Thursday, July 23, 2009

7/23 newspurge: 9/11, bio, cyber, drug, econo, enviro & geopolitiks

9/11 updates:
9/11 families endorse nyc can petition*
9/11 families endorse nyc can petitionnyc can breaks 70k signatures*
ny district judge alvin k hellerstein
- the 9/11 judge

buffer grows around shanksville memorial*
was delta flight #1989 part of a live-fly hijacking exercise on 9/11?*
hillary says 9/11 ringleaders are in pakistan*

biowars/swine flu:
clyde lewis: kool-aid 666, the injection infection*
clyde lewis: kool-aid 666, the injection infectioneu666 biodefense stockpile & US666 biodefense stockpile*
govt announces flu pandemic psa propaganda contest*
agencies to set up mass swine flu vaccinations*
legal immunity set for swine flu vaccine makers*
baxter patented 'swine flu' vax 2yrs before outbreak of virus*
china quarantines british school group over swine flu fears*
german mass swine flu vaccinations start in september*
video: kiwi rapper gets it right - nztrillion, say no to the vaccine*
US has bought 195 million doses of h1n1 vaccine*

raytheon says: cyberwarriors & media sanitizers wanted*
raytheon says: cyberwarriors & media sanitizers wanted*israeli web warfare team unveiled*
nasa looks at next 'giant leap' in space*
is this why the quality of the original moon landing video was so bad?*
apollo 11 hoax: 1 in 4 people do not believe in moon landing*
who owns the moon?
the galactic govt vs the united nations

intel chief: source of cyberattacks still unknown*
brighton company involved in cyber attack on US & s korea*

voters in california approve marijuana tax*
harry potter actor charged with growing 10 marijuana plants*

detroit: the post-apocalyptic future of american cities?*
congresswoman intros bill to ban all credit default swaps*
watchdog says US bill for tarp could be huge*
cost of bailout hits a whopping $24t*
kucinich: ‘is the fed paying banks not to loan money?’*
bernanke: “i don’t know” which foreign banks were given half a trillion*
video: govt by goldman sachs*

mysterious, glowing clouds appear across night skies*
mysterious, glowing clouds appear across america’s night skiesblob off alaskan coast identified by coast guard as 'marine algae'*
obama admin scraps logging plan in oregon carbon sinks*
'purity of essence': the real history fluoride*
1973 document outlines blueprint for 'family planning' propaganda*

russia/china have warned US that an israeli attack on iran would mean 'world war'*
russia/china kick off military exercises*
chinese military fighter-bomber crashes*
drone war escalates; 365 dead so far in ‘09, study says*
osama's son reportedly killed in pakistan*
officials: son of obl believed killed in US missile strike;
and the cia kept it a secret for months*

US continues to train honduran soldiers*
video: kwiatkowski: operation in afghanistan is rooted in israel*
jakarta hotel bombs, the military & the cia*
jakarta false flag attacks designed to rekindled war of terror*
cia caught 'off-guard' by jakarta hotel terror attack*
malaysian terrorist leader suspected in jakarta hotel bombings*

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