Wednesday, May 18, 2011

9/11 updates, geopolitiks, obamessiah & the warwhores

ap, npr & judicial watch foia for osama death photos*
ap, npr & judicial watch foia for osama death photospropaganda porn found in bin laden hideout*
video: ron paul on official osama story -
"i've heard so many stories"
'cairo', bulletproof dog, stormed osama's lair*
no more photo re-enactments; white house ends media fakery*
'no evidence' pakistan knew bin laden's whereabouts*
does a cia 'asset' own the osama compound?*
panetta warns cia employees against bin laden leaks*
united apologizes for reinstating 9/11 flight numbers*
video: lieberman 'will have questions' about awlaki's post-9/11 pentagon dinner*
video: cnn/cfr zakaria reveals he advises obama on foreign policy*
'harrison j. bounel': obama's dark & shady past exposed?*
china, pakistan reaffirm 'all-weather' friendship*
reeling after osama, pakistan turns to longtime friend china*
saif gaddafi: dictator's son who mingled with british high society*
video: florida imam, sons charged with supporting taliban*
muslims wait for signs of change from obama*
obama on israel and the middle east*
obama's billions to woo new middle east order:
address outlines relationship with arab world
obama supports two-state solution based on israel's 1967 borders*
obama's speech a 'historic shift' on israel & palestine? no.*
the profound hypocrisy of obama's speech on the middle east*
whistleblower says russian troops fed dog food*
gamers target US troops in chinese military 'shooter'*
navy seal's who got bin laden in 'modern warfare 3'?*
the entertainment-industrial complex: disney trademarks 'seal team 6'*
blackwater alumni start corporate intel firm called 'operation jellyfish'*
american-led mercenary army hired by arab dictators* - director of the central intelligence agency (cia): who is david petraeus?*
video: serco, the biggest company you've never heard of*

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