Thursday, September 09, 2010

9/9 newspurge: momma, i'm a communist

castro admits cuba's communism doesn't work*

castro admits cuba's communism doesn't workpessimistic about peace,
israelis greet new year
massive israel spy base exposed*
haaretz: israel has one of world's largest 'eavesdropping' intel bases*
mossad impersonating US intel ops & trying to recruit US arabs*
US reveals refusal to military drill as turkey denies israel role*
chinese officials head for anti-terror drills in kazakhstan*
four arrested as dublin throws eggs & shoes at tony bliar*
blair scraps london book signing*

book says nazi-hunter wiesenthal was on mossad payroll* palaeolithic funeral feast unearthed in northern israel*

portuguese tv presenter guilty of being in paedophile ring*
why does disney hate parents? ever noticed your favourite films always kill off mum & dad*
'jfk ii: secrets never keep' - the new oliver stone sequel*
twilight language: poltergeist girls*

missing, presumed dead:
disappearance of ukrainian journalist deepens media fears

missing, presumed dead: disappearance of ukrainian journalist deepens media fearsbelarus web activist found hanged*
US to execute mentally disabled woman*
authorities search for suspects in unrelated acid attacks on women in washington & arizona*
woman held after 2 shot dead at pa. cookie plant*

oregon oddities:
9th human foot since '07 washes ashore in pacific northwest*
portland man arrested after drunken incident on flight from amsterdam to portland*
bomb disposal equipment stolen from portland police car*

wv worry:
xbox blocks wv gamer over town's name: fort gay*
microsoft apologizes to fort gay gamer*

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