Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/26 newspurge: what would you do?

Bird flu mutation studies must go on, says scientist*

Bird flu researcher: H5N1 work is 'urgent'*
China reports second bird flu death in a month*
Calgary Sun: Fukushima fallout hit home*
Influx of Dolphins Stranded on Cape Cod Perplexes Rescuers*
Audio: Climate Change Lawsuit In Court In Eugene*
Strange Sounds in Kota Samarahan No Laughing Matter*
Roche Makes $5.7 Billion Offer for Illumina in Hostile Bid*
Report: Containers of dead babies and body parts found at radioactive waste site in Kazakhstan*
Stress blamed for student tics at New York school*

Magic Mushrooms Expand the Mind By Dampening Brain Activity, May Help Depression*

Flashback: study shows 'spiritual' effects of magic mushrooms*
Cocaine 'accidentally' sent to UN headquarters*
Police seize 16 kilograms of cocaine in United Nations mail shipment*

America After Dark: Desperate Meth Heads, Rampant Human Trafficking And Millions Of Criminal Predators*

Annenberg Estate, Sunnylands CA, to Open to the Public*
The New Meme: 2013 Is When We're Really Screwed*
Obama: The Man Without A Plan*
Davos elite: Capitalism has widened income gap*
Video: Davos 2012 Kicked Off Wednesday*

CFR Madmen Itching for a Nuclear Armageddon*

Video: The CFR Tells You 'What To Worry About in 2012'*
They Just Won't Stop The Team 6 Bullshit*
Video: A brief history of America's dumb policies towards Iran*
Yemen's Saleh heads to US*
Ex-C.I.A. Officer John Kiriakou Accused in Leak*
New Leak Case Relies on 1982 Law on Intelligence Identities*
Flashback: Viacom hired CIA torturer as 'Kite Runner' consultant*
In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims*
U.S. fights to keep $6.6 million in al-Qaeda assets from 9/11 victims*
Nigerian police find bomb-filled cars in Kano after Boko Haram attacks killed 178*
Video: Britain's OFCOM regulator turns off Iran's PressTV*
Video Flashback: Wikileaks exposed CIA directives to Al-Jazeera News*

Costa Concordia captain admits to 'navigational error'*

Victim identified in Hollywood severed head case*
3-inch nail removed from man's head;
Illinois man unknowingly shot nail into head while working
Twilight Language: Strange Times, Horse Fires and Hickman Mayor Killing*

obamessiah updates:
Oliver Stone: I'd vote for Ron Paul*

Obama, Ariz. governor in heated exchangeRon Paul sweeps the youth vote in three states*
Ron Paul says there should be a Golden Rule for foreign policy: evangelical audience boos him*
Lobbying dips sharply in 2011*
Giffords to Resign From Congress*
First family seems pleasantly boring in 'The Obamas'*
Full transcript: Obama's 2012 State of the Union Address*
Obama, Ariz. governor in heated exchange*
Why is there no video of Obama-Brewer tiff?*
Video: Judge orders President to appear in court*

oregon oddities:
After 25 years in radio, Rick Emerson is all talked out*

After 25 years in radio, Rick Emerson is all talked outWeed All About It: Will 2012 be the year Oregon finally adopts a reasonable marijuana policy?*
Could Oregon Also Legalize Gay Marriage?*
Crews Search for Oregon Girl Swept Down Swollen River*
Scientist Finds New Way To Track Underground Nuke Tests*
'Evening Hour': Author mining for a story in gritty Appalachia*
Trooper gets mental health assessment after bomb scare*
Jury finds officer used excessive force in protester's arrest*

police state updates:
Video: Domestic drones & America's war on privacy*

6m Under 'Correctional Supervision' in the US - More Than Stalin Gulags*
Supreme Court holds warrantless GPS tracking unconstitutional*
London 2012: major military exercise planned in run-up to Games*
Video: New Police Precrime Technique - 'Light Based Intervention System'*

wv worry:
Manchin to reject increase in US debt limit*

Former POW Jessica Lynch Promotes Reading At State Capitol*

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