Tuesday, June 21, 2011

heat, cold, flooding, drought greet US on summer solstice

heat, cold, flooding, drought greet US on summer solsticefrom mcclatchy: A year ago the headline was "It's hot, hot, hot on the summer solstice." This year the solstice weather is much more confused. You have drought in Mississippi, snow in the Rocky Mountains, the mid-Atlantic sits under blanket of heat and humidity, and in the Pacific Northwest, cold and wet. In Kentucky you had a flood that left one 4-year-old asking, "Daddy are we going to die today?" A round-up of weather solstice stories from McClatchy:

Biloxi, Mississippi: Fireworks ban in South Mississippi

Fort Worth, Texas: Strong storms cut power, cause damage in N. Texas

Fresno, Calif.: 100-plus degrees expected to kick off summer

Boise, Idaho: Knox flood kills 1, wrecks homes; 3 trapped miners rescued

Macon, Georgia: Climatologist says spring was hottest on record for Macon

Merced, California: Flood watch continues for Merced River in Yosemite

Modesto, California: Here come the hundreds

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Summer dawns in Myrtle Beach area, and with it danger

Raleigh, North Carolina: Coastal fires blanket Triangle with a smoky haze

Sacramento, California: Sacramento ready for first 100-degree reading of the year

Columbia, South Carolina: Be smart about working, playing in summer heat

Tacoma, Washington: ‘Terrible, terrible, terrible’ spring delays arrival of Washington strawberries, other crops

Wichita, Kansas: "Wichita weather: Still breezy, but much cooler

related video update:
2 US nuke plants under threat as flood waters rise

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