Thursday, April 12, 2012

#Newspurge: The Hallways of the Always

Tax day is even deadlier than you think*

Tax day is even deadlier than you think
Stress, deadlines linked to deadly car crashes*
Almost Half of US Taxes Go to Military, Health Care*
Banker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy*
Dow Jones industrial average falls 200 points as stocks extend worst slump of the year*
Employment Increase in US Trails Most-Pessimistic Forecasts*
Government Jobs Disappearing…Unlike Other Post-Recession Periods*
Eighth GSA employee placed on leave in scandal*
Video: Rapping Federal Worker Adds To Evidence Of Waste And Excess*
#Audio #Satire: Pentagon Gets 12 Weapons For Only A Penny From Columbia Missile and Tank Club*

NAFTA Partners Take Steps to Boost Trilateral Relationship*

U.S. Aid to Israel Equals $4.9 Million a Day for 64 Years*
Connecticut Candidate Calls Opponent 'Whore' for AIPAC*
Dem Senatorial Candidate Calls Opponent Whore on Live TV*
German Railway Hires Lawyers and PR Firm before Holocaust Lawsuits in U.S.*
‘Ex’ KGB man wins presidency in South Ossetia*
Russia installs S-400 on Polish Border in response to US missile defense system*
Tension ahead of Pyongyang Missile Test* North Korea's rocket launch ends in failure: South Korea
S.Korea, U.S. Practice Invasion of North Korea During Civil War*
Cameron In Asia: PM Defends Seeking Arms Sales In Indonesia*
Cameron on Trade Trip to Asia; Touts UK Military Hardware*
The documents that prove Britain initiated rendition*
In Syria, send in the mercenaries*
Video: Hersh Says US trained MEK/MKO*
The balance of super-powers ahead of the 3rd Gulf war*
Video: Nonstop U.S. backed bombardment of Southern Yemen*

Matt Groening Reveals the Location of the Real Springfield*

'Simpsons' creator: Oregon town inspired Springfield* Exclusive: Nope, Springfield is Not in Oregon, Clarifies The Simpsons' Matt Groening
Mike Wallace, CBS Pioneer of '60 Minutes,' Dead at 93*
Mike Wallace, '60 Minutes' star interviewer, dies*
Ferdinand Porsche: Designer of 911 dies at 76*
Flashback: Ferdinand Porsche, Creator of the Sports Car That Bore His Name, Is Dead at 88*
Ferdinand Porsche - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia*
Thomas Kinkade, Painter for the Masses, Dies at 54*
Princess Di was in talks to star in 'The Bodyguard 2', reveals Kevin Costner*
Video: Whitney Houston 911 call released*
Potential jurors in Hudson slaying case asked about singer*
Studio halts Mel Gibson film*
Julia Roberts, 44, Shows Off Killer Beach Bod*
Ashley Judd lashes out at those who have criticized her looks*
SOPA lobby games: Why Netflix PAC agenda NOT convincing*
Jack Outside the Box: Jack White Is the Coolest, Weirdest, Savviest Rock Star of Our Time*
Coachella Music Festival Begins This Weekend*
Coachella 2012 Set Times Revealed! Let's Plan Our Stage-Hopping*
Remember: Coachella Connects to Casolaro's Octopus*

Obama heads (back) to the golf course (again)*

Obama administration diverts $500M to IRS to implement healthcare reform law*
Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu Are Old Friends*
Jury selection begins in John Edwards' criminal trial*

Oregon Oddities:
Five Suspects Busted in Funny Money Ring*

Five Suspects Busted in Funny Money Ring
Feds say Portland counterfeiters cheaply created bogus bills, put $70,000 in circulation*
Hillsboro police and Force Science Institute hold traffic stop study on officer memory, safety*

Police State Updates:
Video: "The Control Grid is Being Put Into Place to Handle What They Know Is Coming."*

Gil Scott-Heron knew about "The King Alfred Plan"*
News Organizations Protest Closed Hearing of USS Cole Terror Suspect*
Navy simulated Virginia Beach jet crash in December 15, 2011 drill*
US State To Ban Saggy Trousers*
Video: Police tracking cell phones w/o warrants*

West Virginia Worry:
WV women who became Rosie the Riveter during WWII share their stories*

West Virginia moves to revoke Upper Big Branch foreman's certificate*
WV Board to Allow Counties Under State of Emergency to Participate in Innovation Zones*

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