Saturday, March 25, 2006

sheen & heard

everybody's talking about him, but no one hear's a word he's saying...

so for the past several days the charlie sheen interview has been gaining steam or 'going viral.' in an amazing move, cnn actually covered the story. so that meant that the other news stations would have to cover it. and, of course, most love to use the c-word. but at least people are talking & questioning: cnn, raw story, allhiphop, himalayan times, wonkette, new york magazine, etc. or just check google news yourself...

one of the guests on the cnn/sheen segment was webster tarpley. in his book, "synthetic terror," tarpley writes that:
"The entire controversy about conspiracy theory is a diversion, and is generally conducted in such a way as to lead away from the facts on the table. Charges of conspiracy theory represent in their own way a form of ideological terrorism, and grow out of the intellectual climate of cold war McCarthyite witch-hunts."

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