Thursday, May 19, 2011

5/19 newspurge: praise the lord & pass the ammunition

gates says vaccine investment offers best returns*

cdc warns public to prepare for 'zombie apocalypse'*
worst allergy season ever? prove it!*
will the US destroy its smallpox stockpile?*
first dead crow signals start of west nile virus season*
cellphones contributing to death of honey bees*
zhirinovsky says secret weather weapons can kill millions*
video: texas pols knew agency hid amount of radiation in drinking water*
radioactive water dumped into pacific due to 'strong request' from US*
mississippi river flooding: residents build diy dams to saves houses*

scotus eviscerates 4th amendment over marijuana smell*

supreme court ok's warrantless house search*

video: bidding begins in unabomber online auction*

fbi investigating unabomber in '82 tylenol deaths*
mystery of the helicopter that landed at scene of dr kelly's death after his body was found*
german grandchildren of nazis delve into past*
maryland first state to demand holocaust records of companies bidding for contracts*
video: nazi war crimes trial highlights hungary's dark past*

video: lars von trier announces "i'm a nazi" at cannes*
scientology is officially recruiting at cannes*
oprah's scientology ties: big show moments with the church's hollywood elite*
tel aviv lawyer charged with paying mob in scientology bomb plot*
lindsay lohan's photo tweet: "this is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me"*
lindsay lohan's photo tweet: 'this is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me'johnny depp, queen elizabeth are cousins*
zsa zsa gabor in coma & unresponsive*
twilight language: planking in america?*

twilight language: evil clowns 2011*
as summer approaches, odd behavior onboard*

oregon oddities:
oregon woman wins quest to pack heat & smoke dope*

oregon's electric car charging network is behind schedule*

wv worry:
the truth about upper big branch mine -

deadliest US mine disaster in decades due to safety failures*
washington pace not fast enough for manchin*
tomblin win is a barometer for manchin*
former deputy charged with sexual assault*
this week in the civil war: west virginia, a state born of war*

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