Thursday, July 14, 2011

7/14 newspurge: rearrange your synapses

9/11 updates:
amateur aviators who became super-pilots on 9/11*

9/11 families demand to reopen case*
victims families want 2007 deutsche bank fire case reopened*
deception dollar & the new perception dollar*
9/11 memorial reservations swamp online ticket system*
panetta ties war in iraq to 9/11 attack*
cia organised fake vaccination drive to get osama bin laden's family dna*
bush should face criminal probe over post-9/11 'torture,' report urges*
US senators call for phone-hacking investigation after 9/11 claims*
update: fbi opens inquiry into hacking of 9/11 victims*
fmr uk police intel analyst sacked for calling 7/7 'a monstrous lie'*
video: ron paul claims US officials 'set the stage for 9/11'*

threat of nuclear meltdown in america just over the horizon?*

threat of nuclear meltdown in america just over the horizon?another blaze starts at nuclear test site near las vegas - fire located at area 19*
los alamos lab preps for flooding after fire*
radioactive leak at south carolina nuke plant - found 7/7, repairs still underway*
monsoon rains threaten to flood los alamos area with plutonium, uranium — 'frantic' sandbagging effort under way in some communities*
radiated rain: radiation levels in northwest rain were up to 130x safe drinking water standards following fukushima*
tennessee nuke plant: after tornadoes, water in reactor 'boiled' low enough to trigger shutdown alarm — public not told of problems*
radiation data from seattle-area survey may be withheld by feds for national security purposes*
peaches in los angeles-area found with radiation at more than double site background levels*
man freed after arrest for collecting radiation-contaminated rubble in fukushima*
7.0 aftershock hits off japan coast; no damage reported*
scientists get ready for final phase of cloud seeding project*
belief in global warming at new low; gore launches re-education project*
human genome contains a million years worth of population data*
131 children vaccinated at gunpoint in malawi*
drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea baffles doctors*
group sues cosmetic companies for falsely labeling products organic*
heart attack prevention that works: a little something called 'vitamin c'*

'operation fast & furious': captured zeta leader says they purchased weapons from the 'US government itself'*

'operation fast & furious': captured zeta leader says they purchased weapons from the 'US government itself''operation castaway': atf trafficked guns to honduran criminal gangs*
the 'war on drugs' is a $2.5t racket: how big banks, private military companies & the prison industry cashes in*
it only took 9yrs for dc to say 'no' to petition for new marijuana classification*
outright lie as obama doj says marijuana has no medical purpose*
feds reaffirm 'flat earth' position regarding medical cannabis*
US govt builds first law enforcement base in puebla, mexico*

video: tarpley says nato policy in libya based on political assassination as civilian death toll mounts*

update: endgame approaches in libya with gaddafi set to step down?*
liberation from the taliban:
US builds new jails across afghanistan
over 1,400 arrested, tear gas fired in malaysia protest*
at least 13 reported dead in mumbai, india blasts*
a new nation is born: what is south sudan?*
pakistan holds doctor who tried to collect bin laden dna*
video: obama freezes $800m in aid to pakistan*

see how elite's view the world in the globalist map room*

presidential historians accused of stealing maryland museum documents*

sherwood schwartz, 'gilligan' & 'brady' creator, dies at 94*

sherwood schwartz, 'gilligan' & 'brady bunch' creator, dies at 94würzel, motörhead's guitarist & tech, dies at 61*
rob grill, 'midnight confessions' singer for the grass roots, dies at 67*
secrets of disneyland: corpses, cats & club33*
video: gregory brothers return with "can't hug every cat"*

california woman cut off husband's penis, put it in disposal*

video: rangers fan dies while trying to catch foul ball*
video: brooklyn man admits to killing, dismembering lost boy*
video: wash. court gives accused child rapist unlimited access to child porn in jail*
video: brazil's magnetic boy attracts metal, attention*
update: girlfriend of medicis ceo found dead at his california mansion, foul play suspected*

obamessiah updates:
obama's 2012 reelection campaign takes in $86m in second quarter, trounces gop*

record obama fundraising rakes in grassroots support*
video: comic eddie griffin tells the truth about puppet obama & the war machine*
betty ford, fmr first lady & founder of famed addiction clinic, dies at 93*
betty ford: tributes pour in for party girl & life-saver*
video: tennessee lawmaker carves initials in desk on house floor*
bachmann pledges to ban 'all forms of pornography'*
ron paul not seeking house re-election*
video: ron paul blasts gop in dramatic first campaign video*

oregon oddities:
"money, it's gotta be the shoes!":
air jordans play role in landing oregon recruit

nike's involvement in slimy oregon recruiting scandal wearing thin*
mitt romney quietly hits portland for closed-door fundraiser*
portland to review immigration center plans*
portland charter school felt pressured to keep quiet about ice plans*
defending jack bogdanski & blog privacy rights*
grocery store screens 1,600+ job applicants for 100+ jobs*
video game addiction: a nation watches as its youth turn into zombies*

police state updates:
video: mayor claims quartzsite, arizona under martial law after state of emergency declared during secret meeting*

update: mayor foster comments on emergency in quartzsite*
why do the police have tanks? the strange & dangerous militarization of the US police force*
'stun gun' found in boston-to-newark jet after arrival*
mom jailed for raging on tsa agents over daughter's pat down; didn't want girl's 'crotch grabbed'*
citing secret order, federal court dismisses airline passenger lawsuit against dhs/tsa over scanners, virtual strip searches & full-body 'rub-downs'*
tsa agent caught with passenger's ipad in his pants; allegedly took $50k in other goods*
video: cnn exposes their own 'terror expert' as a fraud*

yes we can: US using strategic bombers over libya*

william lynn, pentagon's no. 2, stepping down*
new def sec panetta says al-qaeda defeat 'within reach'*
blackwater's new director: bill clinton's lawyer*
new brown uni report pegs real cost of current wars at $4t*
mission accomplished: troops in afghanistan going home - to canada*

wv worry:
acting wv gov orders emergency fracking regulations*

power company puts hold on carbon capture project*
mon-fayette expressway opens*
manchin talks defense, debt in martinsburg*
sen. manchin visits shepherdstown to talk theater, arts*

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