Friday, June 10, 2011

6/10 newspurge: as the tables turn

9/11 updates:
9/11 'mastermind' KSM charged in Guantanamo*
nickname for CIA’s Bin Laden Team: ‘The Manson Family’*

Germany decides to abandon nuclear power by 2022*
Germany decides to abandon nuclear power by 2022Japanese seniors volunteer for ‘suicide’ nuclear jobs*
Raw Video of the Chilean volcanic eruption*
Record-breaking US tornado season has left hundreds dead*
Arizona fire rages for 12th day, torching area 2X size of Chicago, forcing evacuation of thousands*
Measles Outbreaks Blamed Highest Levels*

When Cocaine and Monsanto's Roundup Collide, War on Drugs Becomes a Genetically-Modified War on Science*
Michael Loucks Switches Sides, as Drug Makers' Lawyer*
Government Tracking Medical Marijuana Users In Database*
Mexican cartels have MILITARY weapons*
The Underground Website Where You Can Buy Any Drug Imaginable*

video: tables turned as deputies & movers show up at bank to seize property for florida homeowners*
US house price fall beats great depression slide*
california swat team breaks into home, detains family over student loan default*
cnn poll: 48% say another great depression likely in the next year*
another crisis 'around the corner'*
video: budget cuts force calif. police & firemen to watch man drown*
russia says imf chief jailed for discovering all US gold is gone?*
a trader, an fbi witness & then a suicide*
senate lets the fed slash debit card fees paid to banks*
the federal reserve cartel: the eight families*

Major Israeli Shipping Firm Accused by Washington of Doing Illicit Business with Iran*
US-Canada Perimeter Security and an Integrated North American Command*
Syria’s ambassador to France resigns on live TV*
BBC Disinfo: "Bilderberg mystery - Why do people believe in cabals?"*
video: Bilderberg Group 2011 Full Official Attendee List*

Photo Gallery: Weird Govt ‘Unabomber’ Auction Winds Down*
Photo Gallery: Weird Govt ‘Unabomber’ Auction Winds DownDozens of pages disappear from intelligence file on Tommy Douglas*
Jack Kevorkian, 'Dr. Death', Assisted Suicide Advocate, Dies at 83*
Elmer 'Geronimo' Pratt, Jailed Black Panther Leader, Dies at 63; another victim of cointelpro informants*

Andrew Gold, singer 'Thank you for being a friend', dead at 59*
James Arness, Marshal Matt Dillon on 'Gunsmoke,' Dies at 88*
John Elway Sounds A Sour Note About Band With Same Name*
Oswald - The Play - World Premiere - New York*
alternative media blackout is coming, and soon*

Criminals in Police Clothing: In Florida, Criminals Pose as Police More Frequently and for More Violent Ends*
5 dead, 1 wounded in Yuma, AZ 'divorce gone bad'*
the latest twists & turns in the casey anthony murder trial*

obamessiah updates:
video: Lupe Fiasco says ‘To me, the biggest terrorist is Obama’*
The Heavy Cost of the Bush-Obama Murder Rampage*
Weinergate: ny rep ‘can’t say with certitude’ that lewd picture was not of him*
John Edwards Case Puts Rachel Mellon in Spotlight*
Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign is over before it ever really began*
Palin Emails Released as Gingrich Staff Flees*
Ron Paul says the mainstream is 'swimming' to him*
video: Ron Paul says They’re not mocking his candidacy any more*

oregon oddities:
Oregon House gives the green light to digital billboards*
US Justice Department launches civil rights review of Portland police*

police state updates:
Chicago 'Red Dragon' Six-Day Warning*
Doomsday Plane Would Save President and Joint Chiefs in Apocalypse Scenario*
video: Anti-war veteran arrested for dancing in Jefferson Memorial*
Airline disturbance causes F-16s to scramble in skies over D.C.*
Miami Police Smashed Mobile Phones Belonging to People Who Witnessed Shooting; One Witness Hid His Phone’s Memory Card in His Mouth*
video: Woman screams she was ‘molested’ by TSA agent*
Quartzsite, AZ Police Chief scandal*
Quartzsite Mayor arrested and released*
Special Quartzsite council meeting on police department*
LAPD Commission Puts Brakes On Red-Light Cameras*
For Anarchist, Details of Life as F.B.I. Target*
U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms*

Real-Life Mercenaries to Star in Blackwater, the Video Game*
Mini-weapons are sought by Pentagon for new era of warfare*
Big 5 Defense Contractors Not Hurt by Their Multiple Cases of Misconduct*
State Dept. Blocks Audit of Iraq Police Training Program*
KBR Made Illegal Campaign Contributions…to Lyndon Johnson in 1941*

wv worry:
video: west virginia plays major role in 'super 8'*
paramount movie filmed in weirton opens this weekend nationwide*
hundreds marching 5 days to save wv's blair mountain*
morgantown passes fracking ban*
parkersburg settles injury lawsuit; $2500 to victim of police brutality*

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