Wednesday, February 03, 2010

police state int'l: threataganda rising & more warwhores

intel chiefs 'certain' al-CIAda will stage terror soon
intel chiefs 'certain' al-CIAda will stage terror soonfrom paul joseph watson & kurt nimmo: Using information gleaned from the blatantly set-up underwear bomber patsy Umar Abdul Muttalab, intelligence chiefs have assured us that their bosses will stage another terror attack in the U.S. within the next three to six months.

According to the nation’s intelligence chiefs, a terror attack in the United States will likely be launched within the next six months... ABC News has learned some of the intelligence has come from the accused Christmas Day bomber,” states the report.

Despite the fact that the official story behind the Christmas Day bombing has been discredited beyond all recognition, the establishment is still constantly invoking it as yet another reason for Americans to obediently line up for naked body scans in fear of whatever boogeyman is being waved in front of their faces this week.

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amid media blackout: congressional hearing reveals US intel agencies shielded flight 253 bomber*
flight 253: unidentified witness a likely mossad asset?*
radiation safety group: body scanners increase risk of cancer*

police state updates:
arrested tsa worker asked girl to be his 'sex slave'*
airport-security plan calls for 500 body scanners in '11*
'virtual' border fence plagued by glitches, long delays*
obama opponents urge census boycott*
plan to oust saddam drawn up 2yrs before the invasion*

why is america in so many wars?*
why is america in so many wars?defense contractors go offshore to avoid payroll taxes*
US military spending keeps growing & growing*
pentagon's black budget tops $56b*
prince of peace prize increases spending for nuclear weapons*
gates seeks to change 'out of date' vision of military challenges*
gates tries to get f-35 program back on course*
defense chiefs support "don't ask" repeal*
gays in the military no big deal…in 30 other countries*

video flashback: bill hicks on gays in the military*

2/4 updates:
marine corps air station leads disaster drill:
'operation desert eagle 2010 in yuma,az

video: activists sneak into nuke base*
fort stewart conducted exercise '2009 stewart guardian'*
intel chief acknowledges US may target americans involved in terrorism*
uk army may patrol streets to confront terror threat*
counter-terrorism police stationed on uk campuses*
budget: billions more for counterterror*
officials look for clues in fatal black hawk crash*

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