Thursday, July 23, 2009

7/23 newspurge: mystery, media, mayhem, obama, police state +

was twa 800 shot down by a military missile?*
was twa 800 shot down by a military missile?300 nazis still go free in america*
cia's past haunts us*
watergate hotel to be auctioned next week*
watergate sold for $25m to german-owned firm*
ukranian former official admits to murdering journalist in 2000*
audio: virgina tech gunman's health records found*

billboards tell america to cheer up*
billboards tell america to cheer upmkultra guinea pig wrote lyrics for dylan's latest album*
cia/mafia media shill gerald posner claims jackson 'accidently killed himself'*
investigators want more info from mj doc*
jackson was guilty of pedophilia
- those who defend him have been misled

review of discovery's postapocalyptic reality show 'the colony'*
some ebooks are more equal than others:
kindle kills orwell's 1984 & animal farm

uk cleaner has head cut off in giant meat blending machine*
4 seasons hotel in los angeles evacuated after fire alarm sounds*
2 light-rail trains collide in san francisco*
eu criticizes death penalty in the US after 1,000th execution*
former US presidential candidate gene amondson dies following stroke*
land mine left in colorado goodwill donation box*
4 boys accused in rape of 8-year-old girl*
drive-by shooting at texas southern wounds 6*
37yr hunt for killer over?*
journalist deaths rise in media 'bloodbath'*
65yr-old woman arrested over the death of two mexican wrestlers*
update: 4 dead as helicopter crashes onto maryland highway*

obamessiah & the apostles of war:
video: obama says take the blue pill & stay asleep*
obama: take the blue pill & stay asleepobama: “blogs are best at debunking myths that can slip through a lot of the traditional media outlets"*
cindy sheehan says 'obama more polished than the last puppet'*
obama to attend north american union meeting, aug9-10*
obama approval rating falls below 60%*
obama ratings fall as polls show honeymoon may be over*

obama popularity drops amid health care clash, poor economy*
obama goes prime-time to pitch healthcare, again*
obama declines to disclose visits by health industry executives*
obama declines united nations requests for gitmo visits & data on cia prisons*
does the abuse & humiliation continue?:
freed gitmo detainees claim post-obama mistreatment
US weighs special team of terrorism interrogators*
your taxpayer dollars were used to torture children*
group plans lawsuit to unveil the cia’s pentagon papers*
did cheney's assassination squad operate on US soil?*
video: homeless get paid to stand in line for dc lobbyists*
texas congressman calls obama a 'fascist dictator'*
executive order 13489 & the birth certificate debate*
video: gop lawmaker shoots down 'birther' claim*
video: chris matthews takes on gop's birther bill*
video: liz cheney speaks out in defense of birthers movt*
obama lawyers shield cheney on leak*
cheney's secret service protection extended*
was uk weapons expert dr. kelly a victim of cheney's hitsquad? *
robert hormats, goldman sachs vice chairman & cfr member, picked for state dept post*
rockefeller sidesteps questions on the cfr & bilderberg*
video: jay rockefeller can’t deny his connection to modern eugenics*
sotomayor wouldn't concede a right to self-defense*
video: bilderberger sebelius takes fire on healthcare at townhall*
german man who protested obama deemed insane*
larouche calls for obama’s impeachment*

police state int'l:
cable tv workers trained to spy on citizens*
cable tv workers trained to spy on citizensny man forcibly sedated for cavity search gets $125k settlement*
norad military exercise over chicago tested response to threats to city's air space*
uk police given powers to enter homes and tear down anti-olympics posters during games*
the school with 100 spy cameras:
'big brother' system watches uk pupils
uk children traumatised by 'war of worlds' abduction of teacher*
conservative kiosk not allowed at north carolina mall*
maryland transit authority considers installing audio surveillance on trains, buses*
senate rejects concealed weapons measure*
senate narrowly rejects 'radical' concealed weapon measure*
charge dropped against harvard scholar; henry louis gates arrested at home*
dhs launches youtube channel*
emergency drill sent helicopters into denver's sky*
local law enforcement surveillance plane circling over portland*

gates says US army to expand by 22,000 troops*
gates says US army to expand by 22,000 troopsUS to expand army*
5 reasons why half of uk wants troops out of afghanistan*
did US forces watch afghan massacre?*
russia to draft 320,000 conscripts in fall 2009*
senate votes down funds for f22's*
john yoo, author of torture memos, pranked in classroom*
double shooting at ft lewis, washington*

and finally, 1 note of wv worry:
train derailment in mingo county, west virginia;
is this part of larger derailment meme?*

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