Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wikileaks & the coming cyberwars: conspiracies & opportunities

the globalists can win the cyberwar, but not the infowar*
the globalists can win the cyberwar, but not the infowarwho's behind demonization of the web?*
the year the net came to power*
how the globalist's pr agents use the wikileaks psyops program*
mcclatchy poll: 70% say those behind wikileaks should be prosecuted*
portrait of the hacker as a paranoid & secretive young man*
assange wined & dined at US embassy*
video: secret grand jury empaneled in wikileaks case*
wikileaks founder granted bail, with conditions*
michael moore offers bail, help to wikileaks*
anna ardin, assange rape accuser, may have ceased pursuing claims*
'cia honeytrap' ardin deleted tweets praising assange*
assange bail hearing makes legal history with twitter ruling*
air force blocks wikileaks-publishing nytimes website*
poor julian, he's not time's person of the year;
but he was reader's choice for person of the year
facebook's mark zuckerberg is time's 2010 person of the year;
beating other controlled assets like assange, karzai & the tea party
if there is to be any change...*

video: interview w/ gordon duff -
wikileaks debunked?

wikileaks contender openleaks 'promising,' analysts say*
wikileaks founder julian assange released on bail*
wikileaks' julian assange to stay at norfolk house*
video: assange freed on bail*

flashback: wikileaks being used to justify 'internet patriot act'

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