Friday, December 24, 2010

interview w/ red ice radio on wikileaks, assange & the pirate party

a huge thanks to red ice creations for having me on the show -
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interview w/ red ice radio on wikileaks, assange & the pirate party"James Evan Pilato, based in Portland, Oregon is the Editor of Media Monarchy, Food World Order & CyberSpaceWar. In the first hour of this program, James discusses Wikileaks, hackers, the cyber war and Internet censorship. The Wikileaks story has developed into a mainstream media monster. Then we talk about Julian Assange's strange past and connections to Anne-Hamilton Byrne's "White Brotherhood". Later we discuss Julian's Rape charges and Anna Ardin. Could Julian Assange be controlled opposition? Topics discussed: Media Monarchy, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, funding, operation payback, Open Society Institute, Anne-Hamilton Byrne, Sandoz, Pirate Bay, Pirate Party, Anna Ardin, Sofia Wilen, Valeri Salanos, Luis Posada Corteliaz, Israel and more."

links & sources to the program:
Media Monarchy on iTunes
wikileaks & the coming cyberwars: conspiracies & opportunities
Julian Assange
Assange's Rape Accuser Anna Ardin a CIA Agent?
WikiRebels - The Documentary
The Whistleblower - USA
Wiki of the Damned
Operation Payback
The Pirate Bay
Santiniketan Park Association / The Great White Brotherhood
Ann-Hamilton Byrne - The Family
WikiLeaks 'struck a deal with Israel' over diplomatic cables leaks
portland 'tree bomber plot' brings homegrown terronoia to oregon
Randy Quaid: "Star Whackers in Hollywood"
The Quaid Conspiracy
Randy Quaid and wife fear Hollywood "Star Whackers", seek asylum in Canada


Anonymous said...

Great interview. Wish you could post Hr 2... Im not a subscriber to Red Ice.

D from Oly.

john bailo said...

Fantastic of the top on RIC this year!

Anonymous said...

good is a link to an interesting blog post about the person whos house Assange is bailed to.

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