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corbett report: episode088 - you are being programmed

corbett report: episode088 - you are being programmedfrom corbett report: We've talked about Edward Bernays and we know all about propaganda, but there's more to media control than corporate advertising. Public opinion and attitudes are shaped through the media we consume, from television and movies to books and music. Join us this week as we explore some of the TV shows and movies that are working to transform your conscious opinions and subconscious mind.

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previous episode: 087 - the united nations doesn't love you

corbett report video: brave new world
from corbett report: In this installment of "Film, Literature and the New World Order," The Corbett Report explores Aldous Huxley's classic work of science-fiction, Brave New World. Brave New World is a dystopic vision of a nightmare future in which worker drones are engineered from birth to perform slave labour for a world dictatorship. Even more frighteningly, the workers have even been engineered to love their servitude. Most frightening of all, Huxley's own family background and experience might show that Brave New World is not so completely fictional as we would like to believe...

media monarchy picked up by k-rocks

i'm to happy announce that media monarchy has been picked up by k-rocks radio one & is now streaming here & is blasting out on 92.3 lpfm in the heart of casper, wyoming... thanks to k-rocks, clyde lewis & the ground zero lounge for all the help & thanks to zack for making this flyer:

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cyber/space\war: obamessiah meets the cyberczar

cybersecurity: obama’s promise to trash the constitution as the white house creates new cyberspace watchdog
cybersecurity: obama’s promise to trash the constitution as the white house creates new cyberspace watchdogfrom dpa: The White House Friday moved to stem escalating cyber crime as threats to internet security and wireless technology grow at an alarming pace. US President Barack Obama announced the creation of a White House office that will coordinate protection of government security, financial systems, air traffic control programmes and other systems. The problem is 'the most serious economic and security challenge that faces the nation,' Obama said. In addition, the Pentagon is reportedly planning to create a new military command for cyberspace, The New York Times reported. But defence officials have not yet presented the plan to Obama, the newspaper said.

video: obama unveils new cybersecurity strategy*
obama outlines coordinated cyber-security plan*
obama: cybersecurity a 'national priority'*
president announces cyber security office*
obama says he will name national cybersecurity adviser*
obama cybersecurity report addresses critical infrastructure & privacy issues*
obama says govt sanctions unwarranted in spy case*
obama says new cyberczar won’t spy on the net*
obama’s new war doctrine: 'cyber dominance'*
obama says cybersecurity chief will secure networks*
obama's cybersecurity speech: why bother?*
obama pledges $467m for US geothermal & solar*

ultimate lock picker hacks pentagon,
beats corporate security for fun & profit

contractors vie for plum work, hacking for US
contractors vie for plum work, hacking for USfrom nytimes: The government’s urgent push into cyberwarfare has set off a rush among the biggest military companies for billions of dollars in new defense contracts. The exotic nature of the work, coupled with the deep recession, is enabling the companies to attract top young talent that once would have gone to Silicon Valley. And the race to develop weapons that defend against, or initiate, computer attacks has given rise to thousands of “hacker soldiers” within the Pentagon who can blend the new capabilities into the nation’s war planning. Nearly all of the largest military companies — including Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon — have major cyber contracts with the military and intelligence agencies. The companies have been moving quickly to lock up the relatively small number of experts with the training and creativity to block the attacks and design countermeasures. They have been buying smaller firms, financing academic research and running advertisements for “cyberninjas” at a time when other industries are shedding workers. The changes are manifesting themselves in highly classified laboratories, where computer geeks in their 20s like to joke that they are hackers with security clearances.

US cybersecurity plan poses new war threats,
attacks on democratic rights

cybersecurity framework for total govt regulation & control
from paul joseph watson & kurt nimmo: The Obama administration’s new Cybersecurity system will only make the Internet more vulnerable to attack, while creating the framework for a massively upgraded government surveillance grid that will control and regulate every aspect of our daily lives through the implementation of “smart” technology. Obama’s announcement of the new cybersecurity grid dovetails with a recently introduced Senate bill, the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, that would hand the president the power to shut down the entire Internet in the event of a “cybersecurity” crisis. The bill’s draft states that “the president may order a cybersecurity emergency and order the limitation or shutdown of Internet traffic” and would give the government ongoing access to “all relevant data concerning (critical infrastructure) networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access,” reports Raw Story. The legislation would allow the government to tap into any digital aspect of every citizen’s information without a warrant. Banking, business and medical records would be wide open to inspection, as well as personal instant message and e mail communications. This is President Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program on steroids, yet the reaction from the liberal left has been muted to say the least. Furthermore, the reasoning behind the proposal is a farce, since cybersecurity will make the Internet even more vulnerable to attack. According to Jennifer Granick, director of civil liberties at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the program wouldbasically establish a path for the bad guys to skip down.” One of the bill’s authors, Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, admitted that the bill was about more than just military or intelligence concerns. “It is a lot more than that. It suddenly gets into the realm of traffic lights and rail networks and water and electricity,” said Rockefeller.

updates from jun2:
nasa's new solar cycle prediction*
new twitter feature: body counts*
600ft jellyfish crop circle found in oxfordshire field*
darpa recruits bees to find land mines*
audio: mysterious ‘chip’ is cia’s latest weapon against al-ciada targets hiding in pakistan’s tribal belt*

updates from jun4:
sci-fi writers dream up contingency plans for dhs - or vice versa?*
the empire strikes back: US/uk prepare fightback against eastern hackersgoogle's influence grows in the white house*
obama resurrects bush's failed cybersecurity scam*
obama's cybersecurity plan: bring in the contractors!*
the empire strikes back: US/uk prepare fightback against eastern hackers*
nominee: dhs won't lose cybersecurity authority*
napolitano names senior cybersecurity officials*
homeland security names new cybersecurity officials*
is the hacking threat to national security overblown?*
guarding the nation’s computer systems*
judge tosses telecom spy suits*
wikipedia bans scientology from editing site*
church of scientology indefinitely banned from editing wikipedia*
renewable energies are lifeline for electric grid collapse during severe solar storms*

writer forcibly removed from near air force one

writer forcibly removed from near air force onefrom herald sun: A writer for a small newspaper attempted to hand US President Barack Obama a letter, but was forcibly removed from a press area near Air Force One today [may29], shortly before Mr Obama arrived at Los Angeles airport. In bizarre scenes, airport security officers carried the woman away by the feet and arms. She was later allowed to leave without charge. Brenda Lee, a writer for the Georgia Informer in Macon, is a "Roman Catholic priestess" and was carrying a letter she had written opposing gay marriage. She had White House press credentials, The Associated Press reported. Lee said later in a phone interview with The Associated Press that she asked a Secret Service agent to give the President her letter, but he refused and referred her to a White House staffer. Lee said she refused to give the staffer the letter and protested when she was asked to leave. "I said, 'I'm not leaving,'" she said. "They tried to drag me out." Two officers then picked her up and carried her out. "I was afraid you could see under my clothes," she said.

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media monarchy episode125

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nietzsche said that 'without music, life would be a mistake' - but we won't make that mistake because the 125th episode of media monarchy is a 2hr mixtape gift for you w/ music by the faint, fugazi, thievery corporation, dead kennedys, immortal technique, emergency broadcast network & more + patton oswalt, bill hicks & the covert war against rock... thanks for supporting the show & getting active, now let's get radio-active!


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media monarchy episode124b

media monarchy episode124bepisode124b from media monarchy gets us up to date on the murder of william bennett, north korea nukes & the newburgh 4 + another newspurge on 9/11, cyberwars, police state media & predictive programming, the latest from ground zero lounge & corbett report, complicated new music from jarvis cocker and tons more...


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5/28 newspurge

9/11 updates:
9/11 commissioner veniste slams bush*
9/11 commissioner veniste slams bushbush criticized by former 9/11 commission member*
last chance to indict bush & cheney for the mass murders of 9/11?*
cheney corroborates his early arrival in the bunker on 9/11*
napolitano: 9/11 terrorists did not enter US from canada*
psychologists weigh in on 9/11*
300,000 new yorkers could be headed for 9/11-related health crisis*
9/11 'misleads' americans' view of terrorism*
is actor mark adrian humphrey the 9/11 'harley shirt guy'?*

US cyberattack console aims to turn grunts into hackers*
US cyberattack console aims to turn grunts into hackerspentagon working on cyberwarfare tools for gi's*
dod developing portable hacking device for soldiers*
natl cyber range: building attack tools for mass destruction*
US cops & military to get laser guns*
darpa & google translation projects are bringing down the language barrier*
air force looks for ‘core algorithms’ of human thought*
obama picks ex-shuttle commander to lead nasa*
obama shines light on air force’s super solar array*
video: military robots and the future of war*
standard updated for reporting suspicious activity online*
obama set to create a cybersecurity czar with broad mandate*
long-awaited cybersecurity report to arrive friday [may29], white house says*
obama’s scotus pick schooled in cyberlaw*
video: viral video hoax, or proof of impending cyber apocalypse?*
solar cycle 24: solar flares & social collapse*
cost of electric grid failure from 2012 solar storms avoidable*
kennedy linked US/USSR lunar missions with classified ufo files*

united nations wants 'flood of drugs' in afghanistan to devalue opium*
US forces seize almost 15 tonnes of narcotics including opium, heroin & morphine*
medical evidence on marijuana blows both ways*

revolution in the air*
revolution in the airtrouble ahead: millions of mortgages will ratchet upward soon*
dollar hits 4 month low against the euro after fed badmouth*
recession turns malls into ghost towns; 'dead malls' to grow to 100 nationwide*
who's to blame for the tent people?*
schwarzenegger plans to completely eliminate welfare for families in california*
hr1207, ron paul's bill to audit fed, gains serious momentum*
2 illinois banks seized, bringing US tally this year to 36*
when it's time for residents to leave foreclosed homes, deputies show up*
china warns federal reserve over 'printing money'*
jfk's eo11,110 remains in effect today*
rising unemployment raises threat of social crisis*
video: 1st person - getting ready for the worst*
waterboard the fed*
general motors 1st hybrid; from 1969!*
irs tax revenue falls along with taxpayers' income*
video: toledo police layoffs leading to gun buying*
americans' credit scores fall as they struggle to pay bills*
geithner to meet top chinese leaders*
microchipping your money*
schwarzenegger targets welfare, health care in new round of cuts*
staples profit falls 33% in 1st quarter*
bilderberg plan for 2009: remaking the global political economy*
once considered unthinkable, US sales tax gets fresh look*
economic crisis spurs spike in ‘suburban survivalists’*
time warner to spin off aol, ending deal*
toys r us acquires high-end retailer fao schwarz*

role of british diplomats in tamil leaders' failed surrender bid*
role of british diplomats in tamil leaders' failed surrender bidcheney goofs on israel*
guards let mexico inmates escape*
obama & jfk: pressuring israel to limit nuclear capability*
video: is israel in danger?*
poland expects patriot in 09, US 'yes' to shield*
as israel rages, US plans for iran war re-emerge*
half of israelis back immediate strike on iran*
israel to ignite all-out regional war?*
how much cash have we wasted in afghanistan?*
pakistan risks 'human catastrophe'*
US killed 97 afghan civilians in 2 days*
shell human rights abuse case to open in US*
shell 'played role in activist executions'*
church of scientology could be banned in france*
trial against church of scientology begins in france*
israel to conduct nationwide civil defense drill*

former intern to tell of affair with jfk*

flight 3407: idle 'chit-chat' was not a factor*
illinois sen burris' plane makes emergency landing*
georgia father gets 100 years for poisoning kids' soup*
washington has first death under new state suicide law*
former s korean president roh dies in apparent suicide*
video: 6 ways to kill a 6th grade girl*
generals find suicide a frustrating enemy*
mike tyson's daughter on life support*
tyson's 4yr old daughter, exodus, dies after treadmill accident*
copycat effect: cat people: enemy action?*
brazil plane crash kills 14, including children*
teacher admits sex with boy; police say mom approved*
russian girl discovered 'behaving like dog'*
tampa woman stops armed carjacker with her own gun*
US buys enough guns to outfit the entire chinese & indian army*
neo-nazis with bomb parts in alabama & maine*
chinese spa murder sparks concern*
video: passer-by pushes suicide jumper off bridge in china*

obamessiah & the apostles of war:
obama still debating how to try 9/11 & uss cole defendantsobama still debating how to try 9/11 & uss cole defendants*
tom ridge says cheney is wrong*
the lie cheney told about a q khan*
the obama dystopia*
obama’s guantánamo appeasement plan*
obama nominates hispanic woman to scotus*
obama’s transportation sec to 'coerce people out of their cars'*
ron paul audio: torturing the rule of law*
another establishment news site confirms obama officials attended bilderberg 2009*
is hr985 meant to protect obama & his criminal actions?*
obama combines security councils, adds offices for cyber/pandemic threats*
scotus writes the constitution*
cheney & rumsfeld pressured cia to mislead congress in the 70s, too*
mancow waterboarded, admits it's torture*
haass pans questions about bilderberg & national sovereignty*
pelosi: 'every aspect of our lives must be subject to inventory'*
obama continues bush's assault on the middle class*
US military investigator confirms women & children were raped at abu ghraib*
la raza to supreme court?*
white house struggles to defend sotomayor’s race statement*
obama demands right to recruit minors for military*

police state int'l:
uk recruits an army of private snoopers with police-style powers*
uk recruits an army of private snoopers with police-style powersgates says new 'supermax' facilities for terror suspects can be built*
japanese university to hand out free iphones to students, so they can be tracked*
police mix up new brew of efforts to fight dui*
home sec was warned of mi5's 'blackmailing of muslims'*
license plate surveillance grid used to track antiwar protesters*
marines invade staten island during festivities*
families line up for the masonic child id program*
4 states adopt 'no-smiles' policy for driver's licenses*
uk’s cctv network to track, log all car journeys*
cop grabs emt by the throat*
video: insane thug cops attack emergency paramedic*
ny officer acquitted for body slam that broke woman's jaw*
US plans to press fbi into counter-terror ops*
netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals*

US army prepared to stay in iraq for a decade*
gi's could be in iraq after 2012*
'incompetent' navy wasting money*
new rule puts US coast guard in canadian waters*
right-wing military writer: we may have to kill war journalists*

clyde lewis & the ground zero lounge - may 2009

here are the latest episodes from the ground zero lounge...

download may2009 archive [119mb ZIP]

being green: it's not so easy [may4]
being green: it's not so easy [may4]In “Being Green: It’s Not so EasyClyde Lewis points out that some of the more outrageous theories about Swine Flu are no more insane than the arguments for Global Warming. In this episode you will find out who profits from diseases & fear-based threats.

on the trail of iatrogenocide [may11]
on the trail of iatrogenocide [may11]The New Flu pandemic is not a hoax but a well thought out false flag event. How are the pandemics, cattle mutilations, and Chemtrail spraying connected? Find out in this compelling and timely Ground Zero Lounge.

fascist unethical corporate knowledge [may18]
fascist unethical corporate knowledge [may18]The United States is a Corporation. Find out how some people are fighting unethical corporate knowledge with the Constitution; Making great strides against the heavy handed control of the Corporate criminals in Washington D.C.

ground zero lounge archives: march2009 & april2009

the murder of william bennett, part3: arresting developments

flashbacks: the death of william bennett, part1: cia, contract killers, kosovo & questions & updates on murder of william bennett, part2

alleged gang members arrested in lansdowne murder [apr27]
alleged gang members arrested in lansdowne murderfrom nbcwashington: Two men have been arrested and two more are being held in the murder and brutal attack of William Bennett of Lansdowne. The suspects are allegedly members of - or associated with - an established criminal street gang, but the crimes against the Bennetts don't appear to be a part of a gang initiation or specific gang-ritual, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office said. "They [the Bennetts] were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time," Loudoun Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson said. Two of the men - Darwin G. Bowman, 18, of Annandale, VA, and an unidentified 17-year-old male from Sterling, VA - have been charged with capital murder, a charge made in crimes that usually show motive. A third man, Anthony R. Roberts, 20, of Middleburg, VA, is currently being held on burglary charges; he is also expected to receive the same murder charge. A fourth suspect, an unidentified 18-year-old man from Sterling, VA, is also being held in custody on unrelated charges. The motive behind the March 22 attacks was robbery, according to officials. A white panel van seen in the area of the attacks was key to breaking the case; it had also been spotted during a gang-on-gang assault in Sterling on February 28. All suspects are currently being held without bond. Further charges for the attack of Cynthia Bennett, who remains hospitalized, are pending, as are more arrests.

sheriff expects at least 5th suspect in lansdowne homicide [apr28]

from nbcwashington: The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office expects at least one more arrest in the death of William Bennett and brutal beating of his wife in Lansdowne despite four arrests... Investigators have executed 20 search warrants and conducted at least 100 interviews, but more police work is ahead of them. "We feel fairly confident that there's probably a fifth person, maybe a sixth, but we're not as confident on that," Sheriff Steve Simpson said... The motive behind the March 22 attacks was robbery, according to officials. "Well it is hard for us to grasp something like that, but we don't think like they do," Simpson said. "Violence is their way of life. It's a sign of authority, it's a sign of power, it's a sign of control. So violence is second nature. So to them it's nothing, probably. To most normal decent people, it shocks them beyond belief."

and here are many more updates from the loudoun independent:
sheriff urges calm after mass email in lansdowne case [mar25]*
more theories than answers [apr2]*
condition of lansdowne assault victim improving [apr7]*
'benefit for bennett' reward fund [apr23]*
arrests made in the lansdowne murder [apr25]*
video: sheriff simpson addresses the public [apr25]*
delay in bowman plea for lansdowne murder [apr27]*
public safety meeting tonight in lansdowne [apr30]*
leesburg police seek information on leesburg gun burglary [may5]*
video1/video2: plowman & fisher go on the record about lansdowne attack [may6]*
tip of the iceberg? [may13]*
suspect in lansdowne attack charged with middleburg burglaries [may18]*

plus a few other odds & ends:
the death of william bennett: cia, contract killers, kosovo & questions* [reposts]
the curious murder of cia targeter william bennett*

update: the murder of william bennett, part4: ashes to ashes

interview w/ alex constantine on the crash of flight 3407

interview w/ alex constantine on the crash of flight 3407investigative journalist & author alex constantine joined us on the line from los angeles for this special interview episode from media monarchy. for the last 20 years, constantine's work has focused mostly on the unseen hand of the intelligence networks & the powerful role they play in our world. in this interview, we focus on a recent event with many questions & connections: the crash of flight 3407. when a seemingly simple plane crash claims the lives of people connected to 9/11, private military contractors, the pharmaceutical industry & the banksters - sinister forces are at work. other topics include: american idolization & the covert war against rock, operation mockingbird, citizen journalism, the nazi nexus, propaganda and so much more...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

elites 'secret' meeting discussed depopulation

video: abc news reports on secret meeting of the rich
elites 'secret' meeting discussed depopulationfrom wsj: Last week’s meeting of the Great and the Good (or the Richest and Richer) was bound to draw criticism. The New York meeting of billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, David Rockefeller, Eli Broad, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah, Michael Bloomberg and others was described by the Chronicle of Philanthropy as an informal gathering aimed at encouraging philanthropy. Just a few billionaires getting together for drinks and dinner and a friendly chat about how to promote charitable giving. There was no agenda, we were told. And no plan for a follow-up meeting.

But in an age of fallen wealth idols, it was inevitable that a meeting of billionaire minds would draw scrutiny. Surely all that money and power in one room had to spell trouble for the rest of us. An article in the Times of London, headlined “Billionaire Club in Bid to Curb World Population,” said the issues discussed in the top-secret meeting included health care, education and – by far the most controversial – slowing the global population growth.

Taking their cue from Gates they agreed that overpopulation was a priority,” the article said, adding that “this could result in a challenge to some Third World politicians who believe contraception and female education weaken traditional values.” Such a stand wouldn’t be surprising. Mssrs. Gates, Buffett and Turner have been quietly worrying about Malthusian population problems for years. Mr. Gates in February outlined a plan to try to cap the world’s population at 8.3 billion people, rather than the projected 9.3 billion at which the population is expected to peak.

elites 'secret' meeting discussed depopulationBut some right-leaning blogs have started attacking the billionaires as forming a kind of secret sterilization society or giant ATM to fund abortions. It fed into time-honored fears of the rich using their wealth to reshape mankind in its preferred image. Some are raising the specter of eugenics.

I am not taking a stand on population control. But from what I was personally told about the meeting – and what the Times spells out further down in its story – population control was just one of many items raised during the meeting, as each philanthropist talked about what they were working on. It wasn’t the reason for meeting and there are no real plans for a follow-up confab. The notion that this secret gathering was aimed mostly at shrinking the world’s population just doesn’t ring true.

That said, almost all of the attendees are politically liberal. Do you think this Star Chamber of Philanthropists is something to worry about or something to be grateful for?

flashback: abc news reports on secret meeting of the rich,
yet ignores the bilderberg group completely

newburgh 4: fbi lies, organs, pot, temple plot or not?

copycat effect: plot or not?

fbi agent on synagogue case has questionable record
fbi agent on synagogue case has questionable recordfrom village voice: The FBI agent with a high-profile role in [may20] arrests of 4 men for plotting a terror attack in NY has a pretty interesting - & controversial - track record. Special Agent Robert Fuller, whose name appears at the top of the federal criminal complaint in the case, had a hand in the FBI's failure to nab two of the 9/11 hijackers, had one of his informants set himself on fire in front of the White House, and was involved in misidentifying a Canadian man as a terrorist leading to his secret arrest and torture - a case that is now the subject of a major lawsuit.

nyc terror 'mastermind' tells judge he’s a pothead

exactly as predicted: newburgh 4 semi-retarded potheads
exactly as predicted: newburgh 4 semi-retarded potheadsfrom paul joseph watson: Exactly as we predicted in our headline story yesterday, two of the ringleaders in the “deadly” New York terror plot salaciously hyped by the media and government officials have turned out to be semi-retarded potheads. “The men will likely turn out to be semi-retarded dropouts,” we stated in our article yesterday, basing our forecast on the fact that in every other major terror sting in the west given so much prominence by officials and the corporate media, the poor suckers rounded up by the feds always turn out to be low IQ petty criminals down on their luck, provocateured and armed by federal agents. We already knew that the men were provided with an inert rocket launcher and fake C4 explosives by an FBI informant, and now as more details emerge, our original summation of the case is proving accurate. According to an Associated Press report, the four men charged with planning to blow up synagogues and military planes, “Were amateurs every step of the way. They had trouble finding guns and bought cameras at Wal-Mart to photograph their targets. One was a convicted purse snatcher, another smoked marijuana the day the plot was to be carried out.”

nyc plotter's lawyer says his haitian client, laguerre payen, is 'intellectually challenged' & on schizophrenia meds

supposed terror plot against ny synagogues is bogus
from the nation: By the now, it's maddeningly familiar. A scary terrorist plot is announced. Then it's revealed that the suspects are a hapless bunch of ne'er-do-wells or run-of-the-mill thugs without the slightest connection to any terrorists at all, never mind to Al Qaeda. Finally, the last piece of the puzzle: the entire plot is revealed to have been cooked up by a scummy government agent-provocateur. I've seen this movie before. In this case, the alleged perps - Onta Williams, James Cromitie, David Williams, and Laguerre Payen - were losers, ex-cons, drug addicts. Al Qaeda they're not. Without the assistance of the agent who entrapped them, they would never have dreamed of committing political violence, nor would they have had the slightest idea about where to acquire plastic explosives or a Stinger missile. That didn't stop prosecutors from acting as if they'd captured Osama bin Laden himself.

meanwhile, brazilian police thwart synagogue plot

newburgh 4 & the govt mole who betrayed them
newburgh 4 & the govt mole who betrayed themfrom tpmmuckraker: We're starting to get a rich picture of the four hapless Jihadis who were arrested Wednesday night for plotting to bomb two New York synagogues, as well as the FBI informant who deceived them. And the overall portrait that's emerging is that of a group of struggling, disaffected petty criminals, who bonded at a Newburgh, NY mosque over having spent time in prison, before being taken in by a Pakistani immigrant looking to win leniency for a crime of his own.

fbi ‘lured dimwits’ into terror plot*
fbi arrests 4 in alleged plot to bomb bronx synagogues, shoot down plane*
'jihad' girlfriends: fbi snitch used gifts to trick our men*
informant offered liver transplant for bronx terror suspect's brother*
more terror plot patsies? fbi raids chicago apartments*

flashback: fbi sells fake bombs to fake terrorists & foils fake plot
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