Thursday, December 22, 2011

12/22 newspurge: sometimes you have to work on christmas

japan pm says fukushima nuclear site finally stabilised*

video: 'statistically meaningful increase' in west coast cancer from fukushima*
philippines sends coffins, flood toll nears 1000 dead; president declares 'state of national calamity'*
river in china turns red; illegal workshop dumps dye in pipe network*
drought has killed up to 10% of texas woodland trees*
congress overturns incandescent light bulb ban*
video: 'brain-eating amoeba' deaths linked to tap water use in neti pots*
video: second death from amoeba prompts louisiana warning*

drug war's focus turns to pharmaceuticals*

drug war's focus turns to pharmaceuticalsfda approves trials of anti-aids vaccine*
video: chicago bears' sam hurd busted in drug distro ring*

from mind control to superstardom:
lady gaga's "marry the night"

esoteric meaning of florence + the machine's videos*
britney spears' ex on her new engagement:
"it's fake...she marries her handler...she always has someone controlling her"
netflix ceo hastings' yearly stock option allowance cut by half for 2012*
ralph macdonald, of grammy winning 'just the two of us', dies at 67*

5 dead as plane crashes on jersey interstate*

new details emerge in doomed flight that killed 5 in morris county*
debris recovery resumes in crash that killed greenhill managers*
healthy two-headed baby born in brazil*

obamessiah updates:
ron paul could win in iowa, chances of gop nom still slim*

video: ron paul battles media over 'racist' newsletters*

oregon oddities:
nikeleaks: how oregon's top company fights corruption, counterfeiting & croatian smugglers*

nikeleaks cables: explore wikileaks cables about nike*

wv worry:
mothman & the 44th anniversary of silver bridge collapse*

silver bridge tragedy 44yrs later*
flashback: west virginia town remembers silver bridge disaster*

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