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@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode128 - New Beat

Episode128 - New Beat
♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode128 - New Beat which features brand new sounds from Tropical Depression, Foxygen, n. Lannon, Tom Vek, Braid, Makthaverskan, You Me & Apollo, Generationals, Bishop Allen, Mariachi El Bronx, Slow Club, Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Cookie Rabinowitz and Frazey Ford...


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♬Liner Notes♬: Fall gets going with the Project Pabst Music Festival here in Portland, but we've got a "New Beat" from all around the world in the latest sounds from Mariachi El Bronx, Foxygen, Generationals, Tom Vek, Braid, Frazey Ford and tons more on PUTV!

Tropical Depression
"How It Feelz" (w/ Lisa McGuire)
'Tropical Depression'
Tunecore, 2014
Notes: "When you hear the name Tropical Depression, it may not sound like something joyful to let loose on your ears, but in all honesty, the Minneapolis band's self-titled debut is a wonderful treat. Their sound is sunny, blissed-out guitar synth-pop that has plenty of neat, slo-mo hooks. The album and band don't seem to take themselves too seriously either, which is such a rarity nowadays." This one snuck past me last week, so we're kicking off Fall with a Tropical Depression!

"How Can You Really"
'...And Star Power'
Jagjaguwar, 2014
Notes: "Foxygen have announced their latest LP, the follow-up to 2013's excellent We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic. It's titled ...And Star Power, and arrives October 14 via Jagjaguwar. It consists of 24 tracks. A promotional image released by the band, pictured above, describes the album as a "svelte 82-minute run time of psych-ward folk, cartoon fantasia, soft-rock indulgences, D&D doomrock and paranoid bathroom rompers" and "a cinematic auditory adventure for speedy freaks, skull krunchers, abductees and misfits". "A gaggle of guest stars" are promised. Foxygen have also shared the video for "How Can You Really", the album's first single." We last heard Foxygen on Episodes044/051.

n. Lannon
'Falling Inside'
Badman, 2015
Notes: "In addition to his roles in the indie rock band Film School and the synth-pop duo Sacred Caves, San Francisco songwriter Nyles Lannon crafts intricate, crystalline bedroom pop, currently under the moniker n.Lannon. Initially experimenting with ambient music...Lannon’s ambient experiences run throughout “Dreamer”, an energetic, psychedelic stomper. The song’s sections come together seamlessly, snapping together with a precision that emphasizes Lannon’s attention to tone while his soft, melodic vocals flow across crisp, acoustic guitar. As Lannon whispers “I’m just a dreamer” during the songs hazy bridge, it feels like a culmination of the tension between the percussive rhythms and ethereal textures, augmenting each other to form something as direct as it is hypnotic."

Tom Vek
"Pushing Your Luck"
Moshi Moshi, 2014
Notes: "British dance-pop artist Tom Vek...first turned heads with his debut record, 2005’s We Have Sound. There was a five year wait before his sophomore followup, Leisure Seizure, which gave the musician a chance to grow his sound and mature. On the self-produced Luck, Vek perfects his sing-talk lyrical delivery and his unique brand of driving experimental sounds, a marriage of cacophonous production and twenty-tens attitude."

"East End Hollows"
'No Coast'
Topshelf, 2014
Notes: "Along with Cap'n Jazz and the Promise Ring, Braid helped cultivate the uncorked, spastically energetic 1990s emo strain that's now suddenly one of the most blogworthy around, resulting in thinkpieces and debates and generally extensive coverage over the last year from practically everyone. However, No Coast, Braid's first proper full-length in 16 years, seems to largely ignore both the stuttered, experimental tendencies they first adopted from early post-hardcore and the hallmarks current emo revival bands would borrow heavily from in favor of its own voice."

Run For Cover, 2014
Notes: "Exchanging brute force for cascading, gorgeous tones, Makthaverskan’s punk roots shine through the intensity of their performances, particularly those of singer Maja Milner. Formed when the band members were still in their teens in Gothenburg, Sweden... by the time their second album, II, was released in Sweden, the band had already achieved a level of fame at home. Boasting an absolutely crushing chorus, “Asleep” stands as one of the band’s most immediate and quintessential tracks thus far."

You Me & Apollo
"Don’t Sleep For Free"
'Sweet Honey'
AA Duel Monopoly, 2014
Notes: "That soulful voice you hear belongs to 24 year-old Brent Cowles – all glasses, gauges, mustache, and corkscrewy hair – who looks more fit to lead a psych-rock outfit than the roots-folk band You Me & Apollo... Cowles started what was a solo project in 2007 in the band’s hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. Since then, the project has become a five-member band and recently released their sophomore album, Sweet Honey...coming from producer Jeff Powell, who has worked with artists from Sharon Jones to Bob Dylan. “Don’t Sleep For Free” combines Cowles’ Otis Redding and Sam Cooke inspired vocals with the catchiness of contemporary indie folk à la The Head and the Heart."

"Gold Silver Diamond"
Polyvinyl, 2014
Notes: "When New Orleans duo Generationals went into the studio to record their fourth album, Alix, out September 16, they knew they wanted to shake up the comfortable rhythm reached after nearly a decade of writing together. Enter producer Richard Swift, who has worked with notable acts including The Shins and Foxygen, and who, rather than rebuilding the songs, simply tweaked and tightened them into a more cohesive and confident sound. “Gold Silver Diamond,” the first single from Alix, is perfect for a summer evening. Think of it as an ambient electro soundtrack to the segue from day to night. Enjoy it with a fruity frozen cocktail and as many bikini-clad cohorts as you can find." We last heard Generationals on Episode062 of PUTV.

Bishop Allen
"Why I Had To Go"
'Lights Out'
Dead Oceans, 2014
Notes: "On August 15th, Brooklyn indie-pop outfit Bishop Allen [released] Lights Out, their first new album in five years. The four-piece previously shared the chirpy and hopeful “Start Again”, and today, they return with “Why I Had To Go”. In an interview with Noisey, frontman Justin Rice said of the wistful ballad: “It’s very literally a song about coming and going from New York City, but it’s also about what it feels like to be a little bit older and look back—the ambivalence that you feel. How you sort of cherish these moments that you had but also feel a certain amount of nostalgia and you cringe a bit.”"

Mariachi El Bronx
"New Beat"
'Mariachi El Bronx (III)'
ATO, 2014
Notes: "Mariachi El Bronx is the alter-ego of US hardcore band The Bronx. '(III)' is the third in a series of self-titled LPs, following 2011's '(II)'. Recorded at Haunted Hallow Studios in Charlottesville, Virginia, it was produced by John Avila (Oingo Boingo), who co-produced (I) and (II) with the band... Mariachi El Bronx will also tour [the UK] this December as main support to Gogol Bordello."

Slow Club
"Complete Surrender"
'Complete Surrender'
Wichita, 2014
Notes: "Coming on like Sheffield’s very own two-person take on The Commitments, Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor’s third album sees them loading up the big soul guns for a shot at the mainstream. On their first LP away from indie Moshi Moshi, Slow Club are now packing a string section and perky brass army, some heavy heartache and, in Colin Elliot, a producer that made his name working with the North’s king of sweeping orchestral sound and greaser-blues, Richard Hawley."

Asteroids Galaxy Tour
"Bring Us Together"
'Bring Us Together'
Hot Bus, 2014
Notes: "Danish pop group The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is perhaps best known to U.S. audiences for having its delicious electro-pop single “Around The Bend” featured in an Apple commercial for the iPod Touch in 2008. Since then, the group has consistently released enjoyable pop tunes, and next week will release its third album, Bring Us Together, which you can stream exclusively on Billboard..."

Cookie Rabinowitz
"Fall In Philadelphia"
self-released/Atlantic, 2014
Notes: "Philly soul singer Cookie Rabinowitz has done the unthinkable... He’s taken on the Hall & Oates classic, “Fall In Philadelphia.” The original “Fall” appeared on Hall & Oates’ 1972 debut album, Whole Oats. It became one of the band’s most enduring songs from their earlier albums, despite the fact that it was never released as a single... Rabinowitz manages to maintain the soul of the song amidst the rhythmic clang of what sounds like pots and pans, lots of hand claps, layers of harmonies, flourishes of warm keyboards and a unexpected near wah-wah guitar solo. It’s very Prince-esque – and just different and good enough to let Rabinowitz slide for having the nerve to cover the song at all." Or, like Philly folks say, "This jawn just gets better with each track."

Frazey Ford
'Indian Ocean'
Nettwerk, 2014
Notes: "Folk artist Frazey Ford lives just about close enough to Seattle to call her local without actually residing in the United States. The Vancouver, BC, singer-songwriter is also a founding member of alt-folk band The Be Good Tanyas. Although she describes herself as a country-folk musician, for her sophomore solo effort, Ford weaves in soul, jazz, and R&B influences inspired by icons like Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway." We heard "September Fields" from Frazey back in August on the super-sized Episode122 - AND I get to interview her in a few weeks for my day job! Check out my YouTube playlist for other recent interview sessions with folks like Mike Doughty and - next week, Conor Oberst and Justin Townes Earle!

This week's B-sides: Israel Nash, Possessed By Paul James, Kevin Morby, Kat Edmonson and Mark Mallman

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