Thursday, August 19, 2010

8/19 newspurge: take on the world

US survey shows those keenest to be green are most ignorant*
US survey shows those keenest to be green are most ignorantgates foundation buys shares in goldman sachs & monsanto*
ft detrick to open drug & vaccine testing facility*
fda approves 5-day-after birth control pill*
fluoride mouthrinse program to re-start in schools this year*
nearly 1m children in US potentially misdiagnosed with adhd*
sen graham receives powder-filled letter*
weather wars & the devil's haarp*
georgia scientists say at least 70% of spilled oil is still unaccounted for*
video: spike lee warns bp's greed could be 'downfall' of US*

the hidden tragedy of cia experiments on children*
video: fmr fbi agent says oswald didn't kill jfk*

holy hexes:
video: remains of john the baptist found in bulgaria?*
2010 bohemian grove membership list & maps*

ray bradbury hates big government:
'our country is in need of a revolution'

video: bradbury inspires 'f*ck me, ray bradbury'?*
hong kong film hopes to break new ground with 3d porn*
kanye west's "power": the occult meaning of its symbols*
lady gaga is poisoning children's minds*
remembering 'cathy': death of an anxious cartoon icon*
in US, confidence in newspapers, tv news remains a rarity*
voyeurism & television: feeding our ravenous appetite for murder & destruction*

8 shot, 4 killed outside buffalo restaurant -
charges dropped in ny slayings; no new arrests

8 shot, 4 killed outside buffalo restaurant - charges dropped in ny slayings; no new arrests8 dead, 12 hurt at off-road race in california desert*
23 people slain along US-mexico border in 24 hours*
orangeburg, sc mother charged with killing 2 toddler sons*
remember the couple with the 'hitlist' in alaska? drug-addled husband had help from undercover cop*

oregon oddities:
oregon oceanography: dead in the water*
portland fur protesters acquitted of violating space near ungar furs*

wv worry:
beyond fossil fuels -
a battle in west virginia mining country

coal vs. wind on a west virginia mountain*
greenbrier resort hopes to preserve its past*

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