Thursday, July 07, 2011

7/7 newspurge: false flag dub

9/11 updates:
charlie veitch disavows 9/11 truth; alternative media goes wild*

9/11 anniversary coming up: cue the tearjerkers, media demands*
the kingdom & the towers: who really bankrolled the 9/11 hijackers?*

#askobama: US spends billions every year prosecuting marijuana violations while economy tanks*

US spends billions every year prosecuting marijuana violations while economy tanksobama steps up attack on legal marijuana with threat to growers*
miami 'officer of the year' arrested for drug dealing*
video: in denver, pot shops now outnumber starbucks*

mamet discovers 'the secret knowledge'*

lady gaga accused of japan relief fraud*
kubrick to bergman: "you are the greatest film-maker at work today"*
audio satire: atonal composers gather for atony awards*

casey anthony found not guilty:
you, on the other hand, are guilty as $%*!

casey anthony found not guilty: you, on the other hand, are guilty as $%*!federal appeals court halts forced medication of arizona assassin jared lee loughner*
mom 'buried' 15yrs ago found alive in florida*
breaking: 7 dead in related shootings in grand rapids*
update: michigan shooting rampage suspect commits suicide after standoff*

oregon oddities:
#pissgate: urination saga in portland reservoir reveals gap in protecting water supply from drunks & terrorists after 9/11*

questions remain after press conference for police shotgun shooting*

police state updates:
threataganda report: US warning of implanted bombs*

'body bombs' are a good sign, dhs insider claims*
cities on alert as july 4th neared*
video: african-american woman suspects discrimination after tsa hair search*
in the wake of newburgh four convictions, acts of entrapment ruled ok in the war of terror*
obama & holder drop 99 of 101 cia torture cases*
copwatch activist found not guilty*
video: quartzsite, az woman arrested for speaking at city council meeting*

obama heeds bilderberg on abandoning iraq withdrawal*

US willing to leave 10,000 troops in iraq past year's end*
countdown to invasion: libya's neighborhoods prepare for nato's boots*
ground invasion of libya within 2 weeks?*
5,800 attacks just the beginning after petraeus' year-long afghan air war*
the army's antennae in the sky*
scientists say pentagon misleads on dust study*
mysterious deaths of 2 staten island marines*

west virginia worry:
#supersizeme: wv 3rd most obese state in the nation*

false arrest in petty theft case results in civil rights suit against wv state police*

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