Thursday, September 02, 2010

9/2 newspurge: oh, the chaos is everywhere

9/11 updates:
'intl center for 9/11 studies' secures release
of 1000s of photos & videos from nist

'intl center for 9/11 studies' secures release of 1000s of photos & videos from to host huge data load*
did nist edit wtc7 footage?*
video: US tries to extradite 9/11 fema videographer from argentina*
report calls for 'infiltration' of 9/11 sites*
ground zero mosque funding leads to cfr*
video: the real story on pre-9/11 history*

offshore oil rig explodes in gulf of mexico*
no bp investigation, the senate blocked it*
tests find sickened family has 50.3 ppm of corexit’s 2-butoxyethanol in swimming pool*
golfer starts california wild fire*
urine-powered fuel cells to offer pee power to people*
US birth rate lowest in history*
idf to release updated chemical attack treatment handbook*
ny legislators want chickens vaccinated*
rockefeller depop plans exposed*
in addition to vaccines, rockefeller foundation presents anti-fertility gm food for 'widespread use'*
video: 'vaccine zombie' from natural news*

meet the only new bank to open this year*

meet the only new bank to open this yeardeath of cash? govts banning large cash transactions*
mexico targets laundering with plan to limit cash transactions*
geithner meets with corporate bloggers*
analyst: citigroup is cooking the books*
record number in government anti-poverty programs*
homelessness up 50% in nyc*
'conspiracies of rich men' to rob you, enslave you & wage aggressive wars at your expense*
video: 'inside job' trailer*

dead codebreaker was linked to nsa intercept case*
more on london spy murder*
self-described cia assassin dies in gun accident*
mystery over russian general found dead on turkish beach*
18 nations wrap up mock terror exercise in panama canal*
what's next after arrest of mexican kingpin la barbie?*

holy hexes:
god didn't create universe, stephen hawking argues*
poll: muslims have highest obama approval; mormons lowest*
obama not worried about muslim rumors*
author: more teens becoming 'fake' christians*
feds investigate fire at site of future tennessee mosque*
video: arson at murfreesboro, tn mosque construction site*
tear gas sprayed outside funeral that westboro church was protesting*
new documentary 'scientology: the truth about a lie'*
video: satanists book okc civic center for ritual*

does conspiracy extend to musical scale?*
unplug the signal: the truth will not be televised*
john cusack calls for 'satanic death' of fox news, gop leaders*
will 'machete' release spark racial violence?*

oregon oddities:
oregon couple plead not guilty in faith-healing death of son*
audio: homeless man calls 9-1-1 from hot tub to say 'i just need a hug & a warm cup of hot chocolate'*

wv worry:
lenders back off of environmental risks*
west virginia's tech workers fight state outsourcing*

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