Thursday, June 30, 2011

6/30 newspurge: saddest summer

9/11 updates:
study: post-9/11 wars cost US at least $3.7t*

study: post-9/11 wars cost US at least $3.7twtc7 fuel tanks claim still worth millions*
electricity company lawsuit claims fuel tanks below wtc7 added to 9/11 destruction*
nyc dept of bldgs: portions of wtc7 command center 'plans' withheld, release would 'endanger life or safety'*
bieber's pal obama introduces him to 9/11 teens*

scientists say california mega-quake imminent*

scientists say california mega-quake imminentminot flooding has reached 'epic proportions' and still rising*
nrc website defines media blackout over nebraska nuclear plant flooding*
kansas firefighters fired for joplin looting*
they are flooding us on purpose! underwater body bags*
experts warn epic weather ravaging US could worsen*
flashback: heat, cold, flooding, drought greet US on summer solstice*
cooling pump fails at new jersey nuclear reactor, plant shut down - remains in 'hot shutdown'*
wildfire reaches US los alamos nuclear facility*
'flying lab' to monitor smoke near nm nuclear lab*
US army's criminal investigation lab seeped in chaos & controversy*
japan 'discovers' tons of radioactive water have been leaking into ground at fukushima*
potential catastrophes spread as 1 sievert-per-hour water found leaking from fukushima*
fukushima residents' urine now radioactive*
US using 'mystery shoppers' to check on access to doctors*

first-ever federal bill to legalize marijuana*

six indicted in oregon bust of record marijuana farm*
$90 billion hasn't secured border*

police state updates:
private prisons love mass incarceration &
they want politicians to love it too

private prisons love mass incarceration & they want politicians to love it too95yr-old woman dying of leukemia asked to remove adult diaper during tsa search in florida*
video: tsa searching diapers, not checking flight passes*
napolitano & tsa lies exposed by nist, epic; real dangers revealed*
video: obama executive order 13575 creates 'rural councils'*
video: arlington texas cops testing unmanned aircraft*
tacoma man police shot during traffic stop
was armed with armor-piercing bullets
video: investigation could be tip of the iceberg;
klamath co., ore. deputy arrested on sex abuse charges
seattle arrests show how domestic terror fight is evolving*
video: seattle officer drives away with assault rifle on car trunk*
counter terror expo USA 2012! register now!*

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