Thursday, February 09, 2012

2/9 Newspurge: Our Next Breath

US to approve 1st nuclear reactors since 1978*

Strange Sounds Proven by Scientist – Massive Effort to Cover It Up?*
Leaking & Damaged Nuclear Power Plants In The US Exposed*
Video: Radiation leak in California forces nuclear plant shutdown*
125 MW solar power plant to land in Arizona by end of 2013*
5.7 magnitude Earthquake off West Coast - Vancouver Island and 4.3M in Oregon*
New sat data shows Himalayan glaciers hardly melting at all*
15-pound baby born in China*
How the Sierra Club Took Millions From the Natural Gas Industry - and Why It Stopped*
Maine Residents Struggle to Heat Their Homes*
Texas Drought Forces Town to Haul in Water by Truck*
Breast Cancer Screening Matters, but Prevention Is the Real Goal*
The White House, US Courts & the EPA Shaft Veterans to Protect Monsanto & Dow*
'Doctor' Puts Forth 'Theory' That Social Media May Be to Blame for 'Mystery Illness'*
Video: Is social media to blame for mystery illness?*

Mexican army chief admits mistakes in drug war*

Video: FBI uses chain saw in raid on wrong house, again*
Flashback: St. Petersburg Times - Jun 14, 1971 "Drug War Shaping Up"*
Video: Cocaine vaccine uses mutated cholera bacteria*

America's Most Miserable Cities, 2012*

A Different Kind Of Bank Scandal*
The Economics of Incarceration*
Ali Nazerali Wants His Past Sealed in Orwell’s Memory Hole*
Feds Announce $25B Settlement Over Foreclosure Abuse*
10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve*
U.S. Postal Service Ranked Best among Wealthy Nations*
Why Is Global Shipping Slowing Down So Dramatically?*

Civilians bear the brunt of Syrian assault*

Syrian Forces Continue Homs Bombardment*
Presenting The Russian Naval Base In Tartus, Syria, Or Good Luck UN Security Council*
Israel Warns American Jews: You Are In Iranian Crosshairs*
Simpsons dolls join Barbie on Iran's banned toy import list*
Putin Aide Says Foreign Hands Are Behind Protests*
Greece to build anti-immigrant border fence*
ISI in Pakistan Faces Court Cases*
Pakistan's spy agency ISI faces court over disappearances*
Vietnam and Afghanistan: The more things change...*

Former intern reveals 18-month affair with JFK*

Intern claims 18-month White House affair with JFK*
On the 70th Anniversary of the Munich Students Movement*
Charles Dickens, a man with his own ghosts, gets Google Doodle*
Last known WWI veteran Florence Green dies at 110*
Human jawbone found near where Kennewick Man skeleton was discovered*

Video: Man, 2 sons die in 'intentional' explosion of WA home*

8 minutes to send cops to Josh Powell's home*
Josh Powell had 'incestuous' images*
Background: Disappearance of Susan Powell*
Detroit Citizens No Longer Rely on Police as Self-Defense Killings Skyrocket*
North Carolina Town Plagued by Crimes by War Veterans*
US, Australian Filmmakers Die In Helicopter Crash*
Chicago sticker changed over possible gang signs*

obamessiah updates:
Obama flips on 'Super PACs' as another promise broken*

Obama flips on 'Super PACs' as another promise brokenObama Campaign to Return Donations From Fugitive’s Family*
Puppet Obama Spent Days Learning How To 'Sing' In WH Psy OP*
Designers pitch in to lend glamour - and some trendy totes - to Obama re-election bid*
US voters back Obama's drone war: poll*
Nobel Peace Prize Jury Under Investigation*
Obamessiah didn't deserve that Peace Prize?*
Rand Paul: Obama's Recess Appointments Unconstitutional*
NBC Objects To Mitt Romney’s ‘History Lesson’ Ad*
For G.O.P. Ads, ‘CSI’ but Not Letterman*
Gingrich Deflects Questions About a Big Supporter’s Casino Interests*
The Man Behind Gingrich's Money*
Who is Saul Alinsky, and why is Newt Gingrich so obsessed with him?*
Saul Alinsky dedicated 'Rules For Radicals' to Lucifer*
For Ron Paul, a Distinctive Worldview of Long Standing*
Will Ron Paul be last rival standing to Mitt Romney?*
Nevada Election Result Likely Fraudulent, Ron Paul Votes Seemingly Discarded*
Snoop Dogg endorses Ron Paul, for Shizzle?*
PayPal co-founder remains major Ron Paul supporter*
Arrested Development Rapper Speech: "I'm Disillusioned With Obama and I Would Vote Ron Paul for President"*
Paul pursued strategy of publishing controversial newsletters, associates say*
Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazis, Finds Ron Paul*
Ore. Constitution Party wants Ron Paul as presidential candidate on Nov. ballot*

oregon oddities:
Clint Eastwood, Portland's Wieden+Kennedy score with Chrysler's 'It's Halftime in America'*

The Strange Case of the Clint Eastwood-Chrysler Ad…Both Left and Right Protest*
Oregon family lost in forest considered eating their dog, Jesse*
Oregon brothers find music can break through solitude of Alzheimer's disease*
Much of Tillamook Cheese Factory's packaging operations shut down*
TriMet Budget Cuts Rundown: Fare Increase, MAX Cuts, Killing Free Rail, Oh My!*

police state updates:
Marines 'assault' US beaches in amphibious drill - 'Bold Alligator' has 25 naval ships, air assault, US + 8 countries*

Massive 11-Nation Military Drill Aimed At Fending Off Iran*
Video: Helos Soar Over Big Navy Wargame*
Video: LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting 'War Room'*
Drones over U.S. may pose security risks*
A better approach to biometrics: How reusable SOA-based solutions could save feds money*
NYT Publishes Hit Piece Against Constitution, FBI Demonizes Americans As Possible Terrorists*
U.S. Constitution Losing Influence as Model for Other Nations*
‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World*
NYPD officer pleads guilty in gun smuggling case*
Video: No Rape Charges Against Son of NYPD Commissioner*
Group Forces Congressional Hearing On Big Sis' Twitter, Drudge Spying*
Video: Battle over contraception, religious freedom*

wv worry:
Manchin voices concern over birth control order*

Homer Hickam Explains 'October Sky' Festival Cancellation*
Radio Personality 'Mid-day' Loray Robinson Passes Away*
West Virginia will set precedent in leaving Big East to join Big 12*
'West By God Virginia': WVU files motion for restraining order, injunction against t-shirt maker*

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