Monday, June 10, 2013

'#ThePurge': The #1 Film In America Is A Giant, Satanic Ritual

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'The Purge': The #1 Film In America Is A Giant, Satanic RitualHollywood once again proves their originality and bias towards the globalists. Wait, do they really? Walking out of the movie theater in Tucson, AZ, I said to a theater staff member “The movie sucked. Don’t see it. I got dragged into going to see it” in place of what I should’ve really said: “This movie was no ordinary slasher film; there seemed to be insidious intent and purpose, especially by the insertion of some obscure devices, and the generally implausible plot reflecting the demented psyche of the elite that we find hard to grasp or understand. The plot summary is as follows: “In the not-too-distant future, a new political regime, called the New Founding Fathers of America, attempts to control an epidemic of violence and crime by imposing strict martial law, and by trying out a new experiment called The Purge, where three times a year, for 12 hours, murder is completely legal.”

Among the themes of the movie, aside from pointless murder and 'A Clockwork Orange'-esque brutality on a less believable scale, I spotted references to eugenics, satanic ritual, child sacrifice and underage pornography, all of which led me to believe that this culture of death that Hollywood is promoting hasn’t seen the end of its bloodlust yet. There are more films to come that push the envelope on violent horror with emphasis on small indicators that only the initiated can spot - those aware of the hidden agendas, the secret societies and their bad blood against free humanity. Let’s start with underage pornography. The #1 film in America, seen by countless millions of eyes, first offers an inappropriate scene featuring a minor, Zoey Sandin, and her too-old-to-be-with-her boyfriend Henry. They are kissing, which is okay, until there is a scene where the boy can be seen lifting the girl’s bare thigh as he appears to be having sex with her. That’s strike one, a definite oddity that I didn’t appreciate. I could picture Henry Kissinger snickering in his movie seat, snatching the popcorn out of ol’ Condi’s fingertips. In the back of the theater, David Rockefeller is knitting his hands together maliciously, enjoying the scene immensely. Theater operations funded by the Bush dynasty, of course. The cushioned seats plush red, like gourmet Rothschild wine. Or the blood of innocents?

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Not living in North America I missed this, but it is sad to see that this type of movie is being pushed...

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