Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/25 newspurge: the elite bleat, they're obsolete

national ransom: celebrating the genocide of native americans
11/25 newspurge: the elite bleat, they're obsolete
9/11 updates:
thinktank: 92% of afghans never heard of 9/11*
most 9/11 workers settle over toxic ash*
7/7 tube driver told blasts were 'only a power surge' as he pleaded for help*

gulf oil spill recovery exec dead in plane crash*
US scientists significantly more likely to publish fake research*
toxic waste dump ruled out as cause of kettleman, cali city birth defects*
letter from editor: moving plum island*
fda stops sales of darvocet…after more than 50yrs*
study shows smart people sleep late*

tx gov perry calls for US troops to fight mexico's drug war*
US moves to ban chemicals in synthetic marijuana*

black friday: festival of greed in a sea of pain & suffering*
black friday: a festival of greed in the midst of a sea of pain & sufferingvideo: pentagon, military actively war gaming 'large scale economic breakdown' & 'civil unrest'*
video: georgetown prof tells congress banksters are insolvent*
list of problem banks grows despite solid net income*
corporate profits hit record high*
rothschild & goldman bondholders getting US taxpayer billions in irish bailout*
could millionaires fleeing US cause a wildcard economic event?*
the fire next time: endgame for elite's one-way class war*
home sales drop once again*
actor wesley snipes headed to prison for tax evasion*
1939 batman comic sells for nearly $500k*
hacker arrested after cracking federal reserve*
video: the first 12hrs of a US dollar collapse*

video: 'ugly betty' actor charged with sword murder*
twilight language: killed with a masonic sword*
man charged in alabama with death of bride in australia*
prosecutor says man's escondido home was 'bomb factory'*
100s of homeless & foster children in florida summer camps run by convicted criminals*

obama on newsweek as shiva the destroyer*
obama on newsweek as shiva the destroyerobama to give bush sr presidential medal of freedom*
video: military pegs hourly air force one cost at $181k, as obama sets travel record*
obama pardons turkeys - but not people*
rahm 'ineligible' for chicago mayor race*
nj congressman fires aide over child sex solicitation charges*
video: barbara bush blames housekeeper for fetus in jar*

oregon oddities:
1000s line up in freezing rain for free oregon dental clinic*
oregon tech pioneer norm winningstad commits suicide at 85*

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