Thursday, December 16, 2010

12/16 newspurge: black magic

9/11 updates:
9/11 survivor, activist janette mackinlay dies from toxic dust*
US senator calls for hearings on plane registry*

spain researchers to tag human embryos with bar codes*
spanish researchers want to tag human embryos with bar codeswhite house says science of man-made life can proceed*
stem cell transplant cures hiv in berlin*
report: scientists admit climate change worse before human co2*
video: dental fillings & mercury risks debated at fda meeting*
time magazine asks: is the fda on drugs?*
pilot faked his way as a prestigious doctor for 20yrs, duping ama & receiving millions in medical grants*

controversial halluclinogen salvia study shows intense, novel effects in humans*
nj doctor supplied steroids to hundreds of law enforcement officers, firefighters*

'it wouldn't be US concern if ussr sent jews to gas chambers', kissinger told nixon on newly 'discovered' tapes*
kissinger & soviet jewry, 'contextualized'*
US recruited nazis more than thought, declassified papers show*
cia tries again to duck responsibility for doing drug experiments on veterans*
lawsuits accuse knights of columbus of child abuse*
fbi tries to delay release of anthrax attack report*
nas surprised by fbi's release of additional amerithrax data *
insider reveals diabolical secrets of the rand corporation*
david kelly: papers which could finally force full inquest*
bids for oswald's coffin top $28,000*

holy hexes:
church affirms virgin mary apparition in wisconsin*
video: acrobats strip for pope benedict xvi, perform topless in vatican*

vanity fair on 'the quaid conspiracy'*
vanity fair on 'the quaid conspiracy'US wanted bollywood as ally in war of terror*
'jeopardy!' to pit humans vs ibm machine*
'40-year-old virgin' star shelley malil jailed for life after stabbing ex-girlfriend 20 times*
a&e sued over filmed police killing of 7yr-old*

romantic rival held in may slaying of kent video producer*
sylvie cachay, beautiful & talented fashion designer, found dead at soho house*
video: new york police eye possible serial killer after 4 bodies found at beach*
US serial killer victims may hit 160 *
video: shooter at florida school board meeting evokes 'v for vendetta'*
suicide note of clay duke*
false explosives alarm at connecticut home*

sanders has marathon filibuster of obama/gop tax scheme*
press sec very angry senate will read 'start' legislation before vote*
jimmy carter says US ready for gay president*
america's new mercenaries: obama hiring military contractors at rate that would make bush blush*
pulitzer-winner, ex-cia analyst, fbi whistleblower among those arrested outside white house*

oregon oddities:
oregon security firm owner arrested in burglary*
sert unit responds to shooting in se portland apartment*

police state int'l:
bombs pave way for surveillance as swedes react to terror*
bomb blasts pave way for surveillance as swedes react to terrorswedish military staffer knew about attacks: report*
uk martial law as police chief mulls banning protests*
italy: amnesty intl lauds increased jail terms in cia abduction case*
jailed afghan drug lord was cia informant*
canada, US on verge of north american trade, security 'perimeter'*
unmanned mexican drone crashes near el paso, tx*
ginormous drone will have first flight 'next spring'*
los angeles dry run drill shows urban nuke a 'survivable event'*
washington subway police to begin random bag checks*

wv worry:
mission accomplished: massey ceo don blankenship's retirement package - $12m in cash, health insurance, a secretary & a chevy*
mine safety bill defeated*

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