Thursday, December 29, 2011

12/29 newspurge: danger! heartbreak dead ahead

9/11 updates:
'extremely loud & incredibly close' could cause flashbacks*

'all-american muslim' to deal with 9/11*
deadline approaching for pending 9/11 lawsuits*
tourists add 9/11 memorial to nyc itinerary*
nyc mayor says work on 9/11 museum has stalled*

14,000 US deaths tied to fukushima fallout*
report assails japan response to fukushima*
radioactive pollution in athens, greece from fukushima*
french insurance to file criminal complaint on breast implants*
debate persists on deadly flu made airborne*

new powerful painkiller zohydro has experts worried*

painkiller 10x stronger than vicodin worries addiction experts*
special report: federal forces sully mexico's war on drugs*
video: ron paul in 1988 - drug war in US has racist origins*
mexico's cartels build own national radio system*
sinaloa cartel ok's mexico's newest drug ballads*

'kick ass': crusaders take page, and outfits, from comics*

'kick ass': crusaders take page, and outfits, from comicsjoseph villavisencio; texas a&m lineman killed in car crash*

obamessiah updates:
better than obama: why the establishment is terrified of ron paul*

ron paul disowns extremists' views but not the support*
nytimes attacks ron paul for living in the real world*
iowa gop caucus 2012: ron paul takes the lead*
iowa gop moving vote-count to 'undisclosed location'*
even bachmann's campaign chair wants ron paul to win*
the best republican gaffes of 2011*
top ten political fumbles, gaffes & scandals in 2011*
political prediction for 2012: it's obama-clinton*

oregon oddities:
2011 - the costume party: you didn't need a funny outfit to make news this year, but it sure helped*

'portlandia live' reviewed: fred armisen & carrie brownstein take the stage at hollywood theater as portland's ambassadors to itself*
oregon lineman saves man from choking at beef bowl*

police state updates:
2012: world on the brink*

2012: world on the brinkfbi agents responsible for majority of terrorist plots in US*
some police agencies sold on sponsorship deals*
'angel thunder' in arizona: military rescue personnel experience hands-on emergency training skills*
ny sheriff hawks helicopter's naming rights; logo deals a rarity in filling police budget gaps*

wv worry:
top ten west virginia stories of 2011*

dmv to require more id proof*
good samaritan claims cop brutalized him*
long-time wv broadcaster garry bowers died in morgantown*
video: attorney talks about coming mediation for ubb disaster*

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