of government and private industry, but their stories are unheard and unheralded...until now. Join The Corbett Report for a special exploration of the suppressed stories of the 9/11 whistleblowers, including J. Michael Springmann and Richard Andrew Grove.

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sunday update:
dna database, al-cia-da in iran, sanger eugenics

the latest corbett report audio interviews:
#134 - greg nikolettos

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

'operation exodus': louisiana cops plan for 'end of the world' scenario

'operation exodus': louisiana cops plan for 'end of the world' scenariofrom kurt nimmo: Police in Louisiana’s Bossier Parish are training for an "end of the world" scenario, according to the Shreveport Times. The program is dubbed "Operation Exodus," inspired in part from the Book of Exodus in the Bible.

Parish Sheriff Larry Deen told the newspaper the "buck stops" with him. "The liability stops with Larry Deen. I am the chief law enforcement officer in this parish, and it is incumbent upon me [to] protect all of the people in it," the officer said, referring to himself in the third person.

Deen’s plan is to protect Bossier Parish’s vital resources, like food and gasoline, in the event of a catastrophic event, such as war or a terrorist attack. Deen said he had been thinking of the plan since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, reports Drew Pierson.

Under Deen’s plan, the police will use volunteers, supplemented with active public safety personnel, that will be dispatched to vital areas in Bossier to protect them from looters and rioters. Deen listed as examples grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals and other public meeting places.

Instead of normal riot equipment such as shields and batons, the volunteers will be armed with shotguns and have access to a .50-caliber machine gun mounted on a vehicle dubbedthe war wagon.” On February 20, the volunteers were trained in hand-to-hand combat techniques.

"I think every public safety agency should be prepared for disaster response," said Sandy Davis, director of the Caddo-Bossier Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

one last important note from the shreveport times:
"Local residents may remember then-President George W. Bush's address to the nation was made out of Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City immediately after the attacks. At that time, Deen's men and about 100 other patrol cars barricaded entry to the base to protect the president from what turned out to be the nonexistent threat of an assault on the base."

change: obama signs one-year extension of patriot act

obama & the patriot act: 'yes we can' kill the bill of rights
change: obama signs one-year extension of patriot actfrom ap: President Barack Obama has signed a one-year extension of several provisions in the nation's main counterterrorism law, the Patriot Act. Provisions in the measure would have expired on Sunday without Obama's signature Saturday.

The act, which was adopted in the weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, expands the government's ability to monitor Americans in the name of national security.

Three sections of the Patriot Act that stay in force will:

_Authorize court-approved roving wiretaps that permit surveillance on multiple phones.

_Allow court-approved seizure of records and property in anti-terrorism operations.

_Permit surveillance against a so-called lone wolf, a non-U.S. citizen engaged in terrorism who may not be part of a recognized terrorist group.
Obama's signature comes after the House voted 315 to 97 Thursday to extend the measure. The Senate also approved the measure, with privacy protections cast aside when Senate Democrats lacked the necessary 60-vote supermajority to pass them. Thrown away were restrictions and greater scrutiny on the government's authority to spy on Americans and seize their records.

flashbacks: fbi misused patriot act powers, judge strikes down part of patriot act & change: obama pushes renewal of warrantless spying on americans

Friday, February 26, 2010

media monarchy episode159

media monarchy episode159"as of now, i am in control here" on episode159 of media monarchy w/ police state updates: stack attacks, more homegrown errorism & the mass murder contagion - obamessiah, cia & operation new dawn - econocrash, doomsday & bulldozers - the pharmaceutical industrial complex, the pledge of defiance & the death of alexander haig + false flags from massive attack and tons more...

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media monarchy episode158b

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media monarchy episode158bthe b-side of episode158 from media monarchy features more alternative media from corbett report, peace revolution, outside the box & ground zero media + webcamgate, 'cyber shockwave', prohibition poison & bob's red mill, the rest of the story from food world order & cyber/space\war, news music from sloan and so much more...

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

stack attacks: homegrown errorism & the mass murder contagion

video: joe stack's intriguing connections w/
defense contractors & intelligence agencies

joe stack's intriguing connections w/ defense contractors, intel agenciesjoe stack's 9/11, nsa & dhs related defense contractor clients*
i don't buy the official story of joe stack*
more updates from*
joe stack: terrorism or criminal act – the debate grows*
napolitano says domestic extremism is top concern*

pentagon, dhs turn up media hype*
americans who know their rights are real target of 'domestic terror' warning*
domestic assassination of 'extremists' likely by 2012*
napolitano secretly hosts terrorist groups in dc*
man w/ high-powered rifle shoots 2 students in littleton, co*
school shooting suspect identified*
killer whale attacks, kills trainer at orlando seaworld as horrified guests watch*
shark-filled aquarium in mall springs leak*

obamessiah updates: the more things change

gadhafi: obama fears israel will assassinate him like it did jfk*
gadhafi: obama fears israel will assassinate him like it did jfkvideo: james traficant says aipac & 'the lobby' run US foreign policy*
senate votes to extend patriot act*
ron paul for president, says conservative political action conference poll*
obama tops bush at ducking reporters*
cheney unleashed from hospital after another 'heart' attack*

video: rev manning claims obama worked for cia*

2/25 newspurge: drugwar, geopolitiks, history/mystery & media/memes

drugwar updates:
medical marijuana patients suffering police harassment*
dispensaries targeted for simply selling weed; pot shop owner arrested for sales*

dutch govt falls over afghanistan mission*
dutch govt falls over afghanistan missionbrown praises new world order, again*
military seize power in nigerian coup*
courthouse bombed in northern ireland*
fresh detentions over turkey coup 'plot'*
suicide bombers kill 17 in kabul*
cnn poll: 7 in 10 believe iran has nukes*
green prince, son of hamas founder spied for israel*

fbi closes anthrax case,
gives more details about scientist labeled a killer

anthrax investigators looked at 1,000 suspects*
a bullet-proof case - not ivins, the fbi cover-up*
aclu sues usaid for refusing to release docs relating to religious programs*
a million library books to be sent down the mines*
sibel edmonds: the traitors among us*
video: margaret sanger, planned parenthood & eugenics*

new world next week - feb25

webcam spying, iraq name change, man gives away company

new world next week - feb25James Corbett of & James Evan Pilato of proudly present the 20th edition of the New World Next Week. Each week NWNW covers three important stories in a succinct way & provides the documentation necessary for you to do more research for yourself. This week we go into schools spying on students via webcams, Obama's rebranding of the Iraq War as political semantics and, finally, some good food news from Oregon.
Story#1: School Spied on Kids Via Webcams on School-Supplied Laptops
'Spying' School Agrees to Preserve Evidence in 'Laptopgate'

Story#2: Obama Rebrands Iraq War as 'Operation New Dawn'
Obama's Rising Sun
Aspartame Renamed 'AminoSweet' - Being Marketed as Natural Sweetener

Story#3: On 81st Birthday, Oregon Man Gives Company to Employees
Founder of Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods transfers business to employees
Please support the New World Next Week by sharing, rating, commenting & promoting these videos on YouTube & your own social networking site; NWNW is getting thousands of views, but with your help they could be seen by even more people who need this information. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report here & Media Monarchy here. Thank You.

previous episode: nwnw - feb18

biowars/envirohealth updates: pharmaceutical industrial complex

toyota's safety problems dwarfed by big pharma's body count*
toyota's safety problems dwarfed by big pharma's body countkey quotes from the white house healthcare summit*
must see: a complete list of things caused by global warming*
75 reasons to be skeptical of 'global warming'*
glaxosmithkline deliberately hid evidence of avandia harm, says senate report*
oil spill reaches italy's river po after 'sabotage'*
ashland, oregon clinic will offer drug-induced abortions*
just a drill: hazardous materials response tested in shelbyville, tn*

9/11 updates: television, newspapers, town charters & documentaries

video: glenn beck, like debra medina, has 9/11 questions*
glenn beck, like debra medina, has 9/11 questions1,000 architects & engineers call for new 9/11 investigation*
unification church/washington times cover architects & engineers for 9/11 truth*
video: 'investigate 9/11' sign on vancouver 2010 olympics coverage*
newspaper: 9/11 conspiracy makes it onto town warrant*
flashback: van jones resigns as enviro czar over 9/11 truth statement*
video: van jones explains 9/11 petition w/ tavis smiley*
too much technology hampered 9/11 security:
film 'sos/state of security' - richard clarke's cover up
video: a 9/11 victim's family member asks for help*

previous 9/11 updates:
gop, dems, the media & the peace movement

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

police state updates: amalgam arrow, terror drills & biometrics

paul craig roberts: the US is now a police state

'national level exercise 2010' overview -
may17-21: 'nle 10' w/ domestic nuke scenario
may17-21: 'nle 10' w/ domestic nuke scenariofrom socal martial law alerts: NLE 09 which occurred at the end of July last year, had an unprecedented amount of military movement and training for martial law. This year's National Level Exercise will be fully integrated with Eagle Horizon 2010, a drill focusing on continuity of government (COG--also known as Rex 84, and the implementation of PDD-51). NLE 09 did not have this added component.

When: May 17-21, 2010
Where: FEMA Region 8 (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah), FEMA Region 9 (California, Nevada, Arizona), National Capital Region
Who: FEMA, DHS, Department of Transportation, NORTHCOM, NORAD

Contracted Companies: L3 Communications (wikipedia entry, Muckety map), Bridgeborn, Ogilvy Public Relations (wikipedia entry, Muckety map)

Scenario: An improvised nuclear device detonation in a major US city. This is a "domestic terrorism" focused drill. Response to such destruction and COG plans enacted. Summary of NLE 10 here. Summary of Eagle Horizon 2009 (for reference) here.

flashback: nle '09 - massive US terror sim w/ foreign agencies

police escort student from class after refusing to pledge allegiance

police escort student from class after refusing to pledge allegiancefrom raw story: A middle school teacher in Montgomery County, Maryland, will have to apologize to a 13-year-old student after yelling at her and having her escorted out of class by school police when the student refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

According to the ACLU of Maryland, a 13-year-old female student at Roberto Clemente Middle School in Germantown refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance on Jan. 27. The teacher reportedly ordered the girl out into the hallway, where he threatened the girl with detention and then sent her to the school counselor's office.

The next day, when the student again refused to stand for the pledge, the teacher called school officers to remove her from the classroom and take her to the counselor's office once again.

"When the student’s mother reached out to an assistant principal for help in dealing with the teacher’s abusive and improper actions, the official said her daughter should instead apologize for her 'defiance.' The student did apologize, twice," the ACLU states.

The right to sit silently during the Pledge of Allegiance has been held up by the US Supreme Court, and is enshrined in Maryland state law and Mongtomery County Public Schools' own policies, reports the Washington Post.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

econocrash updates: fdic, doomsday, farmland & bulldozers

fdic shuts down 4 banks: 20 banks closed in 2010fdic shuts down 4 banks: 20 banks closed in 2010*
fdic says list of troubled banks at 16yr peak*
citigroup warns customers it may refuse to allow withdrawals*
govt watchdog group: 'doomsday here for illinois'*
marc faber: 'buy farmland & gold'*
video: frustrated owner bulldozes home ahead of foreclosure*

2/25 updates:
greenspan: financial crisis worse than great depression*
did ron paul just play a clever game with the fed?*
wall street bonuses jumped 17% after bailouts*
cities shortening yellow traffic lights for deadly profit*
banks move aggressively to increase credit card profits*
blockbuster collapses: shutting down 500 stores in desperate bid to save $200m*
ex-madoff operations director arrested by fbi*
unemployment claims surge 20% in 2 weeks*
US senator warns of 'financial meltdown' risk*

haig is not 'in control here': watergate/reagan operative dead at 85

related: haig helps kissinger plan secret bombing of cambodia
haig is not 'in control here': watergate/reagan operative dead at 85from independent: Alexander Haig, the four-star general who played a crucial role as White House chief of staff at the climax of the Watergate scandal, and later served as secretary of state during Ronald Reagan's presidency, died yesterday [feb20] in Baltimore. He was 85...

But his most important and controversial posts were in government. To some surprise, the newly elected Reagan chose Haig as secretary of state – and within barely two months the country's top diplomat uttered the ill-considered words that would bedevil him ever after.

Hours after the near-successful assassination attempt on Mr Reagan on 30 March 1981, Haig went into the White House briefing room to tell reporters: "I'm in control here." The remark appeared to betray an ignorance of the constitution: as well as the vice-president, the speaker and the senior member of the Senate also rank ahead of the secretary of state in the line of succession if the president is incapacitated.

More important, it seemed to confirm the square-jawed and forthright Haig as a power-crazed general. "It was reminiscent of Dr Strangelove," Richard Darman, Reagan's deputy chief of staff, would later write. "Haig intended to calm the nation. He unnerved the world." ...

In fact, Haig's most vital service to his country had come a decade earlier. He had already earned Richard Nixon's confidence during a two-year stint as deputy national security adviser under Henry Kissinger when Nixon made him White House chief of staff in May 1973, just as Watergate began to engulf the presidency.

As the crisis moved to its climax, Haig played a crucial role as a channel between the president and Congress. He gently persuaded Nixon to resign once impeachment proceedings had become a certainty. With a skill belied by his later gaffes, he handled the delicate negotiations for the transfer of power from Nixon to Gerald Ford.

Haig remained at the White House only a few weeks after Nixon stepped down on 9 August 1974. It was widely believed, though never confirmed, that he had brokered a secret deal for Nixon to resign in return for a guarantee from Ford of a pardon – a pardon that would be granted on 8 September 1974.

Monday, February 22, 2010

obama rebrands iraq war as 'operation new dawn'

prince of peace prize acts like changing name is ending war...
obama rebrands iraq war as 'operation new dawn'from afp: President Barack Obama's administration plans to rebrand its military operation in Iraq "Operation New Dawn," beginning September 1, a Pentagon memorandum shows.

The memo, signed by US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, shows the Pentagon approving a request to switch the name of the US military effort in Iraq from its current designation - "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

"The request... is approved to take effect 1 September 2010, coinciding with the change of mission for US forces in Iraq... Aligning the name change with the change of mission sends a strong signal that Operation Iraqi Freedom has ended and our forces are operating under a new mission ," Gates wrote in the memo, first reported by ABC News.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

ground zero: project for the new american manifesto destiny

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ground zero: project for the new american manifesto destinyfrom clyde lewis: Life now is imitating art. The United States is in denial of its own fate. They are in denial about the despotism that exists and how the acts of terror and machinations of a mob government have turned us from a democracy to a policed surveillance society that now monitors everything you do and can hunt you down if need be, and neutralize you if they think you are a threat to them.

All of this has been downplayed by the mainstream media because they can’t find a way to market non partisan rebellion. If they can’t attribute a protest to any special interest group it must be carried out by fringe lunatics, conspiracy theorists or cranks.

Social and Civil unrest in an America has to be flashy and marketable like the “tea party” or the “the gun contingency” or “the birthers.” It has to be either Conservative based or liberal biased in order to generate an “us against them retort” by Bill Oreilly or Keith Olbermann.

Now we have another breed of people with discontent and those are people that feel betrayed. People who have had their American dream hijacked and replaced with an Orwellian nightmare that has a nervous smile pained over it.

Since my last show about the Police State and how we are now in the middle of it here in the United States, there have been some major news stories that have made the headlines that confirm my convictions. One of them has happened in my own back yard and for the first time in my own country I witnessed a group of citizen’s storm city hall looking for the mayor of my City demanding that the Police are investigated for criminal activity.

This is exciting as well as troubling.

America is fed up. They are now seeing the reality of where they are in the world and what they mean to the state.

previous episode: my first police state

peace revolution: episode004 - exploring media

educating ourselves to live vs. amusing ourselves to death
peace revolution 004: exploring mediafrom peace revolution: This episode is hosted by James Corbett ( joined by James Evan Pilato ( and Richard Grove ( to discuss Media: Who created it, What it is, When it began, Where it's going, Why its important - and How we can shape it in our image. It's an overview of the history of media, its various uses and misuses, and how to make sense out of what you see, hear, and read everyday; leaving the audience with the tools necessary to cut through the nonsense and realize useful facts which can be communicated to others.

This conversation is also featured on the Corbett Report and Media Monarchy podcasts (and their respective networks of syndicated radio stations) as "Signal to Noise: A Conversation on the Media".

There's also an alternative Peace Revolution podcast (backup stream) can be found at: (which is the stream for our 2006-2008 podcast, 9/11 Synchronicity - those episodes and video podcasts can be found on the Libsyn stream).


previous episode: 003 - 20/20 hindsight

outside the box #238

from alex ansary: Clyde Lewis joins Alex Ansary on "OUTSIDE THE BOX" to discuss the recent police shooting and the subsequent visit to portland by Jesse Jackson.

media monarchy has been remiss in not recently posting the work of alex ansary & outside the box ... we will try to keep up & continue to support alternative media ... check out the latest on, the radio archives from oracle broadcasting & the archive here on media monarchy ... plus, alex has started a daily show in liberty news radio ... thank you

corbett report: episode118 - who owns your dna?

corbett report: episode118 - who owns your dna?from corbett report: This week we discuss the tightening DNA control grid. Empowered by our own interest and enforced by the law, we are being catalogued at birth without our knowledge or consent. Join The Corbett Report for a discussion about the DNA databases with Greg Nikolettos of We The People Will Not Be Chipped and delve into the dark motives driving the agenda.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

wall street whistleblower proves money never sleeps

(for the audio-only version, check out peace revolution episode003)
20/20 hindsight - censorship on the frontlinefrom divergent films: Officially titled; "20/20 Hindsight: CENSORSHIP on the Frontline", this interview also includes solutions, documents and references, and asks only that you consider the information - to think for yourself - and communicate with others in order to achieve a higher-level of awareness.

This presentation is offered commercial-free as a public service thanks to an international joint-venture between Divergentfilms Canada, and

Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker Paul Verge brings us a revealing interview with Richard Andrew Grove which exposes the (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) of the recent economic decline, how it was legislated into existence, defended by corporate media and political "watch-dogs"; and allowed to drain America of nearly $200 Trillion Dollars... through a series of Ponzi-Schemes which could have and should have been exposed years earlier... but weren't.

A unique DVD / DVD-ROM offers the main feature (20/20 Hindsight: CENSORSHIP on the Frontline) with bonus features of:
1) Project Constellation (2006),
2) The Peace Revolution Podcast: The Million Dollar Education (2010), and
3) a DVD-ROM feature containing some of the most useful media files you'll ever discover.

If you would like a DVD, simply donate $10 to any of the independent media sites listed below; who have (since 2006) supported our work:


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media monarchy episode158

media monarchy episode158"you are the nervous system of this planet - spread this everywhere" for the 158th episode of media monarchy & the rise of the alternative media w/ ground zero, outside the box , peace revolution, new world next week, corbett report & more - mixed messages, broken promises & the cult rapture - murder/mayhem memes, homegrown errorism, joe stack, amy bishop & everything from here to there + wakeup calls from sloan & ben folds five plus so much more...

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media monarchy episode157b

episode157b: download/subscribe\archive

media monarchy episode157bthe b-side of episode157 from media monarchy w/ think tanks, whistleblowers, system security, cyber shockwave & operation aphrodite + a massively important newspurge featuring updates from 9/11 to warwhores, all the latest alt news from food world order & cyber/space\war, working music from elvis costello and tons more...

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

murder/mayhem: homegrown errorism, the amy bishop story & more

the twisted tales of joe stack & amy bishop are still developing stories of suspicious activities, too much to go into here ... go to cryptogon for a great archive of all the uncomfortable updates on dr bishop, but for now, here's a thumbnail sketch...

alleged alabama killer was suspect in attempted bombing of harvard professor in '93 & murdered her brother in '86
alleged alabama killer was suspect in attempted bombing of harvard professor in '93 & murdered her brother in '86from boston globe: The professor who is accused of killing three colleagues at the University of Alabama on Friday [feb12] was the main suspect in the attempted mail bombing of a Harvard Medical School professor and a Massachusetts police chief revealed Saturday that Bishop had fatally shot her brother in 1986... During a search of Bishop's computer, authorities found a draft of a novel that Bishop was writing about a female scientist who had killed her brother and was hoping to make amends by becoming a great scientist, according to a person who was briefed on the investigation and spoke to the Globe on the condition of anonymity.

now, the story of joe stack & another plane crashing into a building happened today, so all the dirt is slowly surfacing - such as the prior warnings, the hazmat teams being in place before the crash & surely we'll see this connected to tea party terronoia & homegrown errorism; go to legitgov for an archive of oddities, but for now a quick rundown...

man angry at irs crashes plane into building
man angry at irs crashes plane into buildingfrom ap: A software engineer furious with the Internal Revenue Service launched a suicide attack on the agency Thursday by crashing his small plane into an office building containing nearly 200 IRS employees, setting off a raging fire that sent workers running for their lives... The FBI tentatively identified the pilot as A. Joseph Stack III, 53. Law enforcement officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation was still going on, said that before taking off, Stack apparently set fire to his house and posted a long anti-government screed on the Web. It was dated Thursday and signed "Joe Stack (1956-2010)." In it, the author cited run-ins he had with the IRS and ranted about the tax agency, government bailouts and corporate America's "thugs and plunderers." .. "I have had all I can stand," he wrote, adding: "I choose not to keep looking over my shoulder at 'big brother' while he strips my carcass."

more murder/mayhem memes:
3 tesla motors employees killed in plane crash*
plane from denver diverted after threatening letter found*
2 nuclear physicists dead, 1 missing since december '09*
guru indicted in 3 deaths at arizona sweat lodge*
video: bbc host admits on-air to killing lover*
alleged attempt by ft jackson soldiers to poison food*
student wounded in northern illinois university shooting; suspect in custody*
saudi prince in court over london murder*

2/18 newspurge: get outta yr bed, you gotta wake up

biowars/envirohealth updates: 
the depressing truth about anti-depressants:
no better than placebos

the depressing truth about anti-depressants: 
no better than placebos"implant will stop me from having more kids"*
big pharma researcher admits to faking dozens of research studies for pfizer, merck*
radioactive plume spreads over vermont; feds slammed for inaction*
un climate chief yvo de boer to resign*

econocrash updates: 
onion article on financial system actually reveals the truth*
onion article on financial system actually reveals the truthfdic opens massive new office near chicago to handle coming tidal wave of midwest bank closings they are expecting*
morgan stanley strategist: head for the hills!*
video: get ready for tax hikes 'that aren't even imaginable'*
new underground economy: 17m americans shun banks*
illinois senate holds private meeting at statehouse*
bomb explodes at jpmorgan office in athens, greece*
obama signs law raising public debt limit from $12.4t to $14.3t*

new world next week - feb18

new world next week - feb18The medium is the message on the latest New World Next Week with James Corbett of & James Evan Pilato of From rock stars to the alternative media, the word is getting out about what's really going down.
Story#1: Sex Pistols, Smashing Pumpkins members discuss HAARP, GM Foods, Illuminati
Everything From Here To There: Billy Corgan's blog

Story#2: Media Monarchy on KUFO
w/ Clyde Lewis & Alex Ansary

Ground Zero Media: My First Police State

Story#3: Signal to Noise -
A Three-Way Conversation on the Media & the Message

20/20 Hindsight: Censorship on the Frontline
As always, stay tuned to & for all the news & analysis that's unfit for print. Subscribe to the feeds from Corbett Report here & Media Monarchy here. Thank you.

previous episode: nwnw - feb10
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