Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/19 newspurge: all aboard, the sinking ship is leaving

9/11 updates:
Video: Kristol says Paul hangs with 9/11 conspiracy theorists*

New Mad Men Poster Sparks 9/11 Controversy: Is this Ad Insensitive?Death of Mexican 9/11 worker raises questions*
Richard J. Sheirer, City Emergency Chief on 9/11, Dies*
New Mad Men Poster Sparks 9/11 Controversy:
Is this Ad Insensitive?
Video: Mark Wahlberg Apologies for 9/11 Comments*

Official concerns over uncontrolled nuclear reaction risks inside plutonium facility near Portland* | More Problems at Reactor 4*
Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline*
Time for Big Pharma to Disclose Its Payments to Doctors*
New Edible Microchips to Alert Doctors, Mobile Phones if Patients Do Not Takes Meds*
Weaponized H5N1 Creators Fight Back*
Video: Mysterious Illness hits school girls, covered up*

Day Care Centers Adapt to Round-the-Clock Demands*

Plans for high-speed rail are slowing down*
Consumer prices unchanged last month as cheaper energy offsets higher food, housing costs*
22 Signs That We Are On The Verge Of A Devastating Global Recession*
Bam! Bam! Bam! Huge Financial Bombs Just Got Dropped All Over Europe*
Obama Said to Consider Nominating Summers as World Bank Chief*
Photography pioneer Kodak files for long-expected bankruptcy*
Video: Kodak Files for Chapter 11 Reorganization*

US army chief off to Israel, fears over attack on Iran mount*

Americans rise in rank inside Somalia jihadi group*
Israel-US war games postponed amid Iran tensions*
Damascus on edge under Assad's always watchful eye*
UK Used 'Spy Rock' Against Russia*

Titanic Tragedy: Costa Concordia Captain Reportedly Seen Dining With Mystery Woman Before Deadly Crash*

Titanic Tragedy: Costa Concordia Captain Reportedly Seen Dining With Mystery Woman Before Deadly CrashThree dead, 40 missing in Italian ship disaster*
Italian cruise ship tally: 11 dead, 21 missing*
Human blunders seen at heart of Italy ship disaster*
Cops: Saints fan shoots two 49ers fans after loss*
Missing MT teacher's body may be buried near vacant farm*
'Clark Rockefeller' Due in CA Court for Murder*
Cases to watch in 2012: William Bennett Update*
Severed head found under Hollywood sign*
Audio Satire: Series Of Serial Killer Killings Rocks Serial Killer Community*

obamessiah updates:
Video: Audience Jeers CNN Attempts To Exclude Ron Paul*

Initial Results Show that Ron Paul Won the South Carolina Republican Debate*
Video: Ron Paul Highlights at S. Carolina Debate*
Perry ends presidential run, backs Gingrich*
Huntsman drops out, endorses Romney*
Video: Campaign 2012 - A Tale of Two Mitts*
Edwards Needs Heart Surgery, Delaying Trial*
Video: Dead People Get Ballots in NH Primary*

oregon oddities:
Fmr NFL lineman dead in wildlife refuge faced sex charges*

Portland's Best Restroom Picked*
PDX Charts: Top Selling Albums in Portland for Jan. 9-15*
Video: Mayor Says Music at MAX Stops Is Working*

police state updates:
Video: Massive Show of Force In London Ahead of Olympics*
Audio: TSA Screener Turns In $5k He Found On Floor At Newark Airport*

Video: Panopticon Drone to Collect 80yrs' of HD Video a Day*

Army Foresees Expanded Use of Drones in U.S. Airspace*
US Navy Invests In Electronic Warfare Simulator Development*
Exclusive: New U.S. Commando Team Operating Near Iran*
Pentagon's Ex-Mideast Chief: We Might Need Nukes to Deter Iran*

wv worry:
Fmr Gov. Hulett C. Smith dies at 93, ended death penalty*

Manchin Files For Reelection*
W.Va. unemployment rate increases in December*
West Virginia Receives 'F' on Tobacco Control Report Card*
Pseudoephedrine bill comes back to lawmakers*

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