Wednesday, August 08, 2012

#Newspurge: The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

Stocks waver; signs on the economy hard to read*

Joseph Stiglitz: 'This Deficit Fetishism Is Killing Our Economy'*
Standard Chartered may lose NY license over Iran ties: "You F*cking Americans.
Who Are You To Tell Us, The Rest Of The World That We're Not Going To Deal With Iranians?"
Video: The Truth about TARP*
#Audio #Satire: Parent Company Hasn't Talked To Sister Corporation In Years*

U.S. Wasting Millions in Afghanistan*

Remember: US Has Secret Pact to Aid Syrian Rebels*
Video: Obama directs CIA to support Syrian rebels*

Morrissey Fumes Over 'Blustering Jingoism' of London Olympics:
"The spirit of 1939 Germany now pervades"

Lollapalooza Coming to Israel in 2013*
Pussy Riot trial 'worse than Soviet era'*
Randy Travis was arrested naked and charged with DWI in Texas*
Murder at Rikers, With Lines by Shakespeare*
Attaché Company Attacks Marvel, Alleging Avengers’ Infringement*
Juror's audition for 'Law and Order' delays attempted murder trial*
Leading Billboard Company Avoids Criminal Charges in Tree-Cutting Controversy*
'The Master'’ Early Reactions: Fantastic Direction & Stunning Performances*
Video: "The Master" - Official Trailer*

Obama says America needs "soul searching" on gun violence...
Yeah, some real #FastAndFurious soul searching

#ObamaBirthdayPartyGames: Sorry! Operation, Monopoly, Top Secret Spies, Vanished Planet, Power Grid, Pandemic, Risk, Blockhead! Conspiracy*
Romney’s New Bain Troubleshooter Is Ex-BP Publicist/Fannie Mae Lobbyist/Iraq War Strategist*
#Video #Satire: GOP Trying To Keep Elderly Voting Base Alive Until November*
Video: The secret principles of transparency*
#Audio #Satire: Scientists Say Venom Taken From Politicians Could Provide Medical Benefits*

Police State Updates:
Fake bomb ruled scarier than fake WMD*

Detailed Parking Tickets Breach Personal Privacy, Appeals Court Says*
Video: Michael Chertoff's junk exposed!*

West Virginia Worry:
Late Sen. Byrd's FBI files reveal CIA leak uproar*

West Virginia Ranked One of the Worst States to Live In*
Video: West Virginia Makes "Toxic 20" List for 2nd Year in a Row*
#TheOctopus/#PROMIS: 21yrs ago today American journalist #DannyCasolaro was found dead in his #WestVirginia hotel room*

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