Thursday, June 07, 2012

#Newspurge: How They Want Me To Be

UN Report Says Euro Crisis Biggest Threat To World Economy*

Fed survey finds US growth, hiring mostly steady*
No Fed Easing Now, but Possible If Growth Slows: Bernanke offered little hope*
Early rally fades after Bernanke's comments*
SEC in the Pocket of Huge Serial Violators, Brags about Catching Small Fry Companies*
Regulators Ignored JPMorgan Unit that Lost Billions*
Majority of Recent High School Grads are Unemployed*

Syria Rebels, Though Disparate, Are Tenacious in Crackdown*

Syria Rebels, Though Disparate, Are Tenacious in CrackdownUnited Russia Pushes for Military Training in Schools*
US Navy to move 60% of warships to Asia*
Australia’s secret plan for war with China uncovered*
'Spanic,' 'Grexit' and Europe's flying money*
What’s Next for the Family the U.S. Put in Power in Afghanistan?*
Major al-Qaida leaders killed in US drone strikes*
#Satire: DHS Creates Fenced-In Enclosure For Al-Qaeda To Safely Carry Out Attacks*

For first time, Romney raises more money than Obama*

Video: Who's Bankrolling the Tea Party?*
Representative Hayworth’s Adviser Quits After Acid-Hurling Remark*
Video: Obama's Economic Plan? Go Buy A Thingamajig!*

Portlandia/Oregon Oddities:
West Coast preps for Japanese tsunami debris to wash ashore*

Skies in Oregon Allow Photographing of Transit of Venus*
Hatfield was named as bribe target in secret 1985 indictment of Greek arms dealer*
After Voters Reject Property Tax Increase, Oregon County Releases Prisoners*

West Virginia Worry:
W.Va. families head to US Capitol over mine safety*

W.Va. sheriff indicted on federal rights charges*
Texting while driving — W.Va. ban begins today*
Feds bust W.Va. heroin and pain pill ring*
New approach to welfare has positive results in West Virginia*

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