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swine flu pandemic: the stand & the happening right at your door

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swine flu pandemic: the stand & the happening right at your doorOBAMA GREETED IN MEXICO BY MAN WHO DIED DAYS LATER OF FLU SYMPTOMS*
possible outbreak at nyc prep school*
8 students test 'probable'*
mexico city residents staying at home*
calderon declares emergency; power to quarantine*
who declares international concern*
close to 1,000 suspected cases*
health experts consider responses to outbreak*
2 cases found in kansas*
new swine flu likely widespread*
video: swine flu vaccination propaganda from 1976*
swine flu has pandemic potential*
baxter working on vaccine to stop swine flu,
though admitted sending live pandemic flu viruses to subcontractor
briton quarantined as killer flu spreads*
new zealand quarantines 25 amid swine flu alert*
at least 71 deaths in mexico 'likely linked' to swine flu outbreak*
officials: govt responding 'very aggressively' to swine flu*
students in new york fall ill & swine flu is suspected*
8 swine flu cases confirmed at ny school*
pandemic feared as swine flu spreads*
world health org cites potential for swine flu pandemic*
mexican swine flu deaths spark worldwide action*
jolly roger on the flu bug*
april 14-15: fema's interagency continuity
influenza pandemic tabletop exercise

updates posted april 28:
US declares public health emergency over spread of swine flu*
obama & flu death*
obama: swine flu ‘not a cause for alarm’*
73 cases of swine flu confirmed; hundreds more feared*
US set to issue travel warning to mexico*
scucisd closes all schools*
seal border says homeland security committee member*
world counting down to a pandemic*
swine flu in mexico: the 'new' bird flu*
baxter to develop swine flu vaccine despite bird flu scandal*
what do you call it when a 4wk civil contingency exercise, to prepare for a flu pandemic, has to be cancelled due to the outbreak of a flu pandemic? a 'sheer coincidence'*
in attempt to placate 'right wing', collins & specter endorsed pandemic flu funding cut*
is swine flu a bioweapon?*
number of US swine flu cases now at 40*
watch swine flu spread in real time*
mar24, 1976: ford orders swine-flu shots for all*
video: the avian flu scam*
firm provides swine flu updates to agencies*
5 things (time says) you need to know about the outbreak*
swine flu advanced preparedness teleconference apr30*
swine flu death toll exceeds 100 as pandemic fears grow*
swine flu: who profits?*
video: pandemic fears spread in nyc*
world health confirms pandemic alert level raised to 4*
US military 'monitoring' flu outbreak*
flu pandemic hype: another pretext for world government*
govt 'template' for mass vaccination*
US declares emergency as swine flu toll in mexico rises*
homeopathy successfully treated flu epidemic of 1918*
baxter seeks swine flu sample to begin work on vaccine*
video: wayne madsen says swine flu not naturally occurring*
key posts remain vacant as untested pandemic response plan implemented*
swine flu epidemic enters dangerous new phase*
flight 3407 crash: the origin of swine flu revisited -
60 minutes, nov4, 1979

flight 3407 crash: the origin of swine flu revisited - 60 minutes, nov4, 1979*
flight 3407 crash: more swine flu profiteers*
flight 3407 crash: a passenger worked for invacare -
with facilities 1.8miles from the boy in elyria diagnosed with swine flu
flight 3407 crash: enter a scientology legal front & yet another biotech connection*
flight 3407 crash: bugs, bombs & bucks - military bio-terrorism connections*
dead microbiologists & the illuminati end game*
terrorism, depression, pandemic & the new world order*
world health org: no evidence swine flu is bioterrorism attack*
mexico city earthquake adds insult to injury*
video: alex jones' swine flu special report*
cdc: US swine flu cases jump to 68*
resources to combat swine flu hysteria*
israel calls it 'mexican flu'*
container of swine virus explodes on swiss train*
will fema round us up for the swine flu?*
texas county planned mass vaccinations in march*
n carolina 'involuntarily isolating' suspected swine flu patients*
mexico closes schools as virus spreads widely*
weaponizing deadly viruses: historical precedents*
time magazine preps americans for mandatory vaccinations*
israel updates biodefense program to counter terror threat*
sanofi aventis invests 100m euros in new facility in mexico to
produce seasonal & pandemic influenza vaccine
cdc: 'fully expect we will see deaths'*

updates posted april 29:
video: scientist predicted swine flu in 2004*
mexico's mystery: why is swine flu deadlier there?*
swine flu reported in more countries; who warns of possible pandemic risk*
swine/avian/human h3n2 influenza timeline*
swine flu outbreak escalates as california declares state of emergency*
video: 1976 'swine flu' public service announcements*
florida hospital caught in swine flu coverup?*
5 ways to keep your kids safe*
swine flu crisis lays bare the meat industry's monstrous power*
swine flu hearings set; opm issues guidance*
video: we aren’t in the pandemic phase yet with swine flu*
mexico outbreak traced to ‘manure lagoons’ at pig farm*
flashback: cdc to mix avian, human flu viruses in pandemic study*
homeland stupidity preps flu quarantine guidelines*
toddler killed by swine flu in US came from mexico*
homeland security issues alert on mandatory quarantine procedures*
video: anglo-american vaccine industry behind swine flu outbreak*
how fast could a swine flu vaccine be produced?*
texas cancels high school athletic events in flu response*
video: swine flu martial law bill clears massachusetts senate*
american swine flu death confirmed*
gov perry bolsters precautionary measures to address swine flu in texas*
swine flu: state of emergency, mexican-style*
flying pigs, tamiflu & factory farms*
swine flu outbreak could be linked to smithfield factory farms*
video: ron paul puts swine flu into perspective*
swine flu spreads in 10 US states, europe*
swine flu smoking gun? cdc was combining flu viruses in 2004*
"no infected pigs in mexico"*
quarantine officers monitor travelers with thermographic device*
only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152, says who*
dhs sets guidelines for possible swine flu quarantines*
capitalism & the flu*
swine flu: don't blame the pig*
flu schmlu ... forget the media's hype*
who says swine flu moving toward pandemic level*
world health org raises pandemic alert level*
at level 5 - and in need of more rapid diagnosis*
swine flu pandemic alert raised to level five*
who notches up swine flu pandemic alert*
pandemic threat level raised from 4 to 5 by who - the 2nd highest level*
swine flu outbreaks erupt globally; who raises pandemic alert level to 5*
q&a: facts & fiction about swine flu*
press release from who director-general: pandemic alert level to 5*

updates posted april 30:
how many people die of flu every year?
how many died of swineflu?
massachusettes senate approves pandemic flu prep bill*
obama: 'whatever it takes' as swine flu nears pandemic level*
dhs transcript: 'anyone exhibiting swine flu symptoms will be evaluated before proceeding to their destruction'*
white house backtracks after biden says to avoid trains & subways over flu*
swine flu, the war on terror & eugenics*
lessons from the non-pandemic of 1976*
ohio natl guard moving tamiflu into highly secure buildings*
ah-chu: advance man with obama in mexico had swine flu?*
will pandemic be mild, or kill millions?*
mass vaccination drill puts alaskan health officials to practice*
a bush team strategy becomes obama's swine flu playbook*
video: fox news asks about martial law if it's a pandemic?*
if flu threat rises, cdc wants 'pandemic coordinator' in workplace*
will northcom take over in swine flu outbreak?*

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