Wednesday, September 08, 2010

holywar psyop heats up as book-burning approaches

how the military is preparing for quran burning

holywar psyop heats up as book-burning approachesfrom cnn: CNN Pentagon Correspondent Chris Lawrence recently returned from Iraq. He filed this report from the Pentagon in Washington, DC looking at how the US Military is preparing to deal with planned Quran burning in Florida on Saturday and how they operate with heightened awareness regarding religious sensibilities when operating in Muslim majority countries.

updates: pastor cancels plans to burn qur'an on 9/11*
qur'an burning hangs on mosque meeting: pastor*
trump offers to buy site of controversial center*

warwhores updates:
heart of darkness: US troops on drugs, murdering farmers, taking body parts from corpses in their 'spread of democracy'*
heart of darkness: US troops on drugs, murdering farmers, taking body parts from corpses in their 'spread of democracy'another death claim against mercenaries*
man shot by vancouver police was oregon guard soldier just back from iraq*
despite formal combat end, US joins baghdad battle*
US eyes more troops for afghanistan*
revealed: after baghdad massacre, blackwater split into 30 shell companies*
pentagon declined to investigate 100s of purchases of child porn*

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