Wednesday, September 11, 2013

David Wolman on 'The End Of Money'

David Wolman on 'The End of Money'
Wired writer and globetrotting journalist David Wolman joins us to talk about mobile ticketing, cashless mini-societies, bank robberies and 'The End of Money'.



Anonymous said...

go cashless? do not understand, even after listening to whole talk, why someone would push virtual cash. just like the government does. super easy to take away one's money or cut off one's credit. wtf???

Anonymous said...

Guest completely ignores how a cashless society empowers collectivism and the police state.

Anonymous said...

Guest is a cheerleader for a cashless society. He has no real concerns except to criticize those who have concerns. He sounds like he eats a lot of soy too.

Anonymous said...

Video of Mr. Wolman winning "Shill of the Week" award:

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