Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time for change: thanks to @thePRA

sorry for the mystery, gang... but after long consideration i have decided to stop doing the show at the portland radio authority. for five and a half years and 250+ episodes, the PRA has been instrumental in making the show what it was and i will always appreciate them. rest assured we're working behind the scenes here to make media monarchy bigger and better than ever. a huge thanks to everyone who cares and who have already written to ask about what's going on. stay tuned for more exciting updates concerning the relaunch of the radio show... thanks again, james


Peter said...


Bryant said...

Ever since I stumbled onto this show, via JC and grove and all the other great stuff I came onto, I truly looked forward to it in my itunes feed every week. Thanks so much for it. I understand people only have so much time so best of luck to you and I cant wait to see whats next Ill continue to support!

justmike said...

Thank you James for your amazing show. I look forward to your wry insightful reports and will be looking for your next broadcast. I think you are one of the best. Your show introduced me to the corbett report, tragedy and hope, Constantine, and as you say it, so much more. I show your episodes to my kids my mom and friends and they are blown away. Thank you!

Ryan said...

James, I have listened to your show since episode 200 and have enjoyed all information and music you've distributed through your podcast. Like Bryant, I too look forward to your feed in iTunes every Saturday morning. I want to wish you success in your future endeavors and I look forward to your future productions!

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