Thursday, May 31, 2012

#Newspurge: Rising Sun Blues

Rockefellers and Rothschilds Unite: Two of the world's greatest family dynasties, are pooling their vast resources*

Rockefellers and Rothschilds Unite: Two of the world's greatest family dynasties, are pooling their vast resources
Keynesianism & Eugenics*
A History of Bank Runs*
Euro Near a 2-Year Low; #EU Calls for a 'Banking Union'*
UK Plans Border Controls For Euro Meltdown*
Drach to the future! The Greek currency conundrum*
Bank of America: Thanks for the Bailout…We’ll Create Some Jobs in the Philippines*
Video: Dylan Ratigan interviews 'Bailout' movie makers*
Bank Profits Hit 5-Year High*
Half a Million Long-Term Unemployed Lose Benefits Earlier than Expected*
Postal Service offers buyouts to 45,000 mail handlers*
Bleak May unemployment report suggests economic recovery may be stalling*
Audio Satire: New 'Desperate Poverty' Video Game Blamed For Urban Violence*

Video: Al Qaeda and the West team up to frame Syrian government for massacre*

Turning the T.I.P. – From Guernica to Huola*
SCO member-states to set up the Development Bank and Energy club*
SCO Armed Forces to Stage “Peace Mission 2012″ Drill*
Video: Nile Bowie on RT - Laying the Foundations for Preemptive Nuclear War Against Iran*

Buffett to buy newspapers;
Berkshire claims he won't influence content

Broadcasters Warn of Apocalypse in Dish’s Ad-Skipping Service*
Acting Director of Defense Media Activity: Who Is Bryan Whitman?*
Sweden wins song contest marked by Azeri dissent*
Video: Loreen "Euphoria"*
For Some New York Immigrants, VHS Is King for Movie Rentals*
MIBs: Silencers vs Killers*
Vallée on MIB Imagery*
'Hemingway & Gellhorn': Directed by Philip Kaufman*
John Travolta hiding out in the Bahamas*
Against Me! Singer Plays First Show as Laura Jane Grace -
Transgender rocker, formerly Tom Gabel, opens for The Cult
Amanda Palmer Dramatically Answers Questions About Her Connection to Scientology*
Video: Tyson Posted Training Video of #Bieber Before Singer's Assault on Photographer*
Despite Kabblah "cult" reunion Ashton and Demi not reuniting*
During her stay in Israel Madonna visited Tel Aviv’s Kabbalah Center*
Madonna Prays at Kaballah Center Ahead of Show*
Video: Doc Watson, Folk-Music Legend, Dies 89*
Audio: Doc Watson "Rising Sun Blues"*

Police State Updates:
Outsourcing Surveillance:
Watching dissidents is a booming business in China

Quebec government makes it illegal to protest against the government*
If Violent Crime Rate is at 40-Year Low, Why is U.S. Spending S100 Billion a Year on Police?*
Gunshot Detection Systems:
The Latest Tool against Violent Crime
Flashback: Who watches the watchers in surveillance society?*
Man Ticketed for Dropping Money on the Ground*
Judge Jails Honor Student with Two Jobs for Missing School*
Video: 11th-grade Honors Student Jailed for Truancy*

Portlandia/Oregon Oddities:
Oregon county releases inmates amid budget cuts*

Portland uses bad roads to qualify PSU area for Urban Renewal*
Portland man's 'Live #LipDub Proposal' goes viral*

West Virginia Worry:
Mountain Mourning:
Appalachian Women Lead Dramatic Protest Against Mountaintop Removal

'Serpent-Handling' Pentecostal Pastor, ‪Mark Wolford‬ 44, Dies From ‪Snake Bite*

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